Ground, Floor Or Rooftop – Where Is the Best Place to Install Your Outdoor AC Unit? | Air Conditioner Installation in Mesquite, TX

Ground, Floor Or Rooftop – Where Is the Best Place to Install Your Outdoor AC Unit? | Air Conditioner Installation in Mesquite, TX

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There are many steps involved in installing an air conditioning system. First, the need of the customer has to be evaluated. Then a site analysis is conducted to check if the location can accommodate the requirements of the unit.Then we start connecting with the ductwork and lay down the refrigerant lines’ distribution channels. When people call a service for air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX, the first question asked by them is:

What Would Be an Ideal Location for an Outdoor Air Conditioning System? The Rooftop or the Ground?

There cannot be one answer for all cases, as the options vary from situation to situation. There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which option is best for you. You allow the professionals to inspect the site, and have a brief, direct conversation with them. This will help them decide which units are best for you, as both ground, and rooftop air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX have their own perks and drawbacks.

What Factors are Taken into Consideration When Deciding Which Unit to Install in Your House?

While this article will discuss the common rule-of-the-thumb factors, you should contact a registered professional for air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX, for more customized advice that is suited to your particular situation and household needs.

How Are the Other Units in Your Neighborhood Installed?

As astonishing as it may seem, air conditioner installers have to consider how the other outdoor units in your neighborhood are installed. It may not seem so, but this decision has a direct impact on the value of the real estate. If you later decide to sell the property, the ones buying it will not feel comfortable being the odd-one-out if your unit is installed differently to the neighboring houses. This is especially the case in gated communities.

But this does not mean that you have to follow your neighbors’ decision by hook or by crook. If your neighbors have a side yard AC unit, but you cannot accommodate one in your yard, alternative solutions will have to be found. A professional of air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX can help you in making this decision.

The Climate of the Area You Live In

One important factor when deciding between a side yard AC unit and rooftop AC unit is the regional climate of your area. For example, for air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX, the weather is usually warm especially compared to other states in America. If you install an outdoor AC unit, it will be exposed to the sweltering heat, and thus, might hinder the performance of the unit. Being constantly exposed to the heat might also reduce the life of the unit. Hence, a rooftop unit might not be a wise decision. Instead, a ground unit will be better for those living in Texas, as the unit will be better protected from the heat.

On the other hand, those living in dry climatic conditions use swamp coolers to cool their houses. The outdoor unit in such areas has to be connected to the ductwork, which usually runs through the attic of the house. In such cases, installing a rooftop ac unit will be the best choice. In any case, you should request the help of a professional that deals in air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX, and ask for their advice when deciding.

The Technicalities of the Installation

One of the biggest determining factors when choosing between different kinds of units is the technical considerations. Neither of the units – rooftop or ground – give a complete technical profile. You have to find the middle ground in all situations. If you choose to install a rooftop ac unit, then you have to be careful about the height difference between the outdoor and indoor units. The difference should not be too big, because then it would be hard to pump the refrigerant through the lines. In a ground unit, you do not have to worry about this.

On the other hand, an air conditioning unit on the ground has restricted open space, which might hinder the air exchange and ultimately adversely affect the performance of the unit. In another case, if you do not have an inverter air conditioner, the vibrations and sounds may prove to be a nuisance in a rooftop unit. Since it all depends on your particular case, you should always consult a professional’s help when it comes to air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX.

Easy Accessibility

A unit that is more accessible is easier to maintain. This is why the ease of accessibility is something that you should keep in mind when installing a unit. If you are installing a rooftop ac unit, you will pay less heed to it, and will not be able to regularly check on it, as you would in a ground unit. This could make matters worse if you are not someone who diligently follows maintenance schedules. If, for say, you have to check whether the outdoor fan is working or not, you or the professionals in air conditioner installation in Mesquite, TX, will have to climb all the way up, which is quite a hassle.

Ground units come with their disadvantages too. Since they are so easily accessible, they are more prone to theft, since copper is a valued metal. This may throw you into a dilemma, which is why you should consult a professional air conditioner installer, and strike a solution best fitting for your situation.

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