Things to Know Before Installing a New Air Conditioner in Allen, TX

Things to Know Before Installing a New Air Conditioner in Allen, TX

Air conditioners are quite the essential home appliance, especially in homes across Allen, TX where a majority have invested in air conditioners to combat the terrible Texan heat. However, there are quite a few of those who’ve made do without an air conditioner in their home.

If you are one of the few homeowners who’re considering an air conditioner installation, hold up for a second.

Don’t go around picking the first air conditioner you see and have it installed.

There are a few things you should know and take into consideration before making as hefty an investment as an air conditioner. Read along to find out more.

Does the Old One Need Repair or Replacement?

First things first, if you already have a dated air conditioning unit in your home and are looking to buy a new one – ask yourself does it really need replacing, or could it work with some repairs, maintenance and TLC?

Most people are of the opinion that air conditioners only need to be bought and installed – they don’t require any checks or up keep for them to continue functioning. That’s not true at all. Air conditioners are quite complex systems which do require proper care and maintenance on a regular basis to ascertain that they last as long as they’re meant to. And the only way to assess the correct working of the air conditioner is to have it checked by a professional AC serviceman.

Partial or Complete New Installation

If you’ve never owned an air conditioning unit before, then it makes sense to invest in a complete new system which includes everything from the indoor unit to the outdoor condenser, air circulator, high efficiency air filter, thermostat, evaporator coil, and in some cases, air ducts as well.

However, if you’re upgrading your existing air conditioning system to a new one, you don’t really need to buy the whole thing.

However, the only way to confirm whether or not you need a complete air conditioner installation or a partial one is to ask for a professional opinion.

The Type of Air Conditioner

There are three basic types of air conditioners. The most common are the unit air conditioners which include either the split AC’s or the window AC’s. The other options include the portable air conditioners and the central air conditioning systems.

The unit and portable air conditioners are only recommended when you need to cool a singular living space, however, for the entire home, a centralized AC system is preferred. In order to install a central cooling system though, you need the expertise of a specialized heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC serviceman.

Size of the Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are available in a number of different sizes which dictate their ability to cool the air. Measured in tons, which essentially is the cooling energy of the air conditioner, the ton is what ascertains how big an AC is required for any given space. A conventional 2-story home requires an average 3 to 5 tons of AC to properly cool the home. A correct estimation of the air conditioning tonnage required for your particular home is calculated based on the heat load of your house. Either an HVAC contractor or an air conditioner installation serviceman can accurately calculate the correct AC tonnage for your home, by taking into consideration the number of windows, sun orientation and exposure, living space, and the location of the property.

Total Costs

A new air conditioner can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 per ton, depending on the brand and type of the air conditioner. However, those aren’t the only costs involved in the installation of a new air conditioning system. If there is a need for new ducts or filtration system, the totals costs can easily double, or even triple up.

As the air conditioners become somewhat of a hot commodity during the summer months, the prices can easily go up for pretty much everything – from the unit prices to the installation, everything can become far more costly than it should be. As such, if you want a good air conditioner, bought and installed at an economical rate, wait until the winters to buy one. As we’re heading headlong into fall, now would be the perfect time to go air conditioner shopping.

Energy Efficiency

Air conditioners are major home appliances which use up quite a lot of electricity – especially if they are old, are not functioning properly, or have not been installed correctly. Luckily though, there are quite a few ways to ensure that your air conditioner properly cools your home, and is energy efficient in the long run. Things such as ductless air conditioner systems with individual blower units, or high efficiency filter systems all help in making sure that your HVAC systems work at maximum capacity with minimum energy consumption and costs.

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