So Ned Stark was right and winter is indeed coming or rather here, but it won’t stay for long and since summer would soon be on its way, everyone needs to start getting ready for it.

The months of March and April usually mark the change in climatic conditions as we bid adieu to the cold winter mornings and start moving towards the hot and windy summer days in Plano, TX.

As the temperatures across Texas start rising up, it won’t be long until most of us pack in those heating systems and start turning on the air-conditioning again. However if you have not kept a check on your air-conditioning system lately, making sure it would work fine later. While winters are all about staying in your nice cozy beds all the time with a steaming hot espresso and reading your favorite books, summers on other hand are all about getting things done. We have so much energy and motivation during these spirited days but that could change dramatically if we have to stay in a room with no air condition because we were too lazy to get it checked.

No one likes to sit in their living area all sweaty and annoyed as the temperature scorch up to a 100 Fahrenheit. This might bring down your summer spirit; however such frustrating moments can be avoided by hiring an air conditioning service in Plano, TX to check your air system beforehand.

These air conditioning services would evaluate the entire home air conditioning systems and determine if there are any problems that might need to be fixed. This proactive approach of the homeowners can save them from a very uncomfortable time. Also since air conditioning is expensive, it is even more important to keep it maintained so that you don’t have to replace and repair it time and time again.

In order to ensure smooth and effective routine air conditioning maintenance, the most practical thing to do is call the renowned K&S heating and air for a professional and trained air conditioning service in Plano, TX. Also, below are 5 advantages to prove how helpful air conditioning services are for the Plano, TX residents.


The best time to get an air conditioning system checked is at least a month before summer begins, so usually February can be a good time call in an air conditioning service.  If one keeps up their scheduled maintenance and checkups of the system and get problems fixed before they get worse can actually make the air conditioner work with more efficiency.

Like every other household appliance, air systems also depreciate over time as they go through wear and tear due to climatic changes and heavy usage. Generally an air conditioning system loses 5% of its total efficiency per year. Maintenance through proper professional services not only prevents that but also has proven to increase their life span by a double.

Routine maintenance services usually include cleaning and changing the air filters, these modifications help in cleaning the system which improves its effectiveness and provides better room cooling by maximizing air flow which is a huge relief for the people living in the city known as Texas’s hot air balloon.

2.     Better Knowledge

Although the tasks performed by an air conditioning service may seem basic and simple to a homeowner and they might think they could do it themselves but that’s where they are wrong. The technicians are trained and skilled in the most modern knowledge about air systems and also equipped with advanced tools and machines.

These services aren’t just limited to cleaning and checking the system but also include complicated tasks such as checking motors and electrical links while cleaning and readjusting parts. Only as repairmen are extensively trained in doing these jobs that they are done faultlessly, whereas a common man would probably end up blowing up the entire system.

As there are newer models of cooling systems coming out almost every month, the hired service can also guide you if there’s a better option available in the market with which they can replace their present system for better and more efficient results as newer technologies are more advanced and energy friendly.

3.     Health Benefits

The air conditioning service sends repairmen who will remove all sorts of filth and dirt and prevent them from entering your home through the air vents.

This not only saves you from incurring any heavier costs in the future but also safeguards your family against any health threats, especially if there are people with breathing and respiratory problems in the house, while not overlooking the common summer hazard of heat strokes.


These air conditioning services help in making your cooling system eco friendly by getting rid of all the dirt and grime accumulated in the parts while making minor and prominent repairs. These actions prevent from any toxic material to generate through the vents outside.

Similarly, regular upholding of an air conditioner indeed increases its efficiency and the machines overall life and since these services also repair motors, they can help in finding parts that are consuming excessive energy.

Once such parts are located they can be easily replaced or repaired thus saving the client from incurring heavy costs in the future.

5.     Reliability

Once you get the air conditioning system checked by professionals, you can be assured that the system is working fine and won’t need repairs anytime soon. In case one doesn’t get their cooling machines routinely maintained could lead to more costly repairs in the future on minor issues which were preventable.

Since air conditioners are a long-term home investment, therefore, it should be assured that only a licensed air conditioning service in Plano, TX is approached to perform air conditioner maintenance. As they know what to do, take less time and also predict any future problems that may arise.