8 Reasons to Invest in a High-Efficiency HVAC System | Tips from Your Rockwall, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Service

8 Reasons to Invest in a High-Efficiency HVAC System | Tips from Your Rockwall, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Service

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HVAC systems are the number one cause of steep energy bills in the US and everywhere in the world. On average, 6% of all the electricity produced in the US goes to HVAC systems. This costs homeowners in the US roughly $29 billion each year.

Investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system has a number of benefits for homeowners. The majority of us are unwilling to invest in a new energy-efficient system because we already have an old HVAC system and do not want to spend on a new unit.

Here a list of reasons you should consider investing in energy efficient HVAC systems.

1.  Air Quality

Older HVAC systems are more likely to allow the release of carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon Monoxide is hazardous to health and pollutes the air you breathe in each day.

In contrast, newer, more efficient HVAC systems are far better at improving air quality indoors. Newer systems are also better at maintaining a consistent temperature, regulating humidity levels, and odour.

Newer systems come with more advanced air filters and even humidifiers aimed at protecting your HVAC unit from all sorts of contaminants and also purifying the air you breathe in.

To make your HVAC systems as efficient as possible, engage in heating and air conditioning service in the Rockwall, TX area.

2.  Environmentally Friendly

An energy-efficient HVAC system helps reduce your carbon footprint. In an era of climate change, where there is more need than ever before to protect our planet, traditional HVAC systems are a big no.

Older HVAC systems run on a refrigerant called R-22 that is known to cause harm to the environment. Meanwhile, newer HVAC systems make use of more environmentally-friendly refrigerants such as R410A and R32.

These more efficient HVAC systems also require less fuel, helping preserve our scarce and fast depleting natural resources.

To play your part in the protection of the planet, get professional heating and air conditioning service.

3.  Lower Utility Bills

Inefficient HVAC systems are the number one cause of high electricity bills. It is crucial to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, especially in the summer months when your system is being overused.

Older HVAC models require a lot more energy to run, as compared to newer, more efficient models.  In contrast, newer models tend to have a higher efficiency rating and typically require less energy to function properly.

Replacing an old, in efficient system, with a newer, more efficient one can therefore bring your electricity bill down significantly.

Although the newer HVAC system may cost you more at face value, the savings you will ultimately make in terms of energy will certainly make up for this extra cost.

To bring down your monthly utility bills, get heating and air conditioning service.

4.  Better Temperature Control

Newer HVAC models allow you to more easily and efficiently control the temperature in your home or office. Newer HVAC systems allow you to control the temperature of your HVAC system in particular rooms far more efficiently. This way, your system can be optimized for maximum control, so you don’t have to waste energy heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

Some of these systems are equipped with programmable thermostats, allowing users to set the desired temperature in any room.

Some of the latest HVAC models even come with Smartphone apps that allow you to control the temperature on your system through WiFi even if you aren’t inside the room.  So for example, if you are on vacation, you can adjust the temperature making sure your home is comfortable whenever you come back.

To optimize your HVAC systems for better temperature control, get expert heating and air conditioning service.

5.  Less Noise

Older HVAC systems are generally loud and disruptive, with rattling furnaces destroying the peace of your home. In contrast, modern systems are made up of noise absorbing materials and are designed to be less noisy when they operate.

6.  Fewer Electrical Issues

Generally speaking, newer, more efficient HVAC systems tend to have fewer electrical issues than older systems.

Older systems are generally always in need of repair for some sort of electrical issue, be it a wiring problem, or something else. The cost of constantly fixing and repairing the old unit is similar to the cost of buying an entirely new system.

A newer HVAC system has fewer electrical issues, or getting heating and air conditioning service can also do the trick.

7.  Longer Life Span

As your HVAC system ages, it may have to work extra hard to heat or cool your home. This constant strain on the system can often spiral into a host of other problems, increasing the need for you to keep spending on repairs and maintenance of the system.

The amount you spend on these repairs is nearly what you would have required to invest in a new system.

To find out more about how newer HVAC systems have a longer life span, contact a professional heating and air conditioning service.

8.  Increased Home Value

You may decide to sell your home at any time. Whenever you do, having a newer HVAC system in place automatically increases the value of your home.

To find out more about how newer HVAC systems increase the value of your home, contact a professional heating and air conditioning service.


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