Air Conditioning Service: A Task That Should Only Be Handled by The Real Experts in the Field | Allen, TX

Air Conditioning Service: A Task That Should Only Be Handled by The Real Experts in the Field | Allen, TX

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Both split AC and window units, generally require periodic servicing to ensure that they are always fully operational when they are most needed. In fact, air conditioning service in the Allen, TX area is one of the best possible ways to ensure that your appliance continues to give excellent results all through its service life. At the same time, servicing your AC unit will also extend its service life and your machine will continue to work in showroom condition for as long as possible.  In fact, the periodic maintenance of your AC will be instrumental in detecting and getting rid of any potential problems at the best possible time. That is, even before they occur.

There are multiple steps in the whole process of air conditioning service in the Allen, TX area. Provided the experts you hire for the task at hand are good at they do, your AC will not break down frequently, if at all.

Taking Care of Refrigerant Leakage Issues

This is by far and large, the single biggest issue that any AC owner has to face. Suppose, it is the middle of a sizzling hot mid summer’s day and you switch on the AC. Only to see that while everything is working – Nothing is really working!  That is, the AC shows the desired temperature and you can hear the gentle humming of the compressor and the air is also being blown into the room. Only it is not cooling the room the way it used to do so before. This is a classic sign of a cooling gas leakage problem.

In other words, the refrigerant has leaked, and you need to call in the experts.  These people will take a look at the whole system by switching it on to check its cooling. Here it is pertinent to note that even the slightest lack of cooling can be a cause for concern. It means that the unit has suffered a slight leak and sooner or later all the refrigerant will be lost, and the unit will cease to work.  This is why you should not take even the slightest loss of cooling power lightly. On the contrary, you should call the excellent specialists who are highly skilled at air conditioning service before the problem gets worse.

Why do Such Leakages Occur?

There are plenty of reasons due to which the refrigerant may leak. But the foremost one; is lack of usage. If the AC is not used for a long period of time, such as after a long and harsh winter, the gas will pool at the joints. It will then find the area of least resistance and burrow a hole inside till it escapes into the atmosphere.  Once that happens the compressor will draw more power since it has to work with low amounts of cooling gas to decrease the temperature of the room.  This is a very big issue because it will not only decrease the service life of this expensive component, but it will also increase your power bills too.  Apart from that, leakage issues can also occur if you allow amateurs at air conditioning service to install the unit.   If the flanges are not aligned tightly, it will lead to a slow but steady leakage of cooling gas.

In any event, once this problem has occurred the people responsible for air conditioning service will thoroughly check the unit to discover the leak. Once, they find it, they will mark it carefully and also look for other leaks as well. After that, they will purge the AC of its old and stale refrigerant. Once the system is empty, they will use a blow torch to seal the holes in the joints, pipes or anywhere else in your AC unit. This is the only way to seal the refrigerant inside the AC unit. Apart from that, the real experts at air conditioning service will also carefully check the whole system to ensure that there no further leaks either.

Once that is done, they will recharge your unit with plenty of fresh R 410A environmentally friendly refrigerant gas. This will ensure that your AC will be able to cool the room, as well as it ever did before.

Cleaning up the Blower Fan

The blower is a very important part of an AC unit. If it gets dirty or it becomes clogged with dirt and grime, it will not be able to work properly. The sheer weight of all that dust will not allow it to rotate at its usual speed. This will mean that the compressor will have to compensate by working harder. Not only will it increase your power bills, but it can also lead to overheating and subsequent short circuit issues.

This is the part where a really good outfit well-skilled in air conditioning service comes into the picture. They will take apart and thoroughly clean the blower fan sub-unit. After that, they will carefully oil it and return it back into its original position. This way, the fan will work at its original settings and your AC’s compressor will not be overloaded.  Thus, the people responsible for air conditioning servicewill save you from major repair expenses.


These are a few tips regarding the whole AC service procedure. It is possible to find plenty of relevant information on airconditioning service in the Allen TX area by visiting the K&S Heating and Air website. These amazing professionals definitely know how to take good care of AC units in the Allen, TX area