Top 10 Green Air Conditioning Service Products For Your Home | Dallas, TX

Top 10 Green Air Conditioning Service Products For Your Home | Dallas, TX

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In 2019, the US energy production was 101.0 quads while the consumption was slightly higher, being 100.2 quads; a trend that was not in play since 1957. This indicates that energy reserves for the year were very minimal. Therefore, homeowners must embrace new technologies such as green HVAC products to not only curb high energy costs but also contribute to increasing the nation’s energy reserves.

Homeowners can go green by purchasing environmental-friendly HVAC appliances and products, and thereafter contacting an air conditioning service technician for installation. Pros of using green HVAC products include reduced energy bills, energy conservation, and government tax breaks. Below are some products that residential property owners can check out while purchasing HVAC systems.

Ice-powered air conditioners

When you think of ice in your home, you’ll probably visualize your refrigerator. Well, thanks to HVAC technologists, ice-powered air conditioners break down that monotony. These air conditioners have copper coils that convert water into ice at night and utilize it during the day to cool the air conditioners’ refrigerant. This in turn reduces the amount of electricity consumed by the home, and in the same vein, mitigates high electricity costs. Homeowners can call an expert air conditioning service provider to get insight into ice-powered AC brands and receive installation services.

Smart thermostats

When purchasing equipment or machinery, some homeowners probably think of purchasing those that will save them some cash, especially when it comes to utility bills. Buying an HVAC system equipped with smart thermostats will not only help you save your money but also contribute to the national energy conservation. Using this equipment is easy; you only need to utilize a mobile app that prompts the HVAC’s thermostat to trigger a rise or fall of temperature. For this service and to find out more on the subject, you can seek professional help from a heating and air conditioning service expert.

Geothermal heat pumps

Geothermal heat pumps have gained popularity amongst homeowners as a clean and renewable form of energy technology useful in heating and cooling machines. The equipment leverages underground temperatures, ranging between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, to cool and heat homes throughout the year. Using geothermal heat pumps may markdown your utility bill price by up to 80 percent. Understanding the concept may be a daunting task for you, but if you contact an expert who provides air conditioning services, you’ll appreciate the importance of geothermal pumps and even get installation services.

Zoned HVAC systems

It would be ideal for you to control the temperatures of your home in each room without necessarily having a specific set range, right? You may want your kitchen to be cool due to the intense heat but need to feel warm in your bedroom. Well, having a zoned HVAC system will not only enable you to set multiple temperature preferences in your house but also saves you on energy bills. The system enables you to restrict cooling and heating only to rooms you want to regulate the temperatures. Schedule air conditioning services for your Dallas, TX, home to install a new zoned HVAC unit or upgrade your old system by calling a certified professional.

Solar-powered air conditioners

Solar energy is not only a free resource but it’s also easily available. Solar panels at the top of your house’s roof can capture sunlight and convert it into electricity that’s used by your HVAC system for air conditioning. Solar-powered air conditioning may cut off all your air conditioning energy bills during summer. To take advantage of the free energy, and purchase, install, and get maintenance services for solar-powered air conditioners, call a technician that specializes in air conditioning service delivery.

Radiant floor heating (RFH) systems

This is yet another invention that has taken the HVAC market by storm. A seasoned air conditioning service provider can tell you that radiant floor heating systems can cut your heating costs immensely, and are therefore economical in comparison to furnaces. You can say goodbye to getting out of your cozy bed and stepping on a cold floor. RFH systems warm the floors and everything they come across, basically up to the ceiling. Schedule a session with your local service expert to learn more about the RHF systems and possibly install one for your home.

Dual fuel HVAC system

A dual fuel HVAC system is a combination of a heat pump and a furnace, and these two work in patterns, depending on the temperatures. During summertime, the heat pump acts as a central air conditioner and warms your home when mild springs emerge. When the winter season comes, the heat pump shuts down and the furnace takes over to heat up your home. This system is economical since heat pumps transfer heat from the outside air rather than generating it. This is a product for homeowners who prefer using economical appliances because it alternates between two fuel sources to maximize efficiency and comfort while minimizing cost. You may contact an air conditioning service provider to install this system in your home.

Smart HVAC vents

Due to high energy consumption levels by traditional HVAC systems, vent technologists have come up with smart vents to help conserve energy and save homeowners from lump sum energy bills. The technology enables users to digitally collect climate data in each room using relevant mobile, tablet, and computer apps. The apps then transmit the climate information to the Ecovent smart hub that synchronizes with each vent to instruct either the closure or opening of vents to direct airflow. Smart HVAC vents are a convenient product for your HVAC unit, so you should consider installing one.

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