How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner | Air Conditioning Service in Frisco, TX

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At the peak of summer, a working air conditioner is of utmost importance. It definitely saves you from the trouble of a hot and stuffy house. Cooling down your home will not only help you avoid the dehydration and fatigue but also help you sleep better at night. You don’t want to be stuck with the constant hassle of getting it fixed every other month. That only leads to further frustration. This is why choosing the right air conditioner for your home is crucial to your well being.

Furthermore, you must also choose a professional air conditioning service in Frisco, TX to make sure your air conditioner is installed properly. Calling an untrained technician can lead to improper installation and this can cause long term problems.  On the other hand, a well-reputed air conditioning service in Frisco, TX will make sure your air conditioner stays well-maintained.

There are plenty of options for both air conditioners and air conditioning service in Frisco, TX and we hope we can help you make the right choices.

Types of Air Conditioners

There are mainly two types of air conditioners. This includes standalone portable air conditioners and the split unit air conditioners.

•  Stand-alone Portable Air Conditioners

Stand-alone air conditioners are single unit air conditioners. You only have to plug these into an electrical socket and you’re good to go. You don’t need an air conditioning service in Frisco, TX to install them for you. The main advantage of stand-alone air conditioners is they are portable. So you can simply wheel them around to any place you want. They are not fixed onto any wall.

Furthermore, stand-alone air conditioners can be unplugged and be put in storage when you don’t need them. This is ideal for people who have small cozy homes and want to free up space in winters.

However, stand-alone air conditioners are often more expensive as well. So if you are on a tight budget this might not be the right choice for you. They also do not cool as effectively as split unit air conditioners. So if you have spacious rooms, you should not consider these.

•  Split Unit Air Conditioners

The split unit air conditioners have an indoor and outdoor unit. They have to be fixed on a wall by a trained technician from an air conditioning service in Frisco, TX. You cannot simply buy these and turn them on yourself.

These air conditioners are best suited for you if you have a room that gets very hot. They provide very effective cooling so they should be your first choice. Moreover, they also produce less noise than portable air conditioners. So if noise is a concern for you, you should choose split unit air conditioners.

However, a split unit air conditioner has an outer unite as well. So this makes it tricky to install. As a result, make sure you hire a professional from an air conditioning service in Frisco, TX. The technician should really know what they are doing to install a split unit air conditioner.

Extra Features to Look Out For

Air conditioners often come with unique features that can prove to be quite useful. Technology is constantly advancing and innovations are made regularly. So you should keep an eye on the latest features that the new models offer before you make a decision.

•  Dehumidifier Mode

Some air conditioners have an extra dehumidifier mode. This is really useful for places that have high humidity. Furthermore, such air conditioners can prove to be useful throughout the year, not just in summers. Make sure you ask your air conditioning service in Frisco, TX to connect up a hose to drain away the water.

However, if you are mainly looking for a dehumidifier, then you should not buy an air conditioner that offers this feature. Buying an expensive air conditioner just for the dehumidifier mode is not a wise decision.

•  Enhanced Fan Speeds

Higher fan speeds are helpful for you if you want to improve the rate at which your room is cooled. Typically, an air conditioner has two or three different fan speeds. Some of them have a fan mode as well. In the fan mode, there is only air circulation and no cooling effect.

•  Remote Control Buttons

Make sure you examine the remote control of an air conditioner before buying it. It should have buttons for all the different features that are offered. This allows you to change the settings of your air conditioner without moving an inch.

If you are someone who is prone to losing the remote control then you can choose an air conditioner model that comes with a remote control holder. The air conditioning service in Frisco can drill this holder on the wall for you. This will help you avoid the stress of finding the remote control every time you need it.

Moreover, you can also ask your air conditioning service in Frisco, TX for guidance initially. They will help you set your air conditioner to the perfect setting according to your needs.

•  Night Mode

This is an absolute must-have feature for light sleepers. The night mode makes sure your air conditioner makes minimum noise not to disturb you in your sleep. The noise is reduced by making the compressor and fan run more slowly.

•  Timer

This feature allows you to set your air conditioner to automatically switch on or off after a certain time. This is really useful for people who want to enter a cool home or save up in energy costs. You can set your air conditioner to turn off after a certain time when you are sleeping at night. As a result, your A.C will not be running all night after you’ve fallen asleep.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Service

Just like choosing the right air conditioner is important, so is choosing the right service providers. If you want to prolong the life of your newly bought air conditioner, make sure you call the best professional Air conditioning service in Frisco to install it. Visit the website of K&S Heating and Air and book an appointment right away!