5 Mistakes that Will Cost You a lot on Your Air Conditioner’s Repair and Maintenance | Air Conditioner Repair in McKinney, TX

5 Mistakes that Will Cost You a lot on Your Air Conditioner’s Repair and Maintenance | Air Conditioner Repair in McKinney, TX

The intense heat of summer can get you good. For the past couple of years, the hot and dry weather has been hitting people real hard. At a time like this, you wish that you stayed at the office all day long. Lucky are those people who have an air conditioner in their house. Most of us put the AC on the highest temperature and leave for office. When we get back home, the house is cool enough that you don’t have to crank low the temperature to get that cool blast. This is a great technique for saving on the electricity bill.

You are probably wondering what kind of air conditioning repair in McKinney, TX will put another zero in your bill, right. Well, for starters – the place where the air conditioner has been installed creates a huge problem. The complex mechanism of an air conditioner relies on several small components. Trying to fix any problem on your own will result in you spending costly, sleepless and sweaty nights.

So, when should you call for air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX?

The moment you hear any squealing or grating sounds, it’s an indication that something is wrong with the AC. Soon after, you will experience poor airflow, water leaking from the air conditioner and moisture on the wall.

Let’s say that you have an air conditioner installed in your house. The first few days it was working completely fine but then you started to feel hot spots in the room. After much inspection, you couldn’t find the cause behind the malfunction.

Well, there could be a number of things wrong with the AC. Most of them are mistakes you made before you called for air conditioner installation in McKinney, TX. Let’s have a look at these mistakes to understand why your air conditioner is not working properly:

1.   Installing the AC Unit and Thermostat in the Wrong Place

The incorrect position impacts the AC’s energy efficiency. Avoid installing the AC on the southwest side of the house. This exposes the AC unit to sunlight and makes it work twice as much harder to cool the house.

So, what is the best place?

Your air conditioner installation in McKinney, TX should be done on the east or north side of the house, particularly under a shady spot. The main goal is to protect the unit from direct sunlight, so that the air conditioner inside works at its optimal level. Once you have located a spot, cut down any shrubs that cover the area. Get the unit placed on a raised platform. This will protect it from any damage that insects might cause.

You should also consider installing a mesh cage that protects the unit from debris. This will provide proper ventilation and also keep the vents clean. Lastly, make sure that the unit is tilted backwards. This aids in proper drainage, prevents leaks and stops rust from forming on the coils.

Coming to the thermostat, the device should not be installed close to a heat source such as a lamp, toaster or heater. This will cause the thermostat to pick up the slightest change in temperature and the settings will keep changing. Due to this, again, the air conditioner will work twice as hard in order to cool the house.

2.   Installing the Wrong AC Size

Do you know the cooling load calculation of your house based on the square footage? This measurement is very important as it allows you to decide what size air conditioner you should get installed. Lucky for your, when you hire an air conditioner repair service in McKinney, TX, the technician does this job for you. Let us explain to you this mistake in simpler terms:

  • The smaller the AC unit, the longer it will take for the house to cool
  • The bigger the air conditioner, the more temperature changes will be picked up by the thermostat, which will result in high energy bills

All this will lead to frequent, costly air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX. When the AC is running constantly with temperature reading fluctuating, the pressure in the unit’s evaporator coil freezes. This forces the liquid refrigerant (cooling agent) to flow back into the unit’s compressor, which causes damage to it.

3.   Thinking a Low Setting on the Thermostat Will Cool the House Faster

A common misconception that most people have is that if the thermostat is on low, the house will cool faster. In the long run like we mentioned earlier, it probably will. However, depending on where you live and the weather there, this might not be such a good move. All this will do is make your bills go higher. So, exercise a little patience and maintain one temperature on neutral.

4.   Failing to Change the Filter on a Regular Basis

Changing the air filter is a common air conditioning repair in McKinney, TX. It comes as part of maintenance. When the filter is not changed for a long time, dirt and dust accumulates on it. This causes the AC to choke due to the buildup of ice. Hence, the poor air flow.

5.   Running Your AC 24/7

We understand that the summer sun comes out; every minute feels too brutal to spend without the cool air of AC. First things first, change your thermostat to a SMART one, so that you can operate the AC remotely. This will give you the benefit of turning on the AC as you are on your way back to home from office. To save more on the energy bill, install a ceiling fan in your house. Try to keep the AC closed at least twice a week and enjoy the breeze of the ceiling fan instead.

Inadequate insulation is another reason behind poor air flow. Make sure all the windows in your house have proper sealing and are closed when the AC is turned on. AS the cool air flows out the window, the AC works harder to make up for the lack of cold. As an extra precaution, do close the drapes tightly too.

Always call for air conditioning service in McKinney, TX when you are experiencing trouble with your AC unit. These professionals know how to get to the root of the problem in a matter of minutes. Contact K&S Heating and Air for any kind of repairs regarding your air conditioner or heater. The company also offers emergency repairs, so that people don’t sweat on a hot summer day in their house. To know more about the different types of air conditioning services in McKinney, TX they offer, contact them at 972-271-9319.