AC Maintenance: Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service Can Help | Air Conditioning Service in Mesquite

AC Maintenance: Here’s How an Air Conditioning Service Can Help | Air Conditioning Service in Mesquite

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Maintaining your air conditioning system is the key to ensuring comfortable home temperatures throughout changing seasons. Routine maintenance offers lower utility expenses and makes your system more durable. An air conditioning service in Mesquite ensures that your AC system keeps performing optimally.

The Institute of Building Efficiency (IBE) suggests that proper maintenance can reduce energy costs up to 5% to 40% according to the type of unit you have. Considering the energy efficiency, it brings to the table; you can save yourself money in the long run by taking advantage of an air conditioning service in Mesquite for AC maintenance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance – Why Does It Matter?

Every air conditioner has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating which tells us how optimized our unit is. These ratings give us a clue how much cooling output the AC unit gives versus the energy it consumes.

A higher SEER rating means that the AC is more efficient. However, these SEER ratings aren’t static and can change over time. If a homeowner doesn’t maintain his AC unit, its efficiency can drop up to 5 percent each year. As a result, it’s SEER rating drops as well. This is why you need an air conditioning service in Mesquite to ensure that your unit doesn’t depreciate over time.

You should consider an air conditioning service in Mesquite for the following reasons:


Routine maintenance by an air conditioning service in Mesquite will keep your AC unit running efficiently. As a result, you’ll have to pay lower energy bills. Investing in maintenance by an air conditioning service in Mesquite will help you save money in the long run.


There are many aspects of AC maintenance; the process includes cleaning coils and other components. These steps help air conditioners to operate up to their potential. If an air conditioner gets too much dirt inside, it will become less able to cool your home.

Also, the AC will have a harder time pulling moisture from the air. As a result, the AC fails to maintain comfort levels inside the room. The room becomes clammy and unpleasant.


Maintenance ensures that you will be able to squeeze every last drop of use out of your AC unit. An air conditioning service in Mesquite will save you money over time by making your unit more durable.


Best Practices for AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is the best way to ensure that your unit keeps on performing at its most optimal. You can act on the following steps to ensure that your AC units stay in top shape.

Use Quality Filters

Filters are the most integral part of your air conditioning system. These components play a vital role in maintaining the unit and extending its lifespan. There are a variety of filters available in the market. However, experts usually recommend pleated or synthetic filters.

It’s true that these filters cost a bit more than traditional filters. Still, they are worth more than their price and make a considerable improvement in your home’s air quality. Pleated or synthetic filters do a better job of catching small particles from the air and allow us to breathe fresh & clean air.

Moreover, homeowners in Mesquite should not forget to check the MERV ratings on a filter. Filters with higher ratings are more efficient than other filters. Besides that, you should remember to have these filters changed every 90 days. These filters darken when get clogged with dirt, pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens.

If your AC is not performing up to par, you can contact an air conditioning service in Mesquite to see what’s wrong with it. These technicians can also replace clogged filters and show you how to do it yourself.

Maintain Your AC’s Condenser Coils

Tending condenser coils is equally important in maintaining the health of your AC system. These coils provide the perfect environment for mold growth as they always stay damp. You should make sure that your condenser coils always stay clean.

If these coils stay damp for too long, they can cause bacteria and mold to sneak into your home. The presence of these microorganisms creates health problems for you and your family, so it’s important to stay vigilant.

However, you also have to be careful about how you clean these coils. Keep in mind that several cleaning solutions also damage the metal of these coils while they remove mold.

Moreover, condenser coils are not protected from the exterior elements as well. Pollutants like dirt and debris can damage these coils if not cleaned seasonally. You should keep a distance of at least two feet between your AC condenser and plants. This will ensure that vegetation does not block the flow of air.

An air conditioning service in Mesquite can ensure that your condenser cells remain in perfect condition. A seasonal check-up by an air conditioning service in Mesquite will be sufficient enough to make your condenser coils run without problems.

Monitor Blades and Belts

Preventative maintenance means inspecting less obvious sections of your unit and ensuring that they’re in perfect condition. Fans and belts are some of those important internal components you should take care of.

Curved fan blades of fans often catch dirt and limiting the flow of air in the process. As a result, the unit has to exert itself to work efficiently, which raises the energy required to operate the unit. An air conditioning service in Mesquite can resolve this issue and make sure that dust doesn’t slow your unit down.

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