Various Types Of Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

Various Types Of Air Conditioning Service | Richardson, TX

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Air conditioning systems are used every day but less during the winter. Sometimes the air conditioning unit is in need of repairs, maintenance or a new installation should take place. These different types of air conditioning services might seem like a mystery to homeowners. They know the name but they have no idea what each service entails. K&S Heating and Air want to inform more homeowners about the various types of air conditioning services that companies provide. This information can protect the homeowner from being taken advantage of. Here is more information about the different types of services air conditioning companies provide.

Air Conditioner Installation

This is the first air conditioning service that you will require if you have never had to work with air conditioning contractors. There are three different types of air conditioners to choose from and your technician will help you make the right decisions based on your need and the size of your home. The first type of air conditioner is the central system and this system is a central unit that blows cooled air through the ductwork and it decreases the temperature in the home all at once. There is an air conditioner in each room of the house that distributes the cold air. All these air conditioners are connected to a singular power supply and they could be one or more compressors depending on the size of your home. The second type of system that you can choose is the split or multi-split air conditioning system. This system is very similar to the first one that was mentioned; however the split air conditioning system uses tubs instead of ducts to connect the system to the condenser outside. The difference between a split and a multi-split is that with a split system you can only cool one room at a time but with the multi-split, you can cool a few rooms at a time. These two differ in construction. The third option you have for an air conditioning system is the portable air conditioner. This air conditioning unit is self-contained and will lower the temperature in the room that it has been installed in. This air conditioning unit can be installed by the average homeowner because there are no ducts and the instructions are easy to follow. If you are not sure which system will be the best for you then consult your air condition technician.

Air Conditioner Repair

Air conditioners are used frequently for long periods of time. This means that your air condition system will wear and tear over time and if it is not looked after properly then parts of the unit will break and stop working. There are some components in your air conditioner that work a lot harder than other components. The compressor is one of those components and if it breaks your air conditioner will not function. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant so that heat can be released. The motor in the compressor often gives out. Other components that experience the effects of wear and tear frequently in your system are the two fans. The first fan blows cooled air into the ducts which then circulates in your home. The other fan blows hot air out of your system. The blades can be broken or bent which makes them less effective. The last problem that often requires repairs is a refrigerant leak. These air conditioning service repairs are difficult to carry out and that is why only trained professionals like K&S Heating and Air in Richardson, TX should work on your air conditioning unit. You might add to the damages if you attempt to fix it.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioning unit will prolong its lifespan and it will mean fewer repairs will have to be carried out. Your air conditioner should be maintained regularly and by a professional. They will inspect the system for any problems and also clean the unit so that the dust does not affect the efficiency of the system. This will also mean that you will have uninterrupted use of your air conditioner because it is less likely to stop working. Here are some of the parts that need to be maintained regularly so that serious problems can be avoided. You should replace or clean your filters on a regular basis. Blocked filters will make your system less effective and it can cause damage to other components within the system because they are working too hard to produce the same amount of cold air. There are two coils within your air conditioning system that need to be inspected regularly. The evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil can become damaged and will render your system useless. An air conditioning service provider should inspect your system at least once a year to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Now that you are more informed regarding the different types of air conditioning services you will be less susceptible to scammers and dishonest services. If you know what the service entails then you can easily determine whether or not a company is trying to make more money off of you. You also need to look at service providers that can offer all these types of air conditioning services so that you do not have to find another contractor in the future. K&S Heating and Air in Richardson, TX offer services for all your air conditioning needs. Their qualified and experienced technicians will advise you on which services will be carried and how they are carried out. They will also resolve all the air conditioning problems that you might have at an affordable price.

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