Signs You Need Heating and AC Repair | Dallas, TX

Signs You Need Heating and AC Repair | Dallas, TX

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When winter is approaching, you and your family want to ensure you’ll stay warm. It can be a nightmare if the heating and air conditioning system breaks down when winter is at its peak.

Just like any other system, the chances are that before the HVAC system failed, it showed some signs that it needed repair. Rather than ignoring these signs, it’s better to involve experts in heating and AC repair in Dallas, TX, to examine your system.

You can check for the following signs to determine whether your heating and air conditioning system needs repair.

Shocking Electricity Bills

During extreme temperatures, it’s normal for electricity bills to shoot up since your air conditioning system works harder than usual. On the other hand, if the temperatures are pretty standard, you might be having an efficiency issue.

A part of your heating and air conditioning system may be dirty or broken, requiring repair service to prevent further damage. If you notice such an issue, get the system checked by a heating and AC repair technician as soon as possible.

Funny Noises During Operation

A significant number of heating systems make some noise, but a system in good repair condition ought to be relatively quiet. If you notice that your heating system is producing weird noises when you’re turning it on, or when it’s operating, that should raise a red flag.

Sudden clanking or banging sounds may occur with old furnaces. But if your heating and air conditioning system is barely five years old, something is likely wrong with it, and it needs checking. A pro heating and air conditioning technician in Dallas, TX, is your best go-to choice.

Poor Air Quality

If you notice a bit of hazy or dusty air around your home despite frequent cleaning, it might signify something is wrong with your heating and air conditioning system. You might as well realize that some of your family members have recurring respiratory infections.

A malfunctioning furnace might be circulating dust, mildew, and other likely contaminants all around you home. Your initial take should be changing the filter on your boiler. If it fails to work, get in touch with a heating and AC repair professional for a full system examination.

Yellow Pilot Light

Often have a look at the pilot light on your furnace. According to specialists in air conditioning, a well-working heater is supposed to have a blue flame.

If the flame of your pilot light is primarily yellow, orange, red, purple, or green, carbon monoxide is probably leaking from your furnace. Also, it may signify the presence of condensates such as tar or rust, which lower the efficiency of your system and may be harmful pollutants when inhaled. Shut the system down, ensure the house is well ventilated, and seek assistance from a heating and AC repair expert.

Freezing Air Conditioner

If you feel like your air conditioning system thinks that it’s winter in the middle of summer, you might be having a problem. It would be best if you did not take the presence of ice or frost on your air conditioning units lightly.

Problems with the coolant system may cause your air conditioner to be ice-frozen. For instance, leaks in your coolant system eventually lead to low coolant levels, which allows enormous expansion leading to a below zero-degree evaporator coil. If you experience these inconsistencies, reach out to a professional heating and AC repair technician for proper diagnosis.

Occasionally, when there is no mechanical problem, operating your air conditioner outside below 62 degrees can cause the system to be imbalanced, leading to the formation of ice. It highly occurs during the spring or fall when the days are pretty warm. Due to modern insulation, your house may hold in hot air inside and cause your air conditioner to turn on even when the temperatures drop.

Smelly Air Conditioner

When your air conditioning system produces a smell that reminds you of dirty socks or dirty feet, the problem may be with the heat pumps. This smell is a result of the growth of mold and mildew or other organic microbes within your cooling system.

The problem might become bigger during spring and fall. Due to the fluctuation of temperatures, your air conditioning system retains moisture and nurtures organic growth. In this case, it needs frequent cleaning.

Besides, you may identify a smell similar to that of Sulphur within your air conditioning system. This type of odor is somewhat unlikely, but it’s a possibility.

The Sulphur smell is bizarre. Several homeowners say that it lasts for a brief period; the first few minutes when the system starts to operate. Some of the things that may be causing a Sulphur smell may be a dead animal in your vents, a gas leak, or even a malfunctioning vent stack that allows sewer gases into the air handler.

Other uncommon smells that you may experience are that of gun powder and exhaust fumes. If you notice such, reach out to a heating and AC repair technician for help.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

The air conditioner might not be working in the bedroom, but in the living room, it works perfectly. It’s a common issue in homes that have trouble with heating and air conditioning ductwork.

Uneven heating mostly occurs in old homes. But whether your home is old or not, it’s a great idea to check in with a heating and AC repair professional to ensure your heater delivers at peak performance.

A Shut Down of Your System

When your system stops working completely, it’s a visible sign that there is a problem. It indicates that there is either a problem with the whole system or the data received by the thermostat.

If your furnace is getting information that your home temperature is excellent, it might fail to start up. You must contact a heating and AC repair technician for servicing in such cases.

Never Ignore the Red Flags

As small as the inconsistency in your system may be, always reach out to a professional for expert advice. If you need heating and AC repair services in Dallas, TX, contact the experienced pros at K&S Heating and Air.