Finding the Right AC Unit For Your Home | Tips from Your Irving, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Finding the Right AC Unit For Your Home | Tips from Your Irving, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Air conditioners are one of the most important investments you are likely to make in your life. A well-functioning, efficient air conditioning system makes sure that your home is comfortable at all times. An efficient air conditioning system also manages to keep your utility bills low.

There are so many different types of air conditioners available in the market today that it can be difficult to decide on the ‘right’ one for you.

If you want advice on which air conditioning brand or model to opt for, contact a professional air conditioning service in the Irving, TX area today.

Meanwhile, here are some factors to keep in mind while searching for the perfect system.

The Size of the Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner of the ‘right’ capacity should be your foremost consideration when looking into new air conditioner brands. Usually, a professional air conditioning service will tell you to buy a higher capacity air conditioner.

In many cases however, you may not even require an air conditioner that is very large. For example, if your room is small, you could manage with a smaller system.

A larger air conditioner will also cost you a whole lot more than a smaller one and can exorbitantly raise your energy bills all summer long.

Most people head of to the nearest air conditioning service and purchase the largest system they can find, without any understanding of optimal AC capacity. Size is very important when it comes to purchasing a new air conditioner and the importance of AC size should never be undermined.

AC capacity is generally measured in terms of tonnage. Theoretically speaking, a ‘ton’ refers to the heat capacity of a ton of melting ice during one day. This means that a 1 ton air conditioner can get rid of heat enough to melt about 1 ton of ice in a single day. Naturally then, the larger your room, the more cooling you require, and the greater ton AC you should purchase.

Room size is not the only thing to consider when deciding the right ton AC. You will also have to take into account the number of windows in your room, the type of insulation, humidity levels, number of people in the room, and the weather outside.

Before deciding on which AC system to buy, you need to therefore make an estimate of the amount of cooling your room requires based on your specific situation and environment.

Roughly speaking though, an area in range of 120 -140 square feet area will require a 1 ton AC, an area in the range of  150 -180 square feet will require a 1.5 ton AC and an area in the range of 180-240 square feet will typically require a 2 ton AC.

To learn more about AC capacity, contact the nearest air conditioning service today.

Air Quality

The air quality in your home is also an important consideration when deciding which air conditioner to buy for your room.

An air conditioning system with a good air filter plays a significant role in improving your indoor air quality. Meanwhile, a poor quality filter can allow pollutants to spread throughout your room, making your home uncomfortable.

A good quality AC filter makes sure the air you and your family members breathe in is pure, free from all sorts of contaminants.

Furthermore, a good quality air filter improves the efficiency of your system, ultimately reducing your utility bills.

Contact your nearest air conditioning service for more information on how a good quality AC filter affects the quality of life in your home.

Energy Efficiency

With rising electricity bills, an energy-efficient air conditioner is a must-have. Back in the day, air conditioners were highly inefficient. Not only were they expensive to purchase and install, their lack of efficiency meant that AC’s were one of the main causes of high utility bills.

Today, luckily we have a number of energy efficient models in the market. In fact, air conditioners today come with star-rated efficiency ratings called Energy Efficient Ratio (EER).

The more stars on a unit, the more energy-efficient the unit is likely to be. These ratings are therefore a useful and helpful way for you to choose a system that will prove to be energy efficient.

Keep in mind that the cost price of these energy efficient systems may be greater than those of other systems. But remember that this will certainly be compensated for by the savings you make later on.

For more information on energy-efficient air conditioning systems, make sure to contact a professional air conditioning service.

Air Conditioner Type

There are generally two main types of air conditioning systems you can choose from: window-mounted air conditioners and freestanding portable units.

Although window units are generally more affordable and easier to install, they are inflexible because they cannot be moved around once installed.

On the other hand, freestanding portable units can be easily moved from one room to the next and don’t require much installation to begin with.

For more information on what sort of air conditioner type may be right for you, contact a professional air conditioning service today.

After Sales Service

When deciding which air conditioner to buy, it’s always good to look for a brand that has a good after sales service. You want the satisfaction of knowing that should anything go wrong with your system in the first few months after installing it, you can call the company and have it fixed.

A warranty is also very important because a warranty will allow you to have your system repaired free of cost for a whole year after purchasing it.

For more information on the importance of after sales service, contact a professional service today.


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