6 Mistakes to Avoid This Summer to Keep You Air Conditioner Working in Optimal Condition

6 Mistakes to Avoid This Summer to Keep You Air Conditioner Working in Optimal Condition

When summer comes around, all we can think about is how to escape the intense heat. Those whose offices are air conditioned are lucky enough to spend their eight hours comfortably. However, back home, reality awaits and staying at the office looks more appealing.

An air conditioner has a pretty simple function but its complex mechanism is what makes it such a high maintenance machine. It relies on several small components that need to be in top condition, so a steady air flow is maintained. A small mistake and you are looking at sweaty and sleepless nights, tossing and turning around to find the right spot to catch the draft from the window.

It’s not that difficult to find out whether your air conditioning is working properly or not. There are certain tells, which can be felt and heard, which make you aware that the unit is not working properly. These include poor or no air flow, grating, squealing and grinding sounds, thermostat problems, leakage or moisture around the AC unit and strange odor.

From installation to thermostat settings, maintenance and air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX, following are six mistakes that you must avoid to keep you AC working in optimal condition:

1.     Installing the Wrong Size

Bigger does not always mean the better! In the case of an air conditioner, a bigger unit will result in uncomfortable temperature changes and inefficient power usage. The unit will be on a loop of readjustment that can wear down its power. In the case of a smaller unit, it will take longer for the house to cool, which may result in the unit working overtime to maintain the temperature.

This is why it is necessary to get a load calculation done to determine what your home’s cooling capacity is. To know your home’s draft layout, square footage and insulation, get in touch with an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX. They will be able to tell you exactly what unit size you should get installed.

2.     Installing in the Incorrect Position

There are many things that can impact the energy efficiency of an AC unit. For one, the location in which it is installed affects the cooling the most. Avoid installing the HVAC system on the home’s west side. Make sure that it is kept under a shady spot, where the sunlight does not fall directly. Cut down any shrubs that might grow around the HVAC system, so that it gets room to breathe. Proper ventilation will make the unit more efficient.

Second, when getting the unit installed, make sure that it is tilted backwards for proper drainage. An inadequate drainage system will cause leaks, which will result in rust forming on the coils.

Finally, the thermostat should be installed in a place where it does not come in contact with heat from appliances such as a toaster or a lamp. When the thermostat detects a change in the temperature, the settings get changed and the air conditioner works harder to cool the house.

3.     Keeping the AC Closed During Winter Season

Keeping the AC closed during the entire winter season is not good for the unit. The longer it sits closed, the faster mould will creep into the air ducts and deteriorate its air quality. By running the AC for a few minutes once a week, you can maintain the indoor air quality.

If you are planning to take a long vacation, where you won’t be back home for months, it is better to upgrade your thermostat with a Wi-Fi system, so that you can access the air conditioner remotely. For upgrades such as these, it is better to hire an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

4.     Keeping the AC Open 24/7

You might need an air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX sooner than later if you keep your AC on full blast the entire day. Not only are you wasting electricity, you are also destroying the air quality of the unit. Depending on the size you have installed, it only takes a few minutes for the house to cool.

Here’s a helpful tip: Increase the temperature in the morning when leaving the house and dial it back down when you return. At night, close the AC and allow it to rest to prevent the coils from freezing. A good way to keep track of this routine is to invest in a smart thermostat and get it installed by an air conditioning service in Dallas, TX.

5.     Maintenance – Not Changing the Filter

An air filter is the most important component in an air conditioner. One of the most common air conditioning repairs in Dallas, TX is changing an air filter. Some air filters need to be changed on a monthly basis, whereas energy saving air conditioners has longer lasting air filters.

An air filter clogged with dirt can compromise the efficiency of the AC. This often leads to freezing, which is the reason why you get poor air flow.

6.     Open Windows and Exhaust Fans

The top two reasons why your AC is not working properly are because of open windows and exhaust fans. Unsealed windows and exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen can compromise the quality of the air. When the AC is turned on, make sure that the windows are tightly closed and covered with drapes, and use the fans sparingly.

Regular maintenance is essential in order to make sure that your air conditioner is working in optimal condition. Air conditioning service in Dallas, TX such as K & S Heating and Air offers heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX and other cities. From installation to maintenance, repair and system check, all their services are performed by professional electricians. To know more about the different types of air conditioning service in Dallas, TX they offer, contact them at 972-271-9319.