7 Causes of Air Conditioning Problems and How Can They Be Dealt With | Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

7 Causes of Air Conditioning Problems and How Can They Be Dealt With | Air Conditioning Service in Allen, TX

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Have you ever spent a hot summer without an air-conditioner? Does the idea of sleeping uncomfortably and tossing and turning without an AC haunt you? If your answer to either of the two questions is a yes, you will never want to relive such an experience again. The worst thing about air-conditioning problems is that they are hard to detect. You never know when you might have to call a provider of air conditioning service in Allen, TX. However, there are some causes of air-conditioning problems that can surely be dealt with.

Here are seven causes of air-conditioning problems and ways to deal with them.

Let’s break it down.

1. Low Refrigerant

For those of you who don’t know, refrigerant is the liquid that an AC uses to remove the heat from your indoor space, be it your home or office. If the refrigerant lines in your AC develop a leakage, the leaking refrigerant will slow down the pace at which the AC cools the place down. Getting rid of this problem is a lot more than merely replacing the air-conditioning refrigerant and it is no DIY job either. In order to inspect the leakages and replace the refrigerant, a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX needs to be contacted. It can be a time-consuming as well as an expensive job if there are several leakages.

2. Freezing of the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil of an air-conditioner is filled with refrigerant and its job is to absorb heat from the air, like a sponge. It sounds a little weird but those evaporator coils needs warms air around them to be able to perform perfectly. In case the evaporator gets cold, a layer of ice appears on the surface. When that happens, you will experience warm air coming out of the AC or none at all. It is beyond the knowledge and the competency of a home owner to fix such a complicated issue. The best thing to do, is to call a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX. Only a professional can make it to the root of the problem and fix it before it worsens.

3. Dirty Coils

Dirty condenser coils can affect the performance of an AC, as much as frozen evaporator coils. The job of the condenser coil is to expel the heat from the indoors into the outdoors. The bad news is that a condenser coil fails to work, when a layer of dirt and grime builds up over it. People living in places with high amounts of air pollution, often experience this problem. When this happens the transfer of heat from the condenser to the environment is hindered and the unit has to worker harder than its capacity. If left untreated, chances are that you will have to get a new condenser for your AC. The wise thing to do is to contact a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX and get you dirty coil cleaned up before the condenser bid farewell.

4. Issues with the Fan

There are two fans in the air-conditioning system. The first one blows the indoor air over the evaporator coil, which makes the air cool. The second one blows the air over your AC’s outdoor unit’s condenser to expel the absorbed heat outside the house. If either of the two fans fails to function, you will start experiencing problems with your air-conditioner. There several reasons behind faulty AC fans. It happens due to defective motors, insufficient lubrication and worn out belts. Dirt and debris in the fans, also results in poor airflow in and out of the AC. If the problem is neglected, the compressor might just shut down altogether. However, with a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX, the fans can be fixed in no time.

5. Leaky Ducts

The function of the ducts running through your walls and the ceilings transfer the cool air from the AC to other parts of the house. In case, the HVAC ducts get broken or cracked, the nice cool air from the AC will trap inside those ducts and no one will be able to benefit from something they have paid good money for. HVAC ducts normally get damaged due to rodents, or poor construction methods. Damaged ducts force the AC to work harder, which shows from your high electricity bills. Only a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX can pull you out of this mess.

6. Thermostat Issues

This issue normally arises with the old traditional thermostats. If they are not properly calibrated, chances are that the AC will not receive proper instructions from the control systems. Fixing this issue is fairly simple. You can simply recalibrate the thermostat, and everything will be back to normal. However, replacing an old thermostat with a new one isn’t an easy job to do. In order to replace your old dial-type thermostat with a new one, you need help from a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX. Before you use the new thermostat, make sure you have given the manual a reading.

7. Clogging of the Drains

The moisture that is removed by your AC from the air needs some place to go. It is removed from the space through a drain line and then it goes to a drain pan before going down the drain. The clogging of the drain line results in filling up of the drain pan. A filled drain pan can easily damage you system. Not only does it damage the system, you might end up with leakages in the ceilings and the walls. If the issue continues, you might even end up with mold growth. Before the problem worsens, it is wise to call a reputable air conditioning service in Allen, TX.

What Can You Do?

To avoid the hassle of a defective AC, you need to follow the below mentioned tips. However, you will require the services of a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX.

  • Replacement of dirty air-filters.
  • Regular duct inspection.
  • Installation of a programmable thermostat.
  • Removal of dirt and debris from around the unit.

Maintaining an AC and keeping it functioning properly is not an easy task. Only with the help of a professional air conditioning service in Allen, TX can you keep your AC safe and running. So, contact K&S Heat and Air today!