Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX: A Job Best Left to the Real Experts

Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX: A Job Best Left to the Real Experts

It is an almost axiomatic fact that just about all air conditioning units, whether they are window based air conditioners or split ACs, do require a certain amount of servicing in order to ensure that they are fully operational. This is where Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX, comes in. This service is considered crucial for the extended service life of just about any AC unit.  This is especially true because such servicing has the potential to not only extend the overall life of the appliance, but it also goes a really long way towards the prevention of any issues and problems at the best possible time.

When it comes to the process of air conditioner servicing, then it is pertinent to note that there are certain steps that can definitely ensure that your AC works fine for an extended period of time.

•  Always Clean the Fan First

The fan or blower that is the beating heart of your AC unit is directly responsible for throwing cold air into the room. If this blower or fan becomes excessively dirty and clogged with thick grime, then the rotation speed of the blades of the blower will be affected because of the extra weight of the dirt. And the more the dirt, the heavier the corresponding load. And as the blower slows down, it will have to work harder to maintain the same temperature in the room. This will not only lead to a steep rise in your power bills, but it will also lead to extra load on the motor, which might cause it to short circuit as well.

However, there is no cause for worry since just about any really good Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX, will be sure to take care of the problem at hand. In fact, they will easily clean the fan quite thoroughly.

First and foremost, these experts will open the unit where the fan or ‘blower’ is actually located. Then they will use a high-powered blower of their own by aiming jets of air at the blower to effectively blast away all the sand and grit.  Once that is done, they will then proceed to wipe the blades quite thoroughly with a soft cloth covered in mild degreasing detergent. Then they will carefully wash away the residue and run a soft dry cloth to finish the job before reassembling the blade and placing it back in its housing.

• The Seminal Importance of Really Clean Filters

Your typical AC unit comes well equipped with its own set of filters. These filters have the dual purpose of ensuring that the air being supplied to your room is both clean and fresh. They stop the ingress of dust and other particles as well as any bacteria in order to ensure that the air in the room is as free from harmful bacteria and other germs as it is possible for it to be so.

Furthermore, clogged filters mean that the unit is starved for air and it will have to work harder, thereby increasing your energy bills all the more. This is why such filers should be either periodically cleaned or even outrightly replaced, as the case may be. Since cleaning and replacing filters is a very important part of Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX, it is important that you listen to the experts who will guide you as best as they can.

•  Cleaning the Ducts and Pipes

All of the ducts as well as other relevant piping through which the cold air will flow into your room have to be properly cleaned as well. This is due to the fact that the dust present in the air can block the airways and greatly decrease the overall efficiency of the whole system.

•  You Should Always Pay Close Attention to the Condenser Coils

As a general rule, the condenser coils found in both window based as well as split units are highly delicate. And this is indeed precisely why many experts that are responsible for Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX, generally avoid using highly abrasive detergents and other harmful cleaning agents in order to clean them. As a matter of fact, these coils should be thoroughly spray cleaned with jets of water and air. Should any of the fins be bent in the process, they can be straightened with a ‘fin comb.’ This is a tool that the top end outfits who conduct Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX, almost always carry with them.

•  Double Check all the Wiring of the System

All the power lines and wires that are present in the system should be very carefully inspected by the skilled professionals that are conducting Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX. In case there is a live exposed wire, then it can be a terrible threat to the inhabitants of the house. The voltage requirements of a typical room AC are high enough to cause instant electrocution.

•  Sorting Out the Whole Post Cleaning Mess

This is the last and final step of the entire process ofAir Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX. Here it is pertinent to note that really good professional AC technicians will always be extra careful to leave the room as neat and clean as it was when they first entered it.

•  Conclusion

These are a few tips regarding the AC service process. You can find more information on Air Conditioning Service in Richardson, TX,quite simply by logging on to These experts are widely considered to be amongst the very best in their line of work and as such are widely renowned for giving absolute satisfaction to their valued customers.