Affordable and Easy Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas TX

Affordable and Easy Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas TX

The city of Dallas can get really hot at times, especially in mid-summer. This is precisely why most people here have AC units installed in their home. However, every now and then, these units tend to break down. And if it happens during a particularly hot and sweltering day, slam bang in the middle of summer then “Houston we have a problem”.

While it is certainly not easy to contemplate an existence in which there is no functional air conditioner, in your home, but in case such an issue does arise, you really should not panic, but rather methodically check and see exactly what it is that is wrong. And only after you have eliminated the probable cause should you ask the professionals, skilled in air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX to come and take a look as well.

However, it is pertinent to note that should your ‘ad hoc’ air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX fail in any way, then you should not hesitate to ask the real experts in air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX to go right ahead and do the needful. But before calling them, you can take certain number of steps to see exactly what it is that you can do to alleviate the situation, at hand.

Here are a few ‘trouble shooting’ tips that can go a long way in ensuring that you are able to save yourself some embarrassment as well as time and money by needlessly calling in the experts in air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

o  AC trouble shooting tips

  • Check to see if the remote control unit is working or not (put in brand new batteries and then try the same unit again by pointing it directly at the receiving unit on the indoor unit itself (in case it’s a split unit). Be careful to align the polarities as they are indicated on the back panel of the remote. This is a very common problem with the modern AC since they operate exclusively through remote control units. If anything goes wrong with the remote, the whole unit is effectively disabled.
  • You have to check and see if the fan is working. Sometimes there is a build-up of grime so heavy, that the motor fails to cope with the extra load and as a result the fan becomes non- functional.
  • Check all the power outlets and see if the supply of electric current is fine (If there are any exposed wires, make sure that you do not touch the same in any way since it can prove to be fatal)!
  • If the machine is switched off, just switch it back on and see if it energizes
  • Take out the dust cover and check if the filters are completely clogged or not

If none of the above trouble shooting trips work at all than it will be deemed prudent to actually opt for an outfit that really knows how to go ahead and proceed with air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. If they are really the professionals that they claim to be, they will quickly be able to figure out exactly what the issue actually is.

Usually, the most common culprit in such cases is the leakage of refrigerant gas from the system. In this case, the best possible thing to do is to find the leak and plug it at the source, by welding the metal shut. Then the stale gas should be expelled and the whole system purged.

Finally, fresh gas should be inserted inside and the whole machine (i.e., both the outdoor unit as well as the indoor one) should be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated where necessary.

o  It is important to check the ducts for leakage issues

Apart from gas leakage, an often ignored issue is that of ducts and pipes. If the ducts that may be running in either your office or your home are damaged in any way, then you should seek the help of a duly qualified expert in air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.

As a matter of fact, ducts and all of their accompanying pipes and various other associated paraphernalia are a major component of just about any enclosed environment and structure that employs an element of climate control.

However, such important ducting issues are usually also ignored even by the very many professionals who are singularly adept at air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX. And this is why it seldom (if ever) gets the kind of attention that it so richly deserves. Here is the thing, if the duct are not aligned or even not placed properly enough or both, then the chances are that both the ducts as well as the area that they are supposed to cool to, will be riddled with leaks.

By which it is meant that all of the cold air will be ‘lost in transit,’quite literally indeed. Not plugging the leaks will also mean that the cold air will be lost in the external atmosphere and the system will have to work harder. Which in turn, will lead to a higher power bill, overall. This is the part where the services of a well-qualified expert in air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX will be required to fix this problem.

Such true-blue professionals can not only fix this problem easily enough, but they can also conduct air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX and even in cases when such extensive repairs are not required, they can also service the same, so as to ensure that the AC remains functional for the rest of its operational life.

You can find more information on both duct cleaning and leakage related issues just simply by logging on to These people are amongst the very best in their line of work and can easily conduct all manners of air conditioner repair in Dallas, TX.