7 Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas TX

7 Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas TX

There is nothing worse than spending a day in the scorching Texas heat. Most are aware of how hot it can get in Dallas TX during the summer times. It is so important to have good functioning air conditioners. However, what would an individual do if their AC stopped working during the peak point of the hottest season? Spending time inside the house would be just as bad as being outdoors. Dallas is known for its harsh sunrays that cause the residents of this city to stay indoors. This is why it is important to have an air conditioner that works properly.

But, imagine being inside your house because it is too hot to go outdoors, and the air conditioner is not working at all. Luckily, before your air conditioner gives up on working, it gives you warning signs that notify you its condition. Most homeowners tend to neglect these issues, but as time goes on, the issues become longer and more expensive. Because of this issue, getting an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX becomes an impossible task.

Diagnostics of air conditioning repair in Dallas TX will include

  • A proper inspection of all the air conditioner components
  • A system performance evaluation
  • A control test to see the state of charge
  • A leak detector will be used to perform the leak test
  • For smaller leakages, a dye detector test will be done

Signs you need an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX

1.   No cool air anymore

As time goes on, you will start to realize how your air conditioner is not functioning like it is supposed to. Even when it is on the lowest temperature, it will not be producing any cool air. There will be air coming from the air vents, but it will not be cool. This is the first sign of getting an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX. When this happens, it means the air conditioner compressor has died. Another reason could be that the Freon levels are low and in this case, it is important to get your unit replaced as soon as possible.

When you are opting to get an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX, make sure you are choosing a reliable company to work with.

2.   Lesser air flow

When there is little or no air flowing from your AC vents, the main reason could be that the compression unit has failed or is about to fail. However, if the AC is making some rooms of the house cold while the others are still warm, the problem could be within the ductwork. If the issue is within the ductwork, then it is important to contact a company that has specialized in air conditioning repair in Dallas TX.

As time goes on, there is a possibility that debris will be stuck in the vents of your air conditioner. Having debris in the vents will not only make the airflow smaller, but it can be unhealthy for your family and you. This is why it is important to get your air conditioner cleaned regularly because this will make the airflow right and it will make sure the air conditioner system is working properly.

3.   Thermostat problems

Sometimes, the problems are not even because of the air-conditioning unit, instead it is with the thermostat. The best way to make sure the issue is with the thermostat or not, you will need to see if one area of your house is getting cooler than the other. If this happens, then make sure you are getting an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX.

4.   Increased moisture

If there is any leakage or moisture around the AC area, it could be an indication of a serious problem. There are two sole reasons as to why there is this leakage around the AC.

First, there is a refrigerant leakage. When there are refrigerant leakages, it can be dangerous for your health and your family’s. This is why you will need to get an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX as soon as possible.

Second, the water pools that are located opposite of the AC have drains that could either be drained or clogged because of the condensation coming out of the air conditioner. Even though this issue is not as serious as the first one, it is important to get is resolved immediately, otherwise, mold will start to grow in the tube.

5.   Strange sounds

The last thing anyone would want would be to wake up in the middle of the night because the air conditioner is making strange sounds. These sounds consist of lots of squealing, grating, and grinding, which means your air conditioner needs a new unit. If this issue is not addressed as soon as possible, it could lead to a hefty breakdown.

The weird sounds could mean the belt has slipped. Similarly, it could mean that the metal components of the air conditioner need lubrication. The grinding sounds mean that the motor’s bearings have broken. Either way you will need to get air conditioner repair in Dallas TX.

6.   Bad smells

If there are weird smells coming out of the AC, it could mean the wire insulation machine is burning. Weird smells are also an indication of excessive mold being present in the unit or the ductwork, which means it needs to be cleaned immediately.

If you want to make sure your house does not smell bad at all, you will need to make sure you are getting your air conditioner checked and maintained regularly. Air conditioner repairs are an investment, which is why you need to make sure you are checking your AC so you can save instead of splurge on these repairs.

7.   Hefty bills

Since every penny county, it is important to make sure the energy bills stay as low as possible. Therefore, make air conditioning repair in Dallas TX your motivation to have lower energy bills. The majority of people tend to overlook the fact that a broken AC will add extra pennies to the energy bills.

If you think you have to pay for unexplained high bills, you must get an air conditioning repair in Dallas TX immediately so you can save your money.


Even if you think your AC does not need a repair, you should still get it checked.

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