6 Thermostat Problems That May Affect Your Furnace | Tips from Your Farmers Branch, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

6 Thermostat Problems That May Affect Your Furnace | Tips from Your Farmers Branch, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Whenever a furnace starts working poorly or stops functioning altogether, there can be a number of reasons that have led up to that point. Several of these reasons may be dirty filters and broken hoses that an expert from an air conditioning service in the Farmers Branch, TX area, can easily fix. If the furnace still continues to malfunction, the obvious reason behind it could be your thermostat.

As stated by a qualified worker belonging to an air conditioning service in Farmers Branch, TXthe following reasons may cause the furnace to impede:
•       Damaged wiring and overuse
•       If not maintained, a lot of dust particles can amass in the thermostat
•       High temperatures can sometimes cause thermostats to malfunction

The above mentioned reasons can hinder the performance of your thermostat and ultimately that of your heating appliance. This causes hampered air regulation. Below are the most common problems related to thermostats that cause furnaces to malfunction. Upon detection of any of them, you should consult a professional from an air conditioning service.

1.  Display and Power Issues

Check how your thermostat display indicates power. In case it does not indicate any, change the batteries of the thermostat. If it is working irregularly, use AA (double-A) lithium batteries. Professionals belonging to a well-established air conditioning service, clarify that alkaline batteries do not work well for a thermostat. These batteries have shorter life spans, and can often cause thermostats to malfunction.

If the batteries are not the issue, and the thermostat is still faulty, check the switch for power. At times, the switch is turned off, and you do not know it. If the problem still remains, then chances are that the circuit breaker or the fuse may be causing it. In this case, you should call for an air conditioning service and have a professional sort it out.

2.  The Components Are not Aligned Correctly

An expert of an air conditioning service says that your furnace cannot perform to its fullest potential until it matches the thermostat. Usually, short voltage thermostats are preferred in residential homes. The heating system should accordingly match the thermostat. To do this, many things like size and type of the furnace, its capacity, and capability have to be considered.

If the thermostat and heating appliance do not match, it can cause the heating system to malfunction. Only an expert from an air conditioning servicecan match the two by comparing them.

3.  Faulty Wiring

If the wiring of the given thermostat is old, loose, disconnected, or faulty in general, it can have a direct impact on the associated HVAC system, and especially on your furnace. This means that your rooms will be unable to receive warm airflow. For this reason, if your furnace is not performing well, you should check your wiring. If you think the wiring needs to be repaired or changed, consult a professional.

4.  Amassing of Debris

If the thermostat is not regularly checked and properly maintained, it can gather a lot of dust. If left for long, this accumulated debris and dust particles can cause the thermostat to become faulty. This can be solved by removing the cover of the thermostat and cleaning it carefully. You should especially clean the contact surfaces of the switch and the bimetallic coil together with the other internal components of your appliance’s thermostat.

Before you start cleaning, change the setting of the thermostat, and adjust it to the lowest option. Use a soft-bristled brush to brush out the dust and debris from the bimetallic coil. Repeat the procedure on the highest configuration. Then reset the setting as you desire.

5.  Heater Anticipatory Malfunction

Mechanical (Non-digital) thermostats have a component that resists electricity. It is a minute, mounted metallic tab. It is called a heat anticipator and is responsible for signaling the thermostat when it should disable the furnace’s burners.

A faulty heat anticipator can cause considerable wear and tear to the furnace. In that, it can switch the furnace on and off erratically and more than required. In this case, the anticipator needs to be rectified by adjusting it.

Alternatively, digital and programmable thermostats have factory-built and installed anticipators, which work automatically and eradicate the need of manually setting it.

For adjustments in non-digital thermostats, professionals use amp meters, to work out a suitable setting. Often they just bi-directly ram the anticipator in order to make them functional again.

6.  Varying and Inaccurate Readings of Temperature

A faulty furnace will turn on and off unpredictably. If your thermostat is working at the wrong time, it may be showing incorrect temperature readings.

The thermostat should be installed in a suitable area. Ideally, a thermostat is best placed away from all sorts of heat-emitting and producing sources, like fireplaces and radiant heaters. It should also be away from windowpanes and exterior doors.

You should also keep in mind that if your thermostat is open to weather elements such as direct sunlight, heat emissions and other high temperatures from outside, it would display incorrect readings. Subsequently, the furnace will also not work properly and switch on and off irregularly.

Experts from established air conditioning service, say that the best location to install a thermostat is near the return, at the filter’s spot, to guarantee that the temperature readings do not show any error.

In addition, often the drafts originating from the region at the back of the thermostat can trigger incorrect readings. In this case, a professional can use insulation padding to avoid the thermostat being affected by it.

In a Nutshell

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