5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas

5 Essential Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas

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Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is necessary to ensure that the system functions well and to extend the lifespan of the installed system. Like all other systems, the HVAC system is also bound to suffer from a malfunction or a problem in its internal system at some point.

It is difficult to predict the timing of the problem; regular maintenance is the one thing that you can do to avert a problem and limit the damage to the system. Of the many benefits of HVAC maintenance, one key advantage stands out—you get to spot a problem before it worsens. You can then take quick preemptive measures to fix it.

Once you spot a problem during maintenance, you can ask for heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas. The significance of maintenance is the same for all appliances functioning in your home; not doing so can lead to a breakdown that affects the people living there.

The dreaded summers are now upon us and the increase in temperature will most likely put the previous records to shame. In conditions such as these, it is imperative to ensure that the HVAC system in your house is functioning perfectly. A breakdown will need the services of heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas but the cost and the suffering it will cause is unimaginable.

To help you understand the significance of regular maintenance, we have made a list of factors that should be a part of your maintenance routine. The results of the routine are evident once you follow them as you are told to in this blog post.

1.  Filters

Air filters are responsible for ensuring that the air entering the system is clean and free from the presence of any dust and germs particles.

Luckily enough, the filters in your system are disposable. This means that if you don’t have time for regular cleaning, you can replace the filter with newer versions. Of the various types of air filters available, we recommend the use of the ones rated MERV 7-11. Any rating above the limit will reduce the airflow in your system needlessly and strain the system which affects its efficiency.

Rather than replacing the filter yourself, it is imperative to call for a skilled technician experienced in heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas to look into the matter and carry out the replacement of the filters. Any mistake made while replacing the filters can be costly as it can also affect other parts of the system.

2.  Cleaning the Condensing Unit

Air conditioners around the world have an outdoor condensing unit which comes with a fan in its exterior to disperse the heat in the summer. It is natural for the metal fins of the fans to get clogged by dirt, pollen, and grime.

To clean the metal fins and to ensure the proper dispersion of heat from the system, spray the outside of the unit with a water hose; this will get rid of all dirt and pollen. Ignoring the presence of dirt and grime on the fins can affect the performance of the fan and can strain or overheat the whole unit. An overheated unit needs the expertise of a professional experienced in heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas to get rid of the problems.

3.  Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

It is common for outdoor units to be affected by the presence of exogenous factors beyond our control. The buildup of trees and bushes or the vegetation around the outdoor unit can interfere with the essential functions such as air flow.

You need to ensure that the outdoor unit has enough space for clearance and there is no external factor interfering with the performance of the outdoor unit. Cutting down all the bushes, leaves, and overgrown vegetation growing at about 2 feet on all sides from the unit will protect your unit from all the notorious baggage these plants carry for the outdoor unit.

Additionally, you also need to check consistently and keep a close eye on bushes and trees that give off excessive pollen. Pollen, as we all know, is dangerous for condensing units. You may need to call a professional for heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas if the pollen interferes with your cooling unit.

4.  Evaporator Coil’s Drainpipe and Drain Pan

Many users are not aware of what the drain pipe is. If that is the case, ask your service technician about its location and significance since it is one of the things in your HVAC system that needs regular maintenance.

A drain pipe is susceptible to algae/mold formation. A leak often indicates the presence of algae and mold in the drain pipe. To get rid of both, it is imperative to use a wet-dry vacuum to suction out the clogged up areas. After using the vacuum, bleach is used to clean the drain.

Professionals would tell you that a clogged drain is one of the main reasons why people need heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas.

5.  Professional for Regular Maintenance

Given the nature of maintenance, you may feel that you can manage it on your own. Trust us when we say it this is not the case. Leave the maintenance to the professionals; an error or slight negligence can result in severe problems leading to the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas.

In addition to providing solutions to the problems your HVAC system faces, the professionals at K&S Heating and Air have the resources to prevent the problems from happening. To ensure that you avoid the massive cost for heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas, pick up your phones and call 972-271-9319.