What You Must Know About Furnace Fire Safety | Heating and Air Condition Service in Frisco, TX

What You Must Know About Furnace Fire Safety | Heating and Air Condition Service in Frisco, TX

Furnaces are one of the most widely used heating systems in the entire US. It is considered the most reliable heating system to meet the heating requirements of regions like Frisco, TX.

We all are familiar with the functionality of furnaces and we use this heating system quite frequently during the cold season. Furnaces help to keep our homes warm and provide comfortable temperature during cold nights.

However, negligence in using furnaces is also one of the biggest reasons for a house fire. Even though we all are aware of different ways to prevent these deadly incidences, we don’t have much information about the proper use and maintenance of our heating systems. In fact, most of the times, we fail to take the measures that could help us to use this appliance in a safe manner. This may include regular and timely inspections or not leaving a heating system turned on in our absence.

Therefore, to help you understand the importance of proper usage of our heating systems, we will discuss the major mistakes which eventually end up in a house fire. One of the most frequent mistakes is the improper usage of furnaces.

As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX, most homeowners make the mistake of leaving their house without turning off their heating system. This is, indeed, a very troublesome practice that not only put your life on stake but also the lives of your loved ones.

So how can you prevent a house fire incidence? Well, this requires some careful measures as we discuss them below.

How to Prevent a House Fire

As a homeowner who always keeps their furnaces up-to-date and well-maintained, you must understand the importance of these measures. If you haven’t considered the regular repair and maintenance of your furnace then you must read on.

Below are some important tips by experts of a heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX, that will help you prevent the deadly incidences while keeping your furnaces up and running at their full potential.

  • Always keep the furnace chamber properly cleaned. If not, your furnace might get filled with ash, dust or similar other particles with the passage of time. These particles may ignite in large amounts and cause incidents like a house.
  • Make sure to remove all kind of flammable fabric including boxes that are placed close to floor vents.
  • Check the gas lines on a regular basis to make sure there is no leaking.
  • Never leave any portable heater running or unattended in your absence. Also, avoid using extension cords.

Install Smoke Alarms

As per the professionals of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX, the smoke alarm is a great tool that helps to prevent house fire cases. As we know, smoke is hotter than indoor air in your home. It creates heat drafts that cause smoke to rise up to the ceiling.

Smoke alarms are highly recommended to be installed in your home by the professionals of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX. Smoke alarms are usually installed nearby ceiling so that they can catch smoke at the earliest while notifying you of the possible danger.

So if you wish to install smoke detectors, you must follow below-mentioned tips. These tips are shared by the professionals of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX.

  • Don’t forget to install smoke detectors in your house’s basement in addition to the ceiling and base of stairs.
  • Place them almost 4 to 2 feet from your ceiling peak.
  • Never install smoke alarms close to drafts like windows, doors etc.
  • Avoid painting over these devices as it may hamper the functionality of the detectors
  • Always install close to your fireplace, high-heat sources and especially furnaces.

If we compare the smoke detectors with carbon monoxide alarms, the later should be centrally located. Since carbon monoxide is both odorless and colorless, it weights the same as indoor air and can equally be distributed in a room. For safety purposes, the experts of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX suggest installing a carbon monoxide alarm.

Install these detectors in every room and always keep the lethal carbon monoxide-producing devices closed.

Why Should You Install Smoke Detectors?

The main reason to install a CO or smoke detector is that the earliest you get notified about the damage, the sooner you may act and prevent the fire. No doubt, the early notification by these devices is a life-saving factor.

Also,there are some interconnected detectors which warn each other about possible danger. All of these interconnected detectors trigger simultaneously to create maximum effect.

However, to get the best out of these detectors, always keep them well maintained. The professionals of heating and air condition service in Frisco, TX recommend timely testing and replacement of these devices or their batteries, depending on the model.

The Bottom Line

Remember that the safety and security of your loved ones isin your hands. You can easily ensure proper safety just by taking these preventive measures. All of these measures are highly recommended by professional and help to stay safe and secure from fatal house fire incidences.

Today, we all usually have multiple heating and cooling systems installed in our houses that increase the likelihood of these fire accidents. It is true that we cannot fully eliminate these accidents or the likelihood of their happening but we can keep them under control.

The only way you can stay safe is to keep all of your heating and cooling systems up-to-date and well-maintained. For proper inspection, repair and maintenance, always hire the expertise of a reputed professional.

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