6 Tips For Quality Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

6 Tips For Quality Air Conditioner Installation | Mesquite, TX

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Extreme weather conditions tend to have a tremendous impact on your air conditioner as it works the hardest during those times. Being a Mesquite, Texas resident, you must be aware of how volatile the weather can get. Although regular maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs or an untimely breakdown, air conditioner installation plays a huge role in how well it performs. You can ensure that your unit runs efficiently no matter the weather by following the following air conditioner installation tips.

Know your energy requirements

One of the key issues you need to consider is what size of air conditioner will be suitable for your space. A unit that is too small is just as bad as one that is too large, as neither provides you with the level of comfort you desire.

An air conditioner that is too small will have to work extra hard to cool your space. Putting a strain on the unit will not only lead to premature wear and tear but will also result in a spike in energy bills.

An oversized unit is likely to make your space feel humid and cold. Besides, it will use a high amount of energy to cool a small space resulting in increased utility bills.

Apart from your space’s square footage, an air conditioner installation expert should be able to advise you on the best size of an air conditioning unit depending on other factors such as the climate in Mesquite, TX, window placement, ductwork, and insulation.

Familiarize yourself with the different energy efficiency ratings

Air conditioners and heaters account for more than half of the total energy used in residences across the United States. When you want to install a new air conditioner in your Mesquite, TX home, you will need to consider its energy consumption.

The most common rating for air conditioners is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. This rating is derived from dividing the cooling output that is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU) by the electricity used. The higher this rating is, the less energy the unit will use to heat or cool your home.

The other types of energy efficiency ratings include:

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF)
  • Energy Star rating

Units with higher ratings are ordinarily more expensive. But this cost is compensated for by the lower utility bills.

Choose a licensed and insured air conditioner installation professional

Installing or upgrading an air conditioner could be as costly as it is disruptive. Cost-conscious homeowners are tempted to install the unit themselves or seek cheap, unqualified air conditioner installation services. Both approaches often lead to poorly functioning units that need frequent repairs.

One of the key reasons why you need to have a professional install your unit is safety, during and after the installation. Air conditioners are made up of components that are potential sources of combustible energy. Trained air conditioner installation technicians have the tools and equipment needed to install the unit with minimal risks. They have also been trained on how the whole unit is assembled and integrated with your home’s other systems.

Using an unlicensed technician may save you some money, but you will have to bear the cost of repairs that may come up due to poor workmanship. Licensed contractors not only offer warranties on their workmanship but will gladly repair parts or replace them if the warranty period has not lapsed. A licensed air conditioner installer in Mesquite, TX, is aware of the city and state codes and will ensure they abide by them.

By using a licensed and insured air conditioner installer, you are guaranteed that you will be compensated for any damage to your property during the installation process.

Avoid working with subcontractors

While negotiating with your preferred air conditioner installation company, make sure you find out whether they will use their own employees for all related services. Although subcontracting does not always mean that the work done will be substandard, it is almost impossible to track down a sub-contracted employee.

Get ready for the installation

Once you’ve settled on a unit and an air conditioner installation expert, it’s time to prepare for the installation. The following tips will help you prepare for a seamless installation process:

  • Choose the most suitable time – The last thing you want is for your technician to rush through the installation process due to lack of time.


  • Declutter the work area – The technician will need to easily access the work area around which the unit is to be installed. Decluttering the area as well as hallways or staircases leading to and from it ensures that the installation job is completed with minimal delays. You will also need to prepare the area around which the outdoor condenser is to be placed.


  • Have the ductwork checked – If your home’s ductwork leaks, your AC unit will not do a good job of heating or cooling your space? If you are unsure of how to go about it, have an air conditioner installation expert inspect and seal any leaks.

Have a maintenance schedule

While the installation process may have been seamless and the technician qualified, your air conditioner will be ineffective without proper maintenance. The technician will walk you through basic maintenance jobs and advise you on how often they should be performed. They will also let you know how often your unit will need professional care.

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