What to Expect from Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Plano, TX

What to Expect from Heating and Air Conditioning Repair | Plano, TX

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Air conditioner installation will feature in every new development or as a part of its maintenance. As a home or office owner, it will be useful to know what to expect when the time comes, as it will make things easier for you as well as for the air conditioner installation experts you call in to handle the job.

Our clients in Garland, TX can always rely on K&S Heating and Air to handle their project with the promptness and professionalism that they have come to expect from us.

So, let’s get right into it.

1.  How Long Should I Expect My AC Installation to Take?

Knowing how long the process will take is useful as it will allow you to plan out your day. On average, you might expect the HVAC installation process to take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. The period varies due to various factors, including the size of the unit, the layout of the installation area, and the possibility of any other incidental repairs or adjustments that may be necessary. K&S Heating and Air experts will give you a reliable forecast of the project’s expected duration once they know the details of your project.

2.  What Can I Do to Make the Project Faster and Easier?

With a few preparatory actions on the part of our Garland, TX clients, the air conditioner installation process will be a lot faster and smoother. Carry out these simple measures before the experts get there:

  • Move your vehicles or request a neighbor to do so if necessary so that the installation crew can park their vehicle as near as possible to the job site.
  • Ensure all pets are locked or kept away from the working area to minimize the risk of accidents and inconveniences later.
  • Make it easier for the workers to access the project area by clearing out any obstructions. These include wayward branches, garden furniture, and patio décor among others. Move all valuables and delicate items such as antiques to a safe location whenever possible, rather than push them aside.

Air conditioner installation teams will usually place drop cloths or other protective coverings over the flooring in the work area as well as over any furniture that may be difficult to move. Quite a bit of dust is generated during the installation process, so all this is simply to keep your property safe.

3.  Taking Out the Previous Air Conditioning Unit

Where the job in question is the replacement of an existing conditioning unit, the first order of business will be removal of the existing system. The team might need to gain access to your basement, crawl spaces, attic areas, and such spaces that will usually house air conditioning systems. The power will have to cut off from the unit before removal of the refrigerant material, disassembly, and ultimate removal of the system.

4.  Duct Modification or Repair

The scope of your project might call for some duct modification or repair, and this can be quite involving. A large building or home might have hundreds of meters of ducting running throughout various nooks and crannies to look over, repair, or replace. Usually, one of the technicians will start in on this aspect of the project while the rest focus on the unit itself. This may be one of the biggest factors influencing the duration of your air conditioner installation time, as will likely be explained to you by the contractor before the job starts.

5.  The Air Conditioning Unit Installation Process

After taking care of the ductwork or, perhaps, as that is going on elsewhere, the process of installing the new unit will begin. Many Garland, TX homes use air conditioning systems with internal and external components. This kind of setup will include such bits of equipment as an evaporator, outside compressor, refrigerant supply line, condensate drain line, thermostat, and condensate pump to name a few. These will all have to be individually placed and secured, which is what makes air conditioner installation such a complex undertaking. K&S Heating and Air have qualified and experienced professionals on its team that are always ready to ensure the job gets done right.

For many instances involving newer units, there might be considerable circuitry and electrical work that needs to be carried out before the air conditioner installation can be done. In more complex cases, the services of an electrical contractor might have to be called upon.

6.  Expecting the Unexpected

As often happens when it comes to construction and home improvement exercises, unforeseen conditions might spring up that complicate or lengthen the project process. In addition to the ductwork we’ve already mentioned, air conditioner installation technicians might have to contend with drywall repairs, rotting walls and fixtures, electrical works or upgrades, and such unforeseen scenarios. Your installation team might do its best to give a realistic estimate of the project’s scope beforehand, but there are often issues that pop-up only once the job has already begun. In any case, you can be sure that any credible installation team will discuss any additional work or changes with you before undertaking them.

7.  Trying Out the New System

Your HVAC installation team will want to be sure everything is in good working order before handing over the project to you as complete. This will usually entail vacuum and pressure tests being carried out even before any refrigerant is introduced into the system. They will seek out any duct leakage or electrical failures that may have been overlooked at this point. Only when this is done will they introduce the refrigerant into the unit.

Garland, TX residents may rest easy in the knowledge that all K&S Heating and Air  installation teams are thoroughly trained to put the safety of their clients first as they work to ensure that their air conditioner installation or repair produces the very best results for their valued clients. Get in touch with us today for amazing services.