During, the hot and humid summer season in the big D, we mostly depend on our air conditioning systems to keep our homes cold and refreshed. Without a properly functioning air cooling system we would probably all melt away, given how scorching hot it gets back here in Dallas, TX.

Since we use the cooling system so heavily during the summer season and then set them away for the rest of fall consequently, we are usually left with a broken AC when we need it once March comes close.

Even though manufacturers design air conditioners to provide long operational years, but just like all other machines, ACs tend to depreciate in quality over time and thus have a limited life span. Their functioning period depends largely on the kind of maintenance and repair they get. A well maintained AC would last much longer then a poorly kept one. Hence air conditioner repair in homes should be taken as a priority for every homeowner.

Getting air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX done in time can save you from much frustration and exhaustion from the heat while timely air conditioner repair helps in saving heavy costs that one could face later if the minor problem had not been taken care of in time. These repairs by an experienced AC technician can also put aside threats of power breakdowns, excessive energy costs and any environmental hazard.

Like all other machines, air conditioners also don’t just malfunction out of the blue although in some cases that might happen but mostly there are several signs and signals that alert the homeowner of some problem in the system and if the call for air conditioner repairs is made in time, it could save from any discomfort later.

If one encounters any of the 5 signs given below, they must immediately contact a nearby K&S Heating and Air service shop and have the AC repaired in time.

1.     No More Cooling

“You had one job” is probably the only thing you can say to your AC, sitting on the wall, while you and your family are trying to cope with the heat. Air conditioners are manufactured with only one purpose and that’s to keep the room cool by emitting cold air streams. If at any point an AC stops giving out cool air, you know that’s the time to get an air conditioner repair done.

The most common problem is simply a blockage somewhere in the vents that’s preventing the processor from converting hot airwaves into cool ones.

But sometimes it can be a more complicated reason so it’s recommended to immediately call over a professional. In case of serious problems, one might need to change their air conditioning system but since they got it checked in time, they can land a better deal on its sale because no one can go for long without an AC in Dallas, TX.

2.     Making Strange Sounds

One thing you should know about all air conditioners is that they aren’t supposed to talk, no, not at all. So if you ever find your AC making unusual sounds, an air conditioner repair service must be called right away as these strange sounds are mostly associated to some severe problem in the machine.

For those who haven’t encountered a “noisy” air conditioner yet, here are some hints on what sounds could be signs of some problems coming your way. Rattling or banging sounds coming from the unit could be because of a loose component. Since this can be fixed by just simply tightening a loose screw, many homeowners try to be done with it themselves.

However it’s better to call a technician as the problem could be something more complex and tinkering around with it might cause further damage.

Similarly if some grinding and squealing sounds continue from the AC that means there’s something seriously wrong in the air conditioning unit that needs immediate attention or else the whole system might stop working. The more serious issues here can be an out of place processing belt or a damaged motor.

3.     Skyrocketing Bills

The easiest way to determine a faulty appliance is a significant hike in electricity bills. Usually during summer’s air conditioner is one machine that runs almost the whole day therefore if a sudden jump in bills is noticed one should get their cooling systems checked.

The cause behind such malfunctions could be because of leaky ducts, broken thermostats or overused air conditioner that’s not able to provide cooling at a higher temperature setting and consumes more energy. The best solution here is opting for an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX as soon as possible to avoid higher bills in future.

4.     Moisture

Air conditioner leaks can be identified from the moistures amassing either inside or around the unit. The leaks can also be witnessed around the drain pipes that are supposed to drain out the water from the processor. Such leaks usually come with high health hazards as they can lead to forming mold around the cooling system therefore its guided to seek immediate professional help.

5.     It’s Been Too Long

If you have had an air conditioner for more than 10 years, it probably means the system has outlived its predefined life and would not be able to properly function now. The cooling machine would require constant and costly repairs and it’s therefore a practical solution to replace it with a new and more advanced system.


It’s quite difficult to notice a fault in a running AC until it breaks down one day. Therefore it is always recommended for homeowners to get their air conditioners checked from time to time whenever they notice even a slight disruption.

The technicians at K&S heating and air are known to provide the best air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX as they can fix, replace and repair any air conditioner across the D-Town.