Typical Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Problems Homeowners Should Know | Rowlett, TX

Typical Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Problems Homeowners Should Know | Rowlett, TX

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Homeowners need to keep their HVAC system in perfect condition since they come in handy, especially during summer. Just like any other appliances, your HVAC system may fail at any given time. When the unit is not functioning properly, the air quality in your home may become poor. Sometimes, you might notice some minor warning signs that may warrant you to seek professional heating and air conditioning repair services.

According to statistics, three-quarters of households in the United States have an HVAC system. While the appliances are designed for longevity, frequent heating and air conditioning repair services are necessary. Below are some of the common HVAC problems you should be wary about.

Frozen coils

A low refrigerant may cause a frozen coil, leading to a buildup of moisture. A dirty air filter also obstructs air from getting in and out making the coil to get too cold and freeze up, and broken fans and dirty blades can impede airflow and cause coils to freeze. Additionally, blocked condensate lines may cause coils to freeze since they drain excess moisture.

Malfunctioning thermostats may fail to regularly check the temperature and overwork the AC, resulting in frozen coils. You ought to place your AC away from the outside weather since a specific temperature range may cause the coil to freeze up. Strive to seek regular heating and air conditioning repair services to avoid future mechanical failures.

Failing capacitors

HVAC capacitors can have a long lifespan if you maintain the system well. Factors such as heat exposure and voltage rating could cause them to wear out faster. Using a capacitor that is undersized for your HVAC unit can cause it to overwork, hence shortening its lifespan. Capacitors take up the hard task of starting up the HVAC and are prone to breakdowns, especially when they are under a heavy workload causing heating and air conditioning repair. 

When it starts to fail, it may produce a pungent smell and smoke due to the chemicals within the capacitor. You may also notice that chemicals start leaking out as the capacitor begins to malfunction. Physical damage to the capacitor, such as from debris hitting the unit, may also cause it to fail. Get a certified technician to seek advice on whether you require a simple repair on your capacitor or if it needs a replacement.

Thermostat sensor problems

The thermostat sensor is responsible for reading the temperature in the HVAC unit and comparing the reading to the setting on your thermostat. For instance, if the air is warmer than the thermometer setting, the sensor will prompt the compressor to begin the cooling process. When the sensor is faulty and in need of heating and air conditioning repair, it may cycle both on and off at any time between activation periods. You may start noticing that your home is too cold or hot.

That is reason enough to seek professional heating and air conditioning repair services since one of the indicators of a failing thermostat sensor is erratic cycles. Your local Rowlett, TX, expert HVAC technician can be able to troubleshoot the problem since they are aware of what to look for.

Compressor failing to turn on

Your HVAC unit’s compressor is located in the outdoor unit, and it may have issues turning on if it is not getting enough power. The problem may occur due to the fuse blowing up or the circuit breaker tripping. A broken valve may also prevent the compressor from turning on. Fortunately, your local Rowlett, TX, technician can replace the valve and resolve the issue.

Constant stops and starts can wreak a lot of havoc on the compressor and the air conditioning system as a whole. If the technician determines the capacitor is to blame, they may swap it out for a hard-start capacitor. During the routine heating and air conditioning repair services, the professional can also inspect the terminal connections to ensure that everything is in place.

Clogged filters

If you are using your HVAC frequently, it is advisable to change your air filters at least once a month to avoid the need for heating and air conditioning repair. Air filters tend to collect lots of dust and sediments that may pollute the air in your house. The presence of allergens can cause respiratory illnesses to persons with allergies, and you may end up spending thousands of dollars on healthcare costs. Replacing the filter regularly allows the HVAC system to function without overworking.

It is vital to have frequent heating and AC repair services since you get to replace the air filters now and then. Lack of changing the air filters may lead to burning out of specific components in the unit. Having a faulty HVAC could be your worst nightmare, especially in the midst of harsh weather. Also, clogged filters result in a rise in energy bills since the unit runs longer and harder to heat or cool your home.

Obstructed drain line

Your HVAC unit’s drain lines may become clogged by leaves and debris over time. That creates a backup of water and debris, which may negatively affect the performance of your unit or completely shut it down. Extreme temperatures can also pose a threat to your outdoor HVAC unit, including a high risk of a drain line clog. Also, an overflowing water pan is a clear indication that the drain line is clogged.

You may start to notice water backup within the unit, and at this point, you ought to seek professional heating and air conditioning repair services promptly. If your HVAC stops working and suddenly becomes ineffective, a clogged drain line may be the culprit. However, you need to seek a professional opinion to have a correct diagnosis on the issue.

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