Troubleshooting Heating And AC Repair Furnace Problems | Mesquite, TX

Troubleshooting Heating And AC Repair Furnace Problems | Mesquite, TX

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Homeowners have the choice of using electric, oil, or natural gas furnaces to heat their homes during cold seasons. The price of purchasing a new HVAC unit can be quite high, and so it can be quite annoying if the appliance fails when you need it most; during wintertime. As much as HVAC problems may irritate you, you might have to seek help from a heating and AC repair service provider.

After all, you would not want to incur high medical bills for the treatment of cold-related ailments while the alternative repair costs are way cheaper, right? Therefore, it is vital to be in the know regarding various furnace defects to get ahead of the problem.

Dirty filters

Clogged or dirty filters can be quite problematic on your furnace, restricting airflow and making the HVAC overwork. The work overload leads to overheating the heat exchanger hence causing the furnace to shut down. You might incur additional utility expenses for your heating needs since overworking furnaces consume substantial amounts of electricity.

If a heating and AC repair technician does not fix the issue promptly, you may spend more on buying a new furnace if the old one’s life span shortens. The technician can inspect the air filters for any damages, clean them, and make replacements when necessary. The maintenance practices will go a long way in saving your furnace from future troubles.

Cracked heat exchanger

A damaged heat exchanger may cause your furnace to work ineffectively. Its job is to distribute the heat produced by the HVAC unit proportionally into your home, so it means you may not receive adequate heating in certain parts of your house. The situation can cause a dangerous health hazard to your home by allowing carbon monoxide to seep inside, especially if you use gas or fuel as the energy source for your furnace.

Some signs that show your heat exchanger is cracked include an unpleasant smell when your furnace is on, the presence of soot, and water on the floor around the furnace. Additionally, you and your family might start experiencing headaches, nausea, and eye irritation. If you notice any of these signs, shut off the furnace and talk to a repair expert in Mesquite, TX, to work on the problem.

Strange noises

No home appliance should make a sound when in use unless the noise comes with the package. Furnaces tend to make strange noises when they have a problem. It could be due to the air blower lacking enough ball bearings, and its belt could be worn out or loose. The noise problem is the easiest to identify since all you need is an attentive ear.

Pinging odd popping noises could also indicate the furnace ducts are damaged. It will be prudent to get help from a heating and AC repair professional to assess the furnace, determine the exact issue, and conduct the necessary repairs or replacements.

Gunked up burners

If the burner of your gas furnace gets dirty, it becomes unable to release adequate natural gas to trigger combustion. Therefore, you will not receive heat in your home. To check if your burner needs cleanup services, look at the flame. A burner that is in good working condition produces a blue flame, and any other colors such as orange and yellow indicate the presence of dirt or debris.

Dirty burners can also rumble when you light them. Although you may find DIY information on the internet on steps for cleaning your burner, this option can cause problems such as burn injuries and further repair costs if you mess up other parts of your furnace. Why not get help from a heating and AC repair technician to clean the burner and save you from unwanted problems?

Pilot light and ignition issues

If the pilot light does not stay on when the furnace is operating, you need to seek immediate heating and AC repair services. The pilot orifice could be clogged, or the thermocouple may be defective. Additionally, the safety switch may be dysfunctional, or its flame setting is way too low.

Furnaces with electric igniters may have ignition problems, and you will notice this through the safety feature whereby flame sensors turn the burner off upon detecting gas without an accompanying flame. When these sensors get dirty, they do not sense anything so they put everything off, meaning your home will not receive heat. A heating and AC repair service provider can provide the appropriate cleaning solutions.

The furnace isn’t receiving power

While it may sound unlikely, your furnace woes could be as a result of incorrect plugging into the power source. You might feel the need to blame the source of energy, especially if you have an electricity supplier. Sometimes, human beings tend to find fault in others rather than diagnose the problem critically. Before you make any move, make sure your furnace is plugged into the power source correctly.

Among the things to check are turned off furnace breakers and power socket switches. If they are off, turn them on. However, if the furnace still does not work, it means there is a problem that needs fixing. At this point, talk to a repair technician to assess the issues and handle them accordingly.

Faulty thermostat

Thermostats control the temperatures in heating and cooling systems. If you experience very high or low temperatures while your furnace seems to be running, your thermostat could be the issue. “Is my thermostat on, and did I set it right?” That is the question that should linger in your mind whenever you notice temperature issues.

If you are sure you set the temperature like you usually do and the problem persists, you ought to look for a heating and AC repair professional to get repair solutions.

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