Air Conditioner Installation: Don’t Try It on Your Own! | Farmers Branch, TX

Air Conditioner Installation: Don’t Try It on Your Own! | Farmers Branch, TX

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The terrible summer heat is slated to get worse over the years. Under the circumstances, it is a very good idea to install an AC unit at your Farmers Branch, TX home or workspace. However, merely selecting the ideal unit is not the only part of the whole decision-making process. You will have to think about the air conditioner installation and other issues as well. For example, the size of your room and the total BTU (British Thermal Units) required to cool it properly.

The Size of the Room

If it’s 13 feet by 11 feet square room, for instance, you might be well served by a simple one ton only unit. Here the term ton is not to be taken literally since it denotes the BTU capacity of the AC. A one-ton unit packs around 1200 BTU and a 1.5 ton will be 1800 BTU (approx.)  In a nutshell, smaller rooms can be efficiently cooled by a single ton unit while the medium-sized room will require a bigger unit.

A one-ton AC can work in a bigger room, but it will draw considerably more power as the blower struggles to keep pace with the temperature on the thermostat. If you live in a house that has rooms above 15×12 in size, it would be a good idea to buy a 2-ton unit. This will optimize the overall cooling effect and chill your room to a great extent.

Furthermore, you will also have to consider what you want the AC to do.  For example, if you live in an area that has very cold winters and even warmer summers, it would be a great idea to get an AC that has both heating as well as cooling capabilities. This was an absolute impossibility up till only a few years back. But that was then, and this is now and the current crop of split and even window-based units are doing double duty as heaters and air conditioners combined.

DC Inverter Equipped Units Vs. Simple Units

Once you are done with that, you will have to decide what kind of technology base you want for your unit. There are many smart ACs that you can turn on or off via your smartphone. This way you can walk into a chill house once you switch on the AC while leaving from work.  You can also check the exact power consumption of the unit as well. All of these questions can be answered by the individuals who take care of air conditioner installation.

They will be able to help and guide you with reference to all of your requirements. Suppose you are not sure if you are ok with a unit that consumes more electricity but is less expensive or even if you want a DC inverter equipped AC that costs more but consumes less electricity. In this case, you can always approach the specialists responsible for air conditioner installation. They will help and guide you about the room size and the maximum tonnage required to cool the room. they will also tell you about the different qualities and technologies available and lastly, they will install your newly purchased unit as well.

They Will Install the External Unit First

A word of caution here. Under no circumstances, should you attempt an impromptu installation on your own. This is one of the most difficult home appliances to install and the task should only be given to the experts at air conditioner installation.

If they know their job well, these people will tell you that your outdoor unit must always have at least 12 inches of clearance from the floor up. This way, the experts at air conditioner installation will ensure that the unit always gives optimum performance throughout its service life. Moreover, they will also ensure that the unit is installed in an airy and well-ventilated area and is not exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Installing the Indoor Unit

The highly skilled technicians that take care of air conditioner installation will ask you where you want to install the unit. It is usually a good idea to rely on their expertise and ask them to guide you. As a general rule, they will follow standard best practices and try and install your unit at least seven feet above the floor. They will make sure that the unit is not exposed to direct or ambient sunlight and is kept far away from a heat source.

Moreover, they will see to it that the unit is surrounded by at least 6 inches of clear space all around this unit.  This way they will ensure that the uninterrupted airflow is not hindered by any obstacle in the room.

Finally, the experts who undertake air conditioner installationwill only select and use the sturdiest brackets available so that the unit is always safe and secure. This goes for both the external as well as internal units. In case the brackets cant support the weight of the internal unit, they will use a frame so that there is no danger that the unit will fall.


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