Top 10 Most Common Furnace Repair Issues | Rockwall, TX

Top 10 Most Common Furnace Repair Issues | Rockwall, TX

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We know there’s nothing worse than waking up cold; it’s one thing if you can just pull the covers up higher, but that won’t solve issues that you may be having with the furnace in your home. If you can’t rely on your furnace to heat your home effectively when you need it, or worse, you’ve experienced emergencies where your furnace has caught fire and caused untold damage, then furnace repair and maintenance is an essential service that your home needs.

Below, we’ll discuss the ten most common hints that you need furnace repair. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, it’s likely that at some point during the lifespan of your furnace, you’ll need to schedule a repair service. We’ve seen and treated many of the most common issues including:

  • Dirty or clogged filters. One of the most common causes of furnace repair is clogged filters. Air filters that have been clogged up not only reduce the airflow and efficiency of your furnace but can also lead to damage to the limit switch that controls the fan.


  • Wear and tear. Sadly, no furnace is exempt from general wear and tear, which can also cause airflow issues. General wear and tear that’s not addressed can also lead to irregular heat control and overheating. And we’re not just talking clogged filters, but also worn down internal parts that you won’t be able to replace without the help of a repair professional.


  • Pilot control issues. Faulty ignition lights commonly cause heating issues in homes and commercial properties. Unwanted drafts, clogs, and thermocouple issues can all make it difficult to ignite a pilot light and subsequently heat your desired space.


  • Electric ignition issues. Issues with the electric ignition switch can often cause the igniter to turn off early before your home is sufficiently heated. Additionally, mismatched igniters that don’t match your furnace’s voltage can cause issues – most commonly, these are installed during DIY jobs. Power surges can also cause your igniter to burn out and require a professional furnace repair service to replace it.


  • Malfunctioning thermostats. Malfunctioning thermostats will lead to poor heating control and result in your home being several degrees colder or warmer than the desired temperature. Fixing or replacing thermostats attached to your furnace is a common task for furnace repair specialists.


  • Frequent cycling. Quickly cycling between on and off modes can indicate a variety of repair issues that need to be addressed, such as clogged filters, incorrect thermostat settings, or airflow problems.


  • Low heating levels. While clogged filters can cause this, it may simply be that your furnace is not large enough for the space you’re trying to heat. When you’re unsure, it’s best to ask the professionals as it may not merely be a furnace repair issue.


  • Non-existent heating. We often provide repair services for furnaces that are not providing any heat. Causes can range from incorrect thermostat settings to problems with the pilot light, power, or gas supply.


  • Continuous blower operation. Faulty limit switches can cause continual blower operation. When this occurs, replacement limit switches are often required.


  • Noisy furnaces. A loud, rumbling, rattling, or squeaking furnace isn’t typical, even if your furnace has exhibited these symptoms for as long as you’ve had it. These sounds often indicate mechanical issues but can also be caused by clogged burners.

Whether it is a conventional gas furnace or a more modern high-efficiency model, your furnace requires regular maintenance to keep functioning at its best. Typically, if you fail to schedule annual maintenance and inspections, it will take you longer to notice crucial signs that you require a furnace repair service. You might think that as long as your furnace is working away quietly, it’s operating to the best of its ability, but that’s not always the case. Luckily, annual maintenance will take a look at some of the inner workings of your furnace, e.g., filters, pilot lights, and thermostat, so that you won’t be caught out.

Some of the most common maintenance tasks that can help to improve your furnace’s operation include cleaning and replacing air filters, checking thermostat battery levels, and also checking the thermostat’s temperature is set to higher than the ambient temperature.

If you haven’t yet stumped up the cash for a furnace in your Rockwall, TX, property, there are a few critical considerations before purchase that you should be aware of.

Furnaces operate best in rooms where you can get fresh air intake and limit drafts that can affect the pilot light. You may find that you’ll need to close doors and windows while the furnace is in operation. Furnaces are commonly located in basements, garages, utility rooms, and in homes with limited space, you can also utilize the attic. Some houses already have a dedicated furnace nook, in the garage, for example, that doesn’t reduce the overall usable space in the room, which is great if you’ve already got the area.

The furnace will also need access to a vent, so you’ll either need to place it near an existing one or put it in a location where you can easily create a ceiling vent.

For obvious reasons, you’ll need to maintain adequate clear space around the furnace to prevent accidental fires. Sufficient space also means anyone completing furnace repair has enough space to work freely and safely.

When preparing your furnace for use over the winter months, all heating system components must be clean and in working order. Burners, and other parts, don’t function as well if they’re dirty – and if you’re unsure whether a furnace is safe to operate, then call an expert at K&S Heating and Air. Our team regularly inspects, maintains, installs, and replaces furnaces in Rockwall, so you’re in safe hands!

Please don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress trying to locate the root cause of furnace repair issues. Instead, rely on experienced, professional staff from K&S Heating and Air who make it their life’s mission to ensure your Rockwall, TX, home has the safest, most efficient furnace operation.