7 Common AC Problems That Call for an Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

7 Common AC Problems That Call for an Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX

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When the summer heat strikes, all you want is to turn on your air conditioner and just relax. The air conditioner keeps you cool over summer. Keeping up with good maintenance ensures it’s going to perform just as well even during the hottest months.

A broken air conditioner during the summer months can be a nightmare. To make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t conk out when you need it the most, you must stay on top of its maintenance and know when to call for an expert air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

It’s possible that your air conditioner may require repair services without you even realizing it. This is because a broker air conditioner isn’t always one that doesn’t run. There could be other problems with the air conditioner that require professional air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

To make your lives easier, we have put together a list of 7 common AC problems that require air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. This will help you quickly recognize any issues with you AC so that they can be managed timely.

1.   Very Little Air is Coming Out of the AC Outlet

Insufficient or weak air flow is often a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor is failing. However, this could also be because of an issue with the ducts. A broken motor, clogged air filter or perhaps something more serious might have created a blockage that prevents air from moving through the ductwork.

Over time, dust or debris can get stuck in your air conditioning vents. Not only does this present as a barrier to airflow, but it also a health and safety risk to you and your family.

If you turn on your AC and notice that the cool air coming out of the vents is flowing so weakly that it’s insufficient to circulate well through the room, there’s some problem. You should immediately call up an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX before it gets worse.

2.   Your AC is Blowing Warm Air

In some cases you might find that your air conditioning system is failing to cool down your home. This is not comfortable at all especially when the weather is hot. May through September is filled with hot and sunny days in Dallas, TX and you need your air conditioner to run in prime condition.

If you feel that your air conditioner isn’t cool enough even at full blast, or worse, it’s blowing warm air, you must contact an expert service for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

Your system’s compressor may have broken down or there may be an issue with the refrigerant. Whatever the reason might be, a professional AC technician will be able to help you best rather than you trying out any DIY fixes.

3.   There’s Uneven Cooling Throughout Your Home

If you walk around your house and find that certain areas seem warmer while others are too cold, there’s some problem with the system and you shouldn’t ignore it. The uneven temperature could be due to problems in your home ductwork or insulation. To fix the problem and prevent it from turning into anything more serious, get in touch with a good air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

4.   Your House is Unusually Humid

Besides maintaining a cool temperature, another job that an air conditioning system does is to automatically monitor indoor humidity levels and reduce excessive humidity. During spring and summers, outdoor humidity levels do rise, but it shouldn’t mean that you start feeling humid or sticky inside the house as well.

If you air conditioner cannot keep humidity levels within a comfortable range, you need an air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. A leaky ductwork or any other issue with the AC could be the reason behind high humidity in the house. The AC technician will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and recommend a solution.

5.   You Smell Strange Odors

Your air conditioning system is never supposed to stink. If you notice unpleasant odors coming out of the AV vents, you would want to deal with the issue before it gets smellier.

A pungent or foul smell could mean that the wire insulation inside the unit has burned out. Musty smells could indicate there’s mold in the unit or the ductwork which needs urgent attention. A skunk-like odor could be due to a gas leak.

All these require an expert air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX for a quick tune-up or a perhaps a more detailed cleaning session.

6.   Your AC is Making Unusual Noise

Most air conditioning units make a certain sound as they start up or shut down. But loud or unusual noises can signal problems with your system.

Buzzing or rattling noises can indicate loose or misaligned parts, broken motor bearings or metal components that require lubrication. Squealing, grinding or grating sounds might be a sign that the AC belt has slipped out of place.

These noises are a sign that something needs to be fixed inside or it could end up in an expensive breakdown. The best way to prevent this is to immediately call a local expert for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

7.   Your Electricity Bills Have Gone Up Way Too Much

If your electricity bills have spiked, it means that your AC system is consuming much more energy than it should. This indicates internal issues and your air conditioning unit needs a professional checkup and that you need to opt for air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. There could be leakages, broken thermostat or any some other issue that can only be tackled by an expert.

Are You Looking for an Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX?

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