What You Know About Air Conditioner Filters in Frisco, TX

What You Know About Air Conditioner Filters in Frisco, TX

The repair and maintenance of air conditioning system in Frisco, TX becomes important when your cooling system breaks down during the scorching summer. The cooling system generally breaks down in the first of times.

However, any homeowners who ensure the regular repair and maintenance of their cooling system must know that with proper care, your cooling system can run for several years. An air conditioner is your long-term investment and you must take care of it throughout the year.

The efficiency and reliability of your unit totally depends on the use of it and its regular maintenance by hiring the heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX

The first thing the skilled technicians often check when they visit for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX is the air conditioning filters. This is because the important role they play in the efficiency and endurance of your air conditioner.

Furthermore, the air conditioning filters also influence the quality of the air around you and in return affect your health. The rising indoor pollution has become a major concern, thus increasing the importance of high-qualityair conditioner filters during air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.

The Working of Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioning air filters improve the indoor air quality of your homes and offices by blocking out allergens and other air pollutants. But surprisingly, this is not the primary role or function of the filters inside your HVAC systems.

The main function of the air filters in your HVAC systems is to actually protect your air conditioning. The air conditioning filters block out and filter the air to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering the air conditioners internal components like the evaporator coil, which lowers the efficiency and can also hinder the air conditioners’ proper functioning.

A dirty and bunged filter puts a lot of stress on the air conditioning internal components and results in the system running for longer periods due to reduced air flow. The dirt can also accumulate on the fan, motor, and other moving components. This will lower the efficiency of your air conditioner and increase the electric bills by as much as 40%.

Next time when you call air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX you should also check if you also need the air filters changed. Not changing the air filters frequently can result in the buildof mold inside the ducts. Mold and the built of other pollutants and allergens can result in respiratory problems for the occupants of the house.

The Frequent Change of Air Filters for Better Indoor Air

Changing air conditioning air filters regularly can result in a healthier more wholesome living condition for your family. Clean and well-maintainedair conditioning filters become more important for people who have allergies or suffer from asthma. Proper air filters will ensure that all the tiny pollutants are removed from the air which is crucial for a healthy respiratory system.

Clogged air filters are incapable of maintaining the air quality and result in serious issues like chronic coughs or frequent asthma attacks. If you feel that your air conditioner smells bad this is a sign that mold has started to develop in your air conditioners and it is time to contact professional air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.

The Change of Air Filters

Keeping in mind the importance of air filters it is important that the air conditioners have their filters regularly replaced. Experts recommend that the filters are changed at least once every three months and if you are living in an arid area which it is prone to dust storms then filters should be changed more frequently.

It is critical that you keep an eye on your filter and check it every month, and if the filter looks dirty and grayish it is a time that you should have the filters changed and call the experts for maintenance and air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.

It is also advisable to check your air filters if there was a dust storm, or before using the air conditioner after a long time, or after you had the air conditioner running for extended periods of time.

Some Other Considerations of Air Conditioning Filters

Expert air condition technicians will tell you that not all air conditioner filters are created equal. Because they play an important role in providing quality air conditioning and also greatly influence the electricity consumption of your air conditioners it is critical that you get the right type of air conditioning filters.

It is vital that you use only the good air conditioning filters for your home, avoid the cheap, substandard filters as they will result in you paying more than you bargained for in the long run. The low-quality air filters that can easily break apart and you can easily poke through provide little protection and fail to perform the function they are designed to.

It becomes more important to purchase high-quality air filters like the HEPA filters if you or any of your family members suffer from asthma or any other respiratory issue. It is also recommended forgetting air purifiers if you want to provide a cleaner and healthier air quality for your family.

Ask the experts air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX for advice on which kind of filters would best fit your needs and suit your air conditioner.

The Bottom Line

K & S Heating and Air provide an all-around, high-quality service for all your heating and air Frisco, TX. Whether you need air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX or require high-quality maintenance for your cooling systemthe highly qualified professionals provide excellent advice and service.

If you want a higher quality air and also want to ensure your air conditioning works efficiently and you do not want to be getting high electric bills anymore, you should pay more attention to your air conditioning filters. You can contact K&S Heating & Air by dialing their official helpline number.