AC Repair: Reasons Behind AC Compressor Failure | Rowlett, TX

AC Repair: Reasons Behind AC Compressor Failure | Rowlett, TX

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The worst thing that can compromise your comfort during the summer season is a faulty air conditioner. While some problems require a quick fix by an AC repair expert for the unit to operate smoothly, others such as a malfunctioned compressor can be costly to repair or replace, putting a sizable dent in your wallet.

The compressor is an essential part of the AC system responsible for compressing the refrigerant to flow and suck warm air or heat from your home in Rowlett, TX. With proper maintenance, the compressor can serve you for 10 to 15 years, depending on the brand.

Failure to take care of the compressing unit leads to a range of problems arising from wear and tear and dirt accumulation that might compel you to seek professional AC repair services. Knowing the reasons behind compressor problems is vital in preventing a complete breakdown of the air conditioner. Here are some of the causes of compressor failure.

Electrical Issues

One of the primary causes of compressor breakdown is electrical errors. Electrical failure due to damaged contactors, loose or broken wires, and fuses can cause the compressor to fail. Power surges could result in electrical issues in your air conditioner.

Worn-out compressor controls due to frequent turning on and off can lead to electric control failure. One of the signs of a compressor issue in your home is a tripping circuit breaker. The faulty electric wires and the surge can lead to acid or oxidation build-up in the compressor, which will affect other components of your air conditioning system.

A trained AC repair professional can use state-of-the-art tools to detect acid accumulation during routine maintenance, making the necessary repairs before the compressor breaks down, affecting the performance of the AC system.


Another cause of compressor failure in homes is overheating. The compressing unit can overheat due to internal factors, including low suction pressure, dirty condensing coils, excess discharge pressure, ill-fitted discharge line, and inconsistent condenser fan.

Overheating of the compressor can also be due to an overcharging coolant, inadequate cooling space, and an undersized condenser. External aspects that make AC compressors overheat are related to the temperature surrounding the air compressor. The direct sunlight on the AC outdoor unit with limited ventilation can also lead to an overheated compressing unit. The extreme heat leads to compressor failure that will need the attention of a repair technician.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The compressor works perfectly with adequate refrigerant levels in the AC. The coolant is responsible for eliminating the heat in a home, leaving it comfortable when the outside is scorching hot. The refrigerant does not run out unless there is a leakage that will need immediate AC repair services. With low refrigerant, the pressure in the compressor decreases, forcing it to work twice as hard to push the coolant into the unit, eventually collapsing.

To prevent the refrigerant from leaking, you should employ a professional to carry out regular maintenance on the entire air conditioning unit to avert corrosion and cracks in the evaporator coil that might lead to the coolant leaking. In case of a leakage, the repair expert will fix the leak and replace the refrigerant.

Excess Coolant in the AC

The compressor can also fail because of too much refrigerant in the system. An inexperienced and unqualified AC repair technician replacing the lost coolant in the evaporator can fill it up with an excess amount. The refrigerant should match the exact quantity specified by the manufacturer, no less or more.

When the refrigerant levels are higher than the recommended levels, it can increase pressure in the system, causing the AC compressor to collapse. It is wise to carry out extensive research on an AC company in Rowlett, TX, before hiring to get an experienced HVAC expert to address the air conditioner problems.

Dirt and Debris Stuck in the Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is exposed to pollutants such as dust, leaves, debris, and moisture, it can cause a ton of compressor issues. The dirt can lead to a clog in the condenser coils, and air can dispel the refrigerant, affecting the smooth running of the condenser, compressor, and the entire AC unit.

Failure to get an AC repair expert on time to clean the outdoor unit increases heat and pressure on the compressor. The air in the condensing system surges the temperature inside the compressor, causing oil carbonization on the discharge valve, which leads to residue accumulation, making the valves leak. The high temperatures cause more damage to the compressor that might need immediate AC replacement or repair services.

Lack of Lubrication

The AC system requires regular lubrication to function optimally for longer. Lubricating parts of the unit prevents wear and tear that makes the compressor work harder, making its parts rub against each other, thus coming apart.

Leakages from the evaporator, condenser, or compressor shaft seal are responsible for the unit losing its lubrication, overstressing the compressor, which eventually collapses earlier than expected.

So, having an experienced technician from a reliable AC repair company to lubricate all the moving parts of the air conditioner is the best way to prevent the compressor from total breakdown.

Damaged Suction Lines

The suction line runs between the evaporator and compressor. The insulated air-tight line is responsible for carrying the refrigerant for compressing for optimal efficiency of the AC unit.

The lines are prone to develop cracks and holes that hinder the refrigerant from flowing in the system, putting stress on the compressor to use extra power to pump the coolant, resulting in a breakdown. If you notice your air conditioner is not cooling your home call an expert specializing in AC repair services to identify, diagnose, and fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent AC compressor failure.

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