How to Use Your Air Conditioner to Its Full Capacity

How to Use Your Air Conditioner to Its Full Capacity

The moment you think about turning you air conditioner on, your mind comes up with several questions:

Is it really hot that I need to turn on the AC?

If I turn it on now and close it in fifteen minutes, can I turn it on again at night?

Will it cost me more if I set the thermostat to high all day and turn it down when I get back home?

Should I buy a smaller AC because this one is making my bill sky rocket?

At one point or another, you must have regretted your decision of turning the AC off while at work. In summers, our rooms become like a furnace and you wonder why you turned the AC off at all. The crux of this matter is – we all dread the theelectricity bill that we get at the end of the month.

The truth is, when an air conditioner runs at a set temperature  all day long, you lose more money than you can imagine. Not to mention that the energy efficiency of the AC is compromised too. This leads to numerous air conditioning repair in McKinney, TX than you can possibly imagine. It might take some extra kilowatts to get the room to your desired temperature immediately when you come back home but isn’t it a much better option than keeping the AC on the entire day and wasting energy?

So, here’s how the two options affect the indoor air quality and your electricity bill, and save you from air conditioning repair in McKinney, TX:

Let’s Keep the Air Conditioner Running . . .

The AC running at a stable temperature in the morning when you leave for work will give you a cool room when you return. This way, you don’t have to worry about the AC using more energy to cool the room.

Now, Assume That You Turned Off the Air Conditioner When You Left the House for Work . . .

Even if the AC works over time in the evening to cool the room down, it still wouldn’t waste much energy as compared to it running all day. If the air conditioner installation in McKinney, TX has been done by an expert repairman, the AC will take little time to cool things down.

So, the verdict is that when you leave for work, it is better to turn off the air conditioner. Bringing down the temperature to 70° from 80° will take just a few minutes. On full blast, the AC will work better and you can set it to a temperature 3° lower than the room temperature to keep the room cool for a long time.

In short, the longer it runs, the more energy is wasted. Plus, an AC on full blast dehumidifies the house and maintains indoor air quality. This way, your AC runs in optimal condition and you don’t have to worry about calling an air conditioning service in McKinney, TX every month.

Whether you have a window unit or a central unit, you will save more energy by setting the thermostat lower in the first few hours to cool things down. Once the room has reached your desired temperature, you can dial the thermostat up to maintain the cool air.

Energy Saving Air Conditioner Settings for Summer

• Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you have a manual thermostat, it can get a little sweaty in the summer. A smart thermostat allows you to set a fixed temperature, which the programmer keeps track of and keeps the house cool according to the settings.

This way, when you are about to leave the office, you can remotely access the air conditioner through Wi-Fi and turn it on. However, changing the manual thermostat for a smart thermostat can be a little tricky because the thermostat needs to work with both the cooling and heating system, or you might face problems in winter. This is why it is important that you get the AC installed from a reputable air conditioning service in McKinney, TX and hire the same service to install the smart thermostat.

• Cool Down the House Naturally – Create Crosswinds

The easiest way you can cool down a house is by opening a window. Push it open an inch and you will feel the difference in the room. The smaller the opening, the bigger the draft, which will help you save a lot on electricity in the mornings. In order to create cross windows, you need to open a window on the opposite ends of the house. Most houses have sash windows, which makes creating a draft easier.

Open the bottom sash of the upstairs window and the top sash on the first storey of the house. Experiment which side of the house creates better crosswinds: and lock the windows in place, while slightly opening them when leaving for office.

• Plant Bushes

The place where you keep the HVAC system plays a huge role in how long your air conditioner will last. Keep the HVAC system in a shaded area surrounded by trees. To create better crosswinds, plant bushes on the west and south sides of the house. This helps reduce heat and promotes cleaner air.

• Turn on the Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan on its own does not do much to cool a room. However, combined with an air conditioner, it saves energy. Air from a ceiling fan does make you comfortable in higher temperature. You can set the thermostat to a high temperature and the fan will spread the cold air. However, leaving the ceiling fan on when the AC is closed will not cool your room. So, when you leave the house, turn it off.

These small tips will help you save a lot on the electricity bill, and you can still come to a cool house after a long day of work. K & S Heating and Air is a heating and an air conditioning service in McKinney, TX. They offer their services in other cities too, which include installation, repair and inspection. To know more about the types of services they offer, you can contact them on 972-271-9319.