Wrong Air Filters & Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch, TX

Wrong Air Filters & Air Conditioning Service in Farmers Branch, TX

HVAC maintenance can be quite a bother to some people. With a busy schedule of work, weekend is the only time you get to relax. Spending your day off tinkering with the HVAC system isn’t really the idea of a perfect Sunday. But these problems can come out of nowhere and the only option you have is to call professionally trained providers of air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX to deal with the mess.

But the question arises, why do these problems occur? The answer can vary.

Are you fond of DIY techniques? Do you search the internet for cheap ways of air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX? Your drive to save a few bucks can cause more harm than good. While DIYs work effectively in most areas of life, HVAC repair and service is better left to the professionals.

Now that a problem has arisen, it’s important to find the root cause of it all. Most of the times, in the haste of solving the problem and saving money, people take the repair of their HVAC system in their hands. And that’s when the problem escalates.

Woes of Ill-fitting Air Filters

Unaware of the basics of air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX, people can sometimes go for inappropriate parts. Compatible parts can do more than increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system. For example, using the right HVAC air filters can help you save money on your energy bills.

Not all air filters are created the same way and that’s why some are more efficient than others. Where the right one can help save money, going for the wrong air filter can do more damage than being a waste of money.

How to identify the best air filter for your system? You might be tempted to go for the latest design or buy the ones you keep seeing advertisements for. Your neighbor just had their HVAC system repaired and the professional service provider of air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX installed high quality air filters. You were impressed by their performance and decided to get the same for your HVAC system too.

Wait! It might not be the wisest decision. The size of the air filters can vary and unless you go for the right size, you might have to face increased system operating costs, energy bills and increased cost of repair and air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX.

Right Size

Ill fitting air filters can gradually cause bigger problems. First of all, they won’t fit in the given space. If the filter is too big, people usually try to fit it in by bending it. If the air filter is too small, some people who have a knack for DIYs still fit it in by using newspapers or other material to fill in the empty space. Needless to say, the DIY will eventually cause you high bills for your air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX.

When you get the wrong size air filters, the only way of making them fit is by bending them. It would make them fit in but unfortunately, that’ll be a cause of more problems for you. The folded part would interrupt the structural integrity of the filter’s frame. With the strength and structure of the frame compromised, leaks are a possibility. After a time, the filter can also collapse. There goes your investment! Wrong size air filters can soil blower fan as well as obstruct air flow, leading to more costly cleaning and air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX.

MERV Rating

Contrary to the popular belief that air filters clean the air, they are just good at stopping some particles from getting in the air. Cleaning the air is not their job and if you leave them dirty for some time, they will start polluting the air. When buying air filters, it’s important to consider their MERV rating.

The rating specifies the size and thickness of the mesh. The thicker it is, the more filth it’ll catch and the more frequently it has to be cleaned. Though you might be tempted to go for a higher rating air filter, make sure you buy the one that goes with your HVAC system. If you disregard this and go for a thicker mesh version, the HVAC system might have problems blowing the air through such a thick mesh. The added strain can cause damage not only to the air conditioner but the furnace too. That’s why it’s important to go for professional air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX.

Disposable Vs. Washable

Most people love the ease of washable air filters but is your HVAC unit compatible with this? If you do have the option to use either one, make sure you do some thorough research before buying one. With washable filters you might have the ease of washing and using them again, but you would have to pay for their hefty upfront price.

In order to ensure smooth and effective routine air conditioning maintenance, the most practical thing to do is call the renowned K&S Heating and Air for a professional and trained air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX. Since air conditioners are a long-term home investment, it should be assured that only a licensed air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TX is approached to perform air conditioner maintenance. As they know what to do, take less time and also predict any future problems that may arise.