8 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair | Air Conditioning Services in Rockwall, TX

8 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair | Air Conditioning Services in Rockwall, TX

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All machines, be it a washing machine, car or an air conditioner, need repairing at times. You need to take preventive maintenance measures to make sure you continue living a smooth life.

As the summer starts approaching, the air conditioner is that one appliance that you just can’t let give up on you. The reemerging sun and rising temperatures indicate the fact that even a day without a properly functioning air conditioner would be unimaginable.

But you never know, your air conditioner might be showing you warning signs already. Most times, these signs are hard to ignore. But homeowners try to work their way around when they feel something is wrong with their air conditioner.

For example, if their unit is not blowing cool air, they try to fix it on their own. You need to let a professional service provider for air conditioning services in Rockwall, TX look at it.

Here are 8 signs your air conditioner needs repair and maintenance.

1.  Warm Air

This is inarguably the most prominent sign of a faulty air conditioning unit.  If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, it is an indicator the compressor needs repair. But there could be other reasons as well, like a faulty capacitor or fuse. Such issues require just five-minute fixes and don’t cost much either.

It can also be due to a refrigerant leak which is a costly repair. No need to worry as K&S Heating and Air has got your back. One of our finest service providers can provide air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX at the most affordable rates.

2.  Low Airflow

Poor airflow is a clear sign that your air conditioner has a blockage that is preventing air from flowing through the ductwork in your house. A dirty air filter and broken motor are some of the other, more serious culprits.

If you often face this issue with your air conditioner, we recommend you to get an energy-recovery ventilator installed. It can boost your air conditioner. Call a licensed professional for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX for further guidance.

3.  Frequent Cycles

No air conditioner should switch on and off constantly. It is understandable if your unit does it more often in the summer. But keep an eye on how frequent it happens. If you feel it’s unusually frequent, contact K&S Heating and Air and they will link you with one of the best experts for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX.

4.  High Moisture

You experience high humidity in spring and summer but you should be concerned if you feel the same indoors with your air conditioner running. It is your air conditioner’s job to moderate moisture levels in the air automatically.

If your unit is not doing a job at controlling the humidity levels, call a licensed technician for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX. They will diagnose the problem and let you know if your unit requires a simple re-calibration or a new dehumidifier.

5.  Water Leakage

Your air conditioner produces condensation as it works. However, the condensation should never accumulate on the body of your unit and leak into your house.

Water puddles around your air conditioner or water dripping are clear signs of the fact that your cooling system is not running efficiently and needs repairing from a professional technician for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX.

Don’t delay. Leaks can damage your flooring, drywalls, and even the structure of your house if the water seeps in deeper.

6.  Bad Odors

If you smell bad odor while your air conditioner is running, you have all the reason to let a technician for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX take a look at your unit. He will be able to tell you if it just a matter of tune-up and a simple cleaning session or a high-tech solution is the only way out of this issue.

We recommend you to schedule regular duct cleaning session with one of the HVAC experts at K&S Heating and Air to prevent debris building up inside your unit.

7.  Noises

If you hear unusual noises coming out of your air conditioner, chances are it is a squeaky wheel. But it can be something more serious also. Often loud and sudden noises indicate big problems with the cooling system.

Rattling sounds may signal a loose part while grinding sounds may indicate something more serious and require an immediate diagnosis. Don’t wait for these noises to go away on their own because they won’t. K&S Heating and Air’s team for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX can look after the matter for you.

8.  Your Unit Has a Mind of Its Own

There are times when air conditioners provide you with the perfect temperature to relax. But then there are times when it suddenly refuses to work. Such conditions often go unnoticed unless you have guests over and your air conditioner doesn’t work.

Don’t wait to find yourself in such an embarrassing situation. Machines get old with time and stop functioning as efficiently as they used to. They need regular maintenance.

If one day your air conditioner works fine that does not cover up for the days when it doesn’t. Your unit’s filter needs cleaning; insulation system needs inspection and more. Inspection at regular intervals by an HVAC expert for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX is essential.

K&S Heating and Air – A One-Stop Solution

K&S Heating and Air is a perfect solution for all your air conditioning problems–from faulty ductwork to an entire compressor replacement. We do everything and that too with perfection. We have the best team for air conditioning repair in Rockwall, TX on board.

Our work speaks for itself. Our customers trust us completely. You call us once and then you can rest easy.

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