Top 4 Things You Should Consider Before Calling For an Air Conditioning Repair in Garland

Top 4 Things You Should Consider Before Calling For an Air Conditioning Repair in Garland

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Air conditioners are extremely complex machines. These units have several different components such as refrigeration and plumbing. Each component has its own specific job which it has to carry out perfectly for the AC to work. However, even if one component or correlating part gets out of sync, it affects the performance of the whole unit.

Moreover, it reduces the cooling efficiency of your unit and makes summer intolerable. Whenever people face such problems, they tend to call an air conditioning repair service in Garland to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

However, it’s not easy to determine where the fault lies, on your own. An air conditioning repair service in Garland can outline the problems for you and tell you why is your unit malfunctioning.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to know which problems can emerge from your AC. You should look out for the following signs to know whether the time has come to call an air conditioning repair service in Garland.

Air Condition Isn’t Receiving Power

It’s not that uncommon to find that your AC is not even starting. Regardless of how much you try, the unit isn’t receiving power so it doesn’t turn on. Before calling an air conditioning repair service in Garland, check your circuit box.

It’s possible that your circuit’s breaker has tripped and no power is reaching your air conditioner, as a result.  If that doesn’t solve the issue then you might have to try some more things.

You should go and check whether the thermostat is set in cool or auto modes. If it has shifted from the right node, change it to the appropriate cooling mode. You can also adjust your thermostat by setting it down five degrees further below the reading. The systems should start to kick on after this.

Condensate Drain Problems

Condensate drain problems are one of the most common issues found in air conditioners. They don’t require extensive air conditioning repair if you manage to detect them early. However, they can worsen if left neglected in Garland.

First of all, you should check whether the thermostat is on and there are no issues with its batteries and wiring. Take a look at your circuit breakers as well; just to be sure that there isn’t any other reason.

After that, check the indoor air handler inside the unit for pooling water. Most air conditioning systems have built-in safety features that shut them down if water overflows their condensate pan.

This overflow of water happens when the condenser coils drip water into the condensate pan. Normally, the water inside the condensate pan gets drained out through a pipe. However, sometimes the pipe gets clogged which means that the water doesn’t any other place to escape. As a result, the water in the condensate pan accumulates to the point that it overflows.

Some AC units don’t have the mechanism to cope up with overflowing water inside the unit. Overflowing water can damage AC units from the inside and increase your repair costs.

The best way to overcome this issue is to call an air conditioning repair service in Garland right away. The air conditioning repair service will have little problem identifying issues in your AC system. However, residents of Garlandhave to be careful that they don’t delay this problem.

Failing Air Filters

It’s difficult to understand why but the most recurring problems are caused by the simplest of things. One of the most common reasons why people call an air conditioning repair service in Garland is because of their air filters.

It’s easy for air filters to get clogged with dirt, dust or other kinds of debris. Whenever these filters get clogged they cause the air conditioning unit to turn off and on repeatedly. Moreover, these clogged air filters can damage the blower motor rapidly and puts your AC at risk of breaking down.

Because of the unit switching on and off frequently, a considerable amount of energy gets wasted. Some estimates rate this wastage to increase cooling costs up to 15%. It’s unbelievable how something this simple can have such a great affect on costs.

To ensure that your unit keeps on performing optimally, ensure that you check your air filters at least once each month. An air conditioning repair service in Garland can resolve this issue without any problem. It also helps to have a mid-efficiency air filter that has a 7-13 MERV rating.

Noisy Air Ducts

Another common problem that concerns many Garland homeowners is having inconsistent temperatures from room to room. They can also face problems such as minimum or no airflow at all.

Most times, these problems get accompanied with rattling or clamoring noises. When this happens, it’s a clear indication that your home has loose or dirty air ducts. Though these ducts are not technically a part of your air conditioner, they distribute cool air to other parts of your home.

It’s meaningless to have an AC system if it doesn’t cool your entire home efficiently. An air conditioning repair service in Garland can find out underlying problems in your home’s ducts. Through professional intervention, the airflow in your home will improve. Air conditioning repair services can ensure that cool air doesn’t get wasted.

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