5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time for Your Air Conditioner Repair | Garland, TX

5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time for Your Air Conditioner Repair | Garland, TX

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By the time the summer in Garland, TX, comes to an end, air conditioners usually become weary and demand repair and maintenance. The season-long usage of the air conditioner slows it down and affects its performance. Air conditioner repair is recommended usually before the commencement of the next summer season, but it is best to get the issues fixed beforehand. The weather in Garland, TX is quite unpredictable and you never know when you might need your air conditioning again.

It is advisable to call a professional service person at least once a year for maintenance of your air conditioner for cleaning and inspections. Yet, don’t rely on this annual routine maintenance check-up. Keep a check on how your system is performing. The key to recognize the signals that your air conditioner gives to tell you it is in trouble.

Keep reading on to find about the warning signs that keep you informed that the time has come to call professional service for your air conditioner repair.

1.  Your Air Conditioner Is not Cooling Enough

Do you feel hot or sweaty despite sitting in an air conditioned room for longer than 10 minutes? Most people overlook this by giving their air conditioners, a benefit of doubt by assuming, a particularly hot day could be the reason why their air conditioner is not cooling well enough. This is a very obvious sign that indicates that your air conditioner repair time has come. There is no excuse for your air conditioner to not perform its job right.

You could also sometimes experience warm air blowing out of your air conditioner. This is a very clear sign there is something wrong with your air conditioner and waiting for it to repair by itself won’t work. Don’t sit back; call the professionals for air conditioner repair right away to fix your issue.

2.  Your Air Conditioner Is Making Noises

Hearing any gurgling or buzzing sounds from your air conditioner is a matter of concern. Trying to fix it yourself is a huge mistake because you might have to may pay more price than what you were trying to save. Sometimes it is hard to apprehend whether the sounds coming out of your air conditioner are normal or troublesome, as at times these sounds are just regular operating sounds, but louder. Don’t ignore any sound that you are not familiar with when using your air conditioner.

It could mean that your filter needs a change or it could also indicate a serious problem that only professionals in air conditioner repair could resolve.

3.  Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Experiencing any leakage or your air conditioner sprinkling in any water is not a very good sign. It’s necessary that you contact a professional air conditioner repairthe first time you notice a leakage because this issue can arise big problems. Leaving it for later can cost you great amounts of your hard earned money. A professional could help curtail future operating costs and ensure your system performs well in the longer run.

The most common cause for the leakage is a clogged condensate drain line. It can get clogged with dust, mold or sludge. Trying DIY methods to unclog the drain line is no fun and games. Better to save yourself the hassle and get a professional use a vacuum to suck the dirt out, while you sit back and enjoy your air conditioning again.

4.  Your Air Conditioner Is Cycling On and Off

On extremely hot days you expect your AC to work in long stretches, but you notice your air conditioner turning on and off in short intervals. It is called short cycling. It means your air conditioner has become less efficient over time. The excessive usage of your AC can cause wear and tear. The reasons for these short bursts can range from or clogged air filter to a dirty evaporator coil. It can overheat your AC and cause your system to eventually breakdown which can result in heavy repairing costs if ignored or left to fix it by itself.

Any DIYs, in this case, are useless as this is a complex problem and it requires professional help only. Reach out to experts in air conditioner repair for maximum performance.

5.  Your Air Conditioner Is Causing High Electric Bills

You don’t have to feel guilty for staying cool in the scorching days of summer. Your air conditioner’s job is to cool you off, not to ablaze you after paying exorbitant bills. According to a research, the air conditioning system accounts for almost 21%of the 2017 residential sector electricity consumption. In addition to this, if your AC is not efficient, you are only costing yourself more money.

Broken parts like the motor or capacitor, low refrigerant, duct leakage, lack of maintenance and poor installation are all reasons your air conditioner usage results in high electric bills.

Schedule maintenance and call professional help to deal with this issue. Spending a little money the right way is going to save you a lot more in the bigger picture.

These are a few indications that suggest you to get an air conditioner repair. Still, if you cannot figure out what is wrong with your air conditioning, we don’t expect you to be experts; contact professionals that resolve your issues with complete customer satisfaction.K&S Heating and Air are highly skilled AC installation and repair technicians. They are experienced professionals and one of the best in their line of work and have many satisfied customers in the Garland, TX area.