9 Tips to Choosing Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services | Dallas, TX

9 Tips to Choosing Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services | Dallas, TX

Even for a newer HVAC system, it’s essential to ensure that it keeps running right by scheduling at least annual maintenance. At K&S Heating and Air, we are happy to come to the rescue any time you need heating and air conditioning repair. Serving the residents of Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, you can count on us to offer quality repairs at any time of the day. Technically, here is what sets us apart:

Professional Services 

K&S Heating and Air focus on home comfort systems. You can feel confident in the quality of work and solid reputation we’ve acquired in our years of practice. We are not handymen or talented ‘jack of all trades’ but a trustworthy company that specializes in heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation. We are an accredited business that is certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence) and have an HVAC association membership with Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Services Provided 

After installation, heating and air conditioning repair and checkups need to be considered ever now and then to ensure efficiency. We provide maintenance services like tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections. Well, have you heard that is the small things that matter? These services may seem basic or irrelevant, but they are highly essential in avoiding major breakdowns and repair at the height of the season.

Customer Reviews

Because many HVAC companies try to cut corners, you need to tons of information about specific procedures and policies before settling on a given company. We have confidence in the value we deliver and allow customers to leave their reviews and ratings on our website. This can provide valuable feedback about our growth and success story.

We also believe that our gospel of praise goes beyond the boundaries of the online market. We have successfully served many homeowners in Dallas, TX and the surrounding neighborhoods, and if you ask around, we are worth pursuing.

Licensing and Experience

Your HVAC system is a great investment in your home, and you want the assurance that whoever is working on it has proper training. Our heating and air conditioning repair professionals are licensed, have at least five years of experience, and passed background checks.

We are abreast in technology and knowledge, having seen so many problems like yours and worked on different makes and models. We know exactly how to fix problems, which translates to fast service without the guesswork. Besides, we are bonded and insured to protect homeowners in case of an accident, injury or damage to your property.

Emergency Services

Have you ever experienced delays when you needed repair services the most? Your HVAC stops working in the most ungodly hours; the house becomes extremely cold or hot to catch any sleep. When you call your service provider, they start making excuses and only show up when it’s too late.

Well, our heating and air conditioning repair crew offer 24/7 emergency services. Our hotlines are operational no matter what time of the day it is, and we are quick to answer your emails and messages. Besides, our technicians live within Dallas, TX and can thus easily commute to the neighborhood where services are need. Whether it’s a holiday, late night, or a weekend, you can give us a call, and we’ll come right to your door!

Never Make Any Assumptions

Being able to eyeball residential homes does not make anyone a heating and air conditioning repair expert. On the contrary, this makes technicians inaccurate and lazy. You may find that just because your energy bill is skyrocketing, some phony technicians will tell you that your equipment isn’t properly sized. With us, we don’t assume or take short cuts to maximize benefits. We conduct proper diagnosis before making any replacements or repair.

Energy Efficiency

An HVAC system is a huge expense. Before buying, many people will shop around in an effort to find something that suits them. We have a network of dealers in Texas, and we thus guarantee energy-efficient equipment- we recommend Energy Star-rated models- this is the Energy government’s program for testing HVAC equipment for efficiency. Whether you want heating and air conditioning repair, upgrade or a new installation, we’ll offer unsurpassed quality.

Home Evaluation

If you’re looking to install a new HVAC, we won’t just offer brand recommendation and send some people to handle the installation. We want to guarantee 100% satisfaction by providing a home evaluation to determine the heating and cooling solution that will suit your needs. Some factors we take into consideration include:

  • Square footage of the home
  • R-value of insulation
  • Number of windows in your home and which way they face
  • We’ll inspect the duct system for loose segments, leaks, and insulation
  • Manual J / S / D / T calculations; J to determine cooling and heating loads, S for the size of equipment and D stand for ductwork.

Once the evaluation is done, we’ll give you a written, itemized quote so you can compare warranties, energy efficiency, and cost with your proposals. Although you may be tempted to go by the low price, a better quality, more efficient HVAC may offset the price tag by working effectively and using less power over time.

Service Contract 

Do you know that it’s vital to ensure that the company you select for your heating and air conditioning repair has a service contract? Quite important, especially if you’re getting a new HVAC installation, our service team ensure smooth running by getting into contact with you. Besides the warrants, we have confidence in the products we use and the services we provide, and we, therefore, don’t shy from getting into a contract with any of our client.

You can choose an annual service contract to have your HVAC serviced yearly or before the start of summer or winter season, if you need heating and air conditioning repair for your old unit. Adequate preparation ensures that you’re fully equipped for the extreme weather, and your home stays comfortable throughout the year.

This summer, focus on having fun instead of dealing with unnecessary hassles. Call K&S Heating and Air, Dallas, TX for all your heating or air conditioning repair and installation need, and we’ll be glad to be at your service!