Air Conditioning Repair: Only Real Professionals Will Be Able to Handle This Job Satisfactorily | Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: Only Real Professionals Will Be Able to Handle This Job Satisfactorily | Dallas, TX

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Air conditioning repair is not as easy as it looks. Yes, you can take your toolbox and open up both the internal and external units of your Spilt AC. But what will you do after that?

You can open the compressor motor and the blower fan and even the main thermostat unit. However, repairing them is a completely different thing altogether. If you are not a highly skilled and trained expert in air conditioning repair you are better off leaving the task to the Dallas, TX professionals only. Do it yourself (DIY) attempts are all well and good, but not for appliances as sophisticated as a modern split AC unit. There are a lot of things that can go wrong—especially if you keep in mind the fact that today’s state of the art machines have internal components that are extremely delicate.

The Era of Digital Technology

Up until a couple of decades back, an AC had more mechanical parts than digital ones.  The people responsible for air conditioning repair would simply overhaul the tough and sturdy mechanical part and you were good to go. However, today’s DC inverter equipped compressors and thermostats are very complex and sophisticated components. They are made up of certain integrated circuits that are sensitive to the human touch. When you take them out and make even the slightest mistake, you can damage them beyond repair.

These parts are basically disposable in nature. Even if you repair a digital part, the odds are that it will break down very quickly once again. This is why it is always a sound idea to get the highly skilled technicians responsible for air conditioning repair to simply go ahead and replace the whole thing.

In the long run, it will save you the aggravation of dealing with repeated visits by experts well skilled at air conditioning repair.

Checking the Refrigerant

This is by far and large one of the most common reasons due to which you require the services of experts at air conditioning repair. If the unit has been left unused for a long time, (such as a long and hard winter for instance) the refrigerant might leak out into the atmosphere.  It is always a good idea to turn on the unit every few days if even for a few minutes to get the cooling gas flowing through the whole system.  If that does not happen often enough, the refrigerant will simply pool down into the joints and burrow a hole in the area of least resistance.

Even if it is a very small leak, it is still important that you get it fixed by the experts at air conditioning repair.  If the AC is not cooling as well as it used to in the past, this is a classic sign that there is a cooling gas leakage somewhere.  If you continue to use the unit, it will not only lead to higher power bills, but it will also force the compressor to work harder. In the long run, it will reduce the life of the component and you would have to replace it with a new one.

The professionals will carefully check both the internal and external units for the leakage. After that, they will mark the points and flush out all the stale refrigerant. Once that is done, they will use a blow torch to seal them tight shut. They will check for any further leakage and purge the whole system.

This way, they will make sure that there will be no leftover gas circulating in the system. Finally, they will replace your AC unit with R-410-A refrigerant so that your AC works as well as it ever did before.

Taking Care of the Filters

All AC units have a set of filters to ensure that fresh and clean air is circulated into the room. Most of the newer models also have anti-bacterial filters that aid in the removal of most airborne pollutants. These can include pollen grains, dust, dirt, and other allergy and disease-causing agents. The filters have to be cleaned at least once every two weeks or so.

However, AC filters have a certain service life and if you continue to use them afterward, they will break apart. Under the circumstances, the best thing to do is to listen to the advice of the people responsible for air conditioning repair.  They will guide you with regard to the cleaning or even the outright replacement of the filters.

Since filters are not particularly expensive, you should always listen to the advice of the experts.  A filter that has reached the end of its service life will no longer be able to protect you from the dust and dirt of the environment around you. Moreover, it will also allow the ingress of dust and grime in the various components of your AC. In time, this dirt will clog up the blower fan and could even cause it to short circuit. Moreover, a dirty filter will also affect the performance of the compressor and force it to work harder to maintain the temperature in the room.


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