Unsure if there’s something wrong with your AC? Notice these signs to call for air conditioning repair in Allen, TX!

Unsure if there’s something wrong with your AC? Notice these signs to call for air conditioning repair in Allen, TX!

Air conditioners are an important piece of equipment especially for people who have to bear the hot, humid temperatures such as the people of Texas.


Similar to any other electric equipment a household might have installed, air conditioners need to be kept well-maintained for them to be working properly, otherwise there is a high chance that these heavy machines start giving their owners a considerable amount of trouble, especially if they have been used for more than 5-6 years. And since they comprise of intricate sub-units, each of which are in turn made out of expensive yet sensitive individual parts, it is only for the best that you call for professional help when dealing with air conditioning repair in Allen, TX.


There is no doubt that trying to deal with air conditioning repair in Allen, TX on their own often backfires as it leads to the issue worsening without a proper understanding of the underlying problem. Lack of proper training, along with the necessary equipment and safety measures are all reasons you should not attempt to solve the issue in a DIY manner but instead rely on professional help for air conditioning repair in Allen, TX.


Even when households are aware of the need to call for experts, there still is a major problem which is also the main issue this article is going to tackle, and that problem is the inability of individuals to identify the right time to get their air conditioners checked. This delay not only extends the time households have to live without their AC’s throwing out the most optimal level of cooling to beat the hot temperatures but is also a factor in the worsening of the condition, both of which prove to be costly.


To help you get around this issue we have created a list of tell-tale signs that help identify the right time to seek air conditioning repair in Allen, TX.

1.   Clogging of the AC Filter

A clogged filter is one of those issues that need to be fixed immediately as it can affect your air conditioning pretty quickly and in turn have negative effects on your health and the health of your family members. It can lead to breathing issues and other health ailments such as cold, flu, chest congestion and respiratory problem. Any of these could occur if you don’t get air conditioning repair in Allen, TX before air quality of your home deteriorates.

The air that travels in your air conditioning system gets dusty. The purpose of filters in such systems is to trap the dust and let out clean and cool air. However, when the dust filtration process reaches its capacity and is not replaced or cleaned, the air conditioner struggles to suck in warmer air and cool it for the indoors.

When such a situation occurs the evaporator coil inside your air conditioner starts to overwork and heat up and the airflow out of your cooling system becomes restricted. Furthermore, dust particles and other impurities such as cottonwood and mold occasionally slip into the air leaving the air conditioner. Breathing in such air is dangerous and health research blames it for several chronic illnesses. To avoid health implications arising from unhygienic air, contact air conditioning repair in Allen, TX. The professional technicians will closely examine the source of contamination around the filters and clean up accordingly.

2.   The Fuse of Your AC is Blown

A blown fuse is one of those problems that are difficult to tackle without professional help. You might complicate the problem further if you try solving it on your own. The reason for this is that when a fuse breaks down it can cause several various symptoms such as:

  • The fuse box, which is the central power supplier to the entire cooling system, starts to show problems of its own. This can cause the air conditioner to trip if the voltage supplied is higher than usual.
  • The capacitor, which works to regulate electric currents and is part of air conditioners condenser, may start showing problems.
  • A dirty air filter may also result from a blown fuse because of an overload on the system.

Because of such complications in identifying the correct cause of a blown fuse, it is always advised to seek help of air conditioning repair in Allen, TX for your AC related issues.

3.   The Refrigerant of Your AC Begins to Leak

Refrigerant is a chemical inside your air conditioner that cools the air that is sucked in. Refrigerant is installed inside the long tubes and works in the same way as your fridge does. Air that is taken from the external unit is filtered and moved onto the evaporator coil through the refrigerant. Refrigerant here absorbs the heat and cools the air down releasing it outside with the help of a fan.

When your refrigerant starts dripping, you need to call a professional air conditioning repair in Allen, TX to determine the source of the leak, fix it and refuel the refrigerant in the system.

Another symptom of leaking refrigerant is that your air conditioner does not cool the room even when you turn it to maximum capacity. This is because the reduced amount of refrigerant is diminishing the capacity of your air conditioning system to cool the air it traps. A professional service person from air conditioning repair in Allen, TX will have the required skills and expertise to fix this issue compared to someone who is inexperienced and does not have the required knowledge of the cooling system.


To get rid of the above mentioned issues or any other you might face, contact K&S Heating and Air. They are the most reputable brand for air conditioning repair in Allen, TX. And if you face any issue that needs emergency care, call them on their 24/7 line at 972-271-9319.