Affordable and Easy Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX: Don’t Fall into The Trap of Rank Amateurs

Affordable and Easy Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX: Don’t Fall into The Trap of Rank Amateurs

It is quite difficult to think of living without a functional air conditioner, especially in the sizzling heat of mid-summer. The idea of sweltering in a room that does not have a fully functional AC is quite horrible. However, this dreadful situation may become true one day. What do you then? How do you solve the issue? You might start by checking your AC system. To your surprise, you find that there is nothing wrong with the unit at all. As in, the remote is still functional, the fan is working just fine, and the power from the main system is still there. This is the part where the experts in the field of Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX, come in. The problem may be because of gas leaks or blown thermostats and internal fuses. This is definitely not a job for the common layman at all; hence, you will have to hire professionals.

Read below to figure out how the professionals will solve the problem and how they are much better that amateurs.

•  Your Split AC Unit is Not Working Properly? Try and Check the Ducts

The most common culprit for just about any such issue would have to be leaking refrigerant gas. However, it is not the ‘only’ culprit as such.  On the contrary, there is a distinct possibility that loss of cold air may be because of the ‘ducting’ of the split AC unit’s main air flow passageways in either your home or office environment. While a rank amateur in the field will just refill the refrigerant gas, pocket your money and leave, the real experts in Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX, will try to methodically make sure that all of the issues and problems are quite successfully eliminated, even before deciding on the real reason that led to the leak in the first place. As a general rule, not using the AC for a certain period of time will almost certainly lead to a leakage since stagnant cooling gas tends to bore a hole through the nooks and crevices of the coils and piping system.

When using a split AC unit, you have to understand that ducting deserves extra importance because it is critical for any air conditioner equipped climate control system. Should the air ducts be miss-aligned or incorrectly placed, then the odds are that these ducts will be prone to multiple leakages, especially at their joints when they have to bend to accommodate the structure in which they have been placed. In this case, the cold air will end up being ‘lost in transit’ and all that energy will be wasted. Apart from the inflated electricity bills, you will have to contend with the compressor working extra hard to keep up with the temperature set in the thermostat. This will decrease the life of the compressor, and soon you will have to replace it with a new one that the experts at Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX, will bring with them.

•  Fixing Any Cooling Gas Leakages

As was mentioned earlier, the problem of steadily leaking refrigerant gas is by far and large the most common cause of any (split or windows based) non-functional AC. Here, it is pertinent to note that should your AC have any gas leakage problems, then of course, there really is no alternative to calling the top notch professionals who are well skilled in Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX.

First and foremost, these people will have to find the leak itself. This is not really an easy task, especially in light of the fact that many such leaks are typically miniscule in size.  Furthermore, once the leak has been discovered, it has to be completely sealed with the help of heavy duty welding equipment.  And after that, the cooling gas already present in the system has to be completely ‘flushed’ from the AC so that the stale gas has been purged. This is because the older the gas, the lesser its cooling capability. Thus, putting in fresh refrigerant can make a lot of difference in the overall cooling ability of the AC unit.

Once that has happened, more gas will be pumped into the whole system all over again so as to make good and sure that there are no leaks left anywhere in the AC. If any leaks remain undiscovered, then the whole arduous exercise will have to be repeated by the professionals, who are singularly adept at Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX.

•  Cleaning Up the Mess

Now that your AC is fully functional again, the professional technicians skilled in Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX, will then thoroughly clean the AC as well as the room so that it will look the same as it was before the team even stepped into the room.

This is the hallmark of the truly professional outfit. They not only make sure that your AC is up and running in no time at all, but they also take care of the many smaller details such as taking off their shoes in case they have to work in a carpeted room or for that matter, cleaning up once their work is done.

•  Conclusion

You can find plenty of information on both duct cleaning as well as leakage related issues by logging on to The AC repair technicians at K&S Heating and Air are widely considered to be the best in their line of work and can easily conduct all manners of Air Conditioner Repair in Mesquite, TX.