7 Effective Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Units

7 Effective Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning Units

We often forget our AC units after installing one at home, regardless of the fact that its service is extremely important if you do not want it to stop working in hot weather. Professional workers recommend a yearly or bi-yearly maintenance of air conditioning units. Try to avoid cleaning or repairing components on your own if you do not want to damage your AC unit. Instead, hire a professional for air conditioning service in Allen.

If your AC unit needs frequently stops working, it indicates that you do not pay attention to its regular maintenance. If you want to keep it operational for years, it is recommended you get in touch with a professional service provider. You can acquire professional air conditioning service in Allen for efficient maintenance.

You should know about the components and working of AC unit if you intend to install a new unit or repair an old one. Let’s have a look at the major components of modern AC units.

• Evaporator Coil:

An evaporator coil converts the refrigerant into gaseous form. It efficiently helps in keeping your house cool.

• Condenser Coil:

The condenser unit is placed outside your house. It draws warm air from your house. This process not only allows the evaporator coil to efficiently keep your house cool, but also improves air quality.

• Compressor:

A compressor is responsible to transfer hot air from evaporator to condenser unit. It compresses Freon until it becomes hot. It is then moved to the condenser unit.

• Expansion Valve:

Make sure that your AC system is in optimal condition, so that its expansion valve does not stop working. It converts the refrigerant from high-pressure liquid to low-pressure liquid.

Keep the following tips in mind for effective maintenance of AC units:

1.     Check Wiring:

Air conditioning units stop working when there are any issues with wiring. Call a professional worker check AC wiring from time to time. Damaged, broken or uncovered wires pose a risk of short circuit. Therefore, do not meddle with wires unless you are experienced. It is a recommended practice to turn off main fuse before doing any repair work. This reduces the risk of electrocution.

Hire a professional air conditioning service in Allen to thoroughly check AC wiring. All electric connections must be tightened to ensure a smooth flow of current. None of the connections should be burned, blackened or melted. Otherwise, the AC unit will start malfunctioning. These wires require efficient handling, and repairing them on your own can be quite risky.

2.     Replace Air Filters:

Air filters improve air quality by its circulation. If your air filters are not clean, they cannot efficiently work. As a consequence, your AC unit will have to work more in order to keep air clean. It is a recommended practice to replace air filters on a monthly basis. However, modern AC units are equipped with improved filters and you can use them for months.

3.     Clear Vents:

Ducts and vents also play a major role in improving air quality. A large amount of dirt and debris can deposit on vents if you do not clean them weekly. Moreover, hire a professional for regular air conditioning service in Allen. Aside from AC units, they check all vents to ensure that they are not only open but also clean to provide fresh air.

4.     Check Thermostat:

Thermostat is a fundamental component of an AC unit that helps maintain the temperature of room at required level. During maintenance service, examine the working of thermostat. Older AC units have mechanical thermostats. You have to manually adjust them when you intend to change room temperature.

However, modern air conditioning systems are equipped with programmable thermostats. They allow you to specify different temperatures for different times of the day. Even if you do not intend to turn the system off when you are away, you can set it on a higher temperature. This way, the system will not have to work more in order to keep your room cool.

5.     Clean Condensing Unit:

Make sure that the condenser unit is not hidden behind plants or tree leaves. It will block path of air and the air conditioning unit will not be able to maintain required temperature in your room. It assists in enhancing air quality by drawing air from the house and providing clean and fresh air.

You can hire a professional for air conditioning service in Allen. A condensing unit consists of a fan with delicate fins. Professional workers ensure that the fan does not get damaged while cleaning debris. You can use a garden hose pipe to clean it efficiently. Moreover, trim plants if they are blocking path of the condenser. Your air conditioner will operate efficiently, only if you do not block air flow.

6.     Examine Freon Level:

Freon or refrigerant is a cooling agent. It creates cool air to maintain required temperature in your house. When an AC is in its optimal condition, the level of Freon will not decrease. Therefore, look for any leakage during the maintenance if your AC is unable to keep your room cool. A professional air conditioning service in Allen can identify issues with coolant and refill it to enhance the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system.

7.     Keep Windows Covered:

Before you hire a professional for air conditioning service in Allen, make sure that you install blinds on windows. You will immediately notice that your AC system has to work lesser in order to keep your room cool. Block path for sunlight when you turn on the air conditioner. Cover glass windows with curtains during the hours when the sun is at its peak. The lesser the AC system has to work, the lower costs it will require for maintenance.

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