Thermostat Settings Across the Seasons | Heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX

Thermostat Settings Across the Seasons | Heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX

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Setting your air conditioner at a lower temperature for better comfort is a normal practice in present days when the summer season is at its peak. The homeowners tend to set the thermostat to a temperature that has a wide difference from the outside temperature. Also, it is a general conception that setting the thermostat at a lower temperature cools the room at a faster rate. Both the practices are wrong and only result in increasing your energy bills.

No matter at what temperature you set your unit of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX, it’s going to heat or cool the room in its respective time. The temperature has nothing to do with the speed of circulating air through the unit.

Similarly, when you have a high difference between the outside temperature and the one you program in your thermostat, the system of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX has to endure the excessive burden. This results in causing more wear and tear, leading to a compromise in the efficiency of performance and consumption of more energy. Consequently, you have to spend more on energy bills and regular repairs.

If you have your thermostat of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX set on the right temperature, you can save yourself from costly repairs and higher energy bills. It’s understandable if you struggle with programming the right temperature during different days and seasons.

To help you have better and more efficient cooling and heating in your home, we’ve come up with a guide on recommended thermostat settings that can give you adequate comfort in your home and save you money on your energy bills. Let’s have a look at what these recommendations are.

Thermostat Settings in the Summer

Summers are the prime time when the system of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX is mismanaged. In order to keep the home space comfortable, you may set the temperature on the thermostat too low. This initiative is not healthy for your HVAC system. It has to work excessively to overcome the difference between the outside and programmed temperature.

The best way to go about is to set your cooling system to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re using the space. It can cool your space sufficiently and give you a comfortable space. Keeping the temperature slightly higher and retaining a low difference between inside and outside temperature can save you up to 6 to 8% on your energy bill.

In summer nights, we recommend you to raise the temperature of the system of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX even further because of the fact that the temperature outside cools a bit and you don’t have to deal with the kind of heat that prevails during the day. Also, if you are able to lower down your AC consumption during the peak hours, i.e. 3 to 7 pm, you can save extensively on your bills. These hours have the highest energy consumption rate which makes you bill go high.

Thermostat Setting in the Winter

For the winter season, the thermostat of your unit of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX should be set on a temperature that isn’t too high than the outside temperature. You can save up to 15% on your annual energy bills if you lower the thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for at least 8 hours a day.

Your preference plays a huge role in determining the use of your heating unit in winters. Some people are comfortable with switching off the heating system while sleeping, while others prefer running it around the clock. You can consider running it on a lower temperature at night and use blankets and quilts for warmth and comfort.

Another imperative factor to consider is the internal humidity that plays a significant role in regulating the comfort of your home. Having the right amount of moisture in your home environment can help you run your system of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX efficiently across the year. In winters, you’ll need less than 40% relative humidity. If you’ve well insulated home, you won’t have to worry about the outside temperature affecting your inside comfort and temperature.

Thermostat Setting While Away From Home

Taking this situation into consideration is really necessary. Most of the homeowners don’t pay much attention to their thermostat setting when leaving their home. This results in the unnecessary operation of the units of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX and leading to higher bills.

If you’re planning to leave your home for a long period, never leave your HVAC system on. If you’re planning to be away for more than 24 hours, it’s best that you turn off the system completely. But if it’s winters and there’s a risk of your pipes getting frozen, it is best you leave the heating system on at the lowest possible setting.

Investing in a Programmable Thermostat

To avoid higher energy bills and unnecessary usage of the system of heating and AC in Farmers Branch, TX, we strongly recommend you to invest in a high tech thermostat. There are several options available for programmable thermostats that allow you to efficiently operate your HVAC system. What they do is that they learn your HVAC habits and the temperature preferences you have.

Following that, they manage the temperature settings on their own, ensuring that your system runs in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, programmable thermostats save you from the substantial effort of continuously keeping a check on the inside and outside temperature to ensure that your system is running at the right setting. They maintain control themselves and automatically analyze the exact temperature needs.

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