Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX: A Task Best Handled Only by Real Professionals

Air Conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX: A Task Best Handled Only by Real Professionals

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Air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX is not a task that should be handled by an amateur ‘fly by night’ operator. In fact, once you decide to install a split unit AC in your home you should bear in mind that this is not a DIY (do it yourself) procedure at all.

On the contrary, it is an extremely complicated task that must always be performed by a team of skilled experts who have the requisite experience and expertise in air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX. This is largely due to the fact that it is only those individuals who are capable of making sure that your split AC unit remains fully functional at all times, for an extended period of time.

In case you are determined to try such an installation on your own, the chances are that you will mess up the whole operation. This has a lot to do with the intricacies involved in such an installation. This holds even truer for split units rather than their window-based AC counterparts. The former has both internal and external units that have to be installed separately, unlike window based ACs that can be accommodated in a single place. Let us see for ourselves, how a full-fledged expert in air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX will be able to install an AC at your home or workplace.

•   Installing the Outdoor Unit

The external or outdoor unit of your split AC must always have at least a foot of clearance from the ground. This is absolutely vital for optimum performance. Apart from that, the unit should always be installed in an airy and well-ventilated area.  Here it is important to mention that it should be placed as far away from direct sunlight as possible so that it is able to function properly. There should be no ‘difficult to reach and clean’ areas so that there is no chance of a buildup of debris around the unit. Such a built up has the potential to impair the efficiency of the unit.

•   Checking the Pipes and Ducting

Once the external unit has been installed it will have to be connected to the internal unit. This can only be done with the help of a proper ducting and piping system. The professionals who are directly responsible for air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch will need to thoroughly double check all of the wires and pipes as well as their associated ducts. In case they are not securely connected, it is very likely that they will have major leakage issues that will allow refrigerant gas to leak into the atmosphere. It is also the responsibility of the people who conduct air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch to check for any exposed live wires.

This last is of supreme importance because a bare live wire that carries the electrical power required to run your appliance can be exceedingly dangerous.  Since AC units are power guzzlers and require very high wattage any inadvertent contact will almost always lead to tragic even fatal consequences.

This is why it is imperative that you ask the professionals responsible for air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX to always double check all such wires and sockets before they are done with the installation of your AC unit.

Once all the connections and joints have been thoroughly double checked, you have to make sure that the technicians you hire for the task of air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX have elementary knowledge of masonry. If not, they will not be able to build a properly laid concrete pad that will act as a firm base for the external unit of your appliance.

•    Installing the Indoor Unit of the Split AC

The ‘true blue’ experts at air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX are experienced enough to find the best place to install the indoor unit by themselves. They will, of course, ask for your advice, but it is usually considered the standard practice to allow them to do their job without any interference. They will make sure that the airflow will not be subjected to direct sunlight as well as any heat sources located in front of the indoor unit. Apart from the unit itself, if the wires, joints, and connections must never be exposed to direct sunlight since the UV radiation will cause them to slowly disintegrate. This can create a potential fire hazard and also lead to gas leakage issues.

The unit must be installed in such a manner that it is surrounded by at least 6 inches or so of wide open space, all around it.  Furthermore, the unit itself must be firmly mounted so that there is no chance of it crashing onto the floor. It must be at least seven feet above the floor of the room in which it has been installed. However, the professionals skilled at air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX will make the right decision regarding the height of the unit.

Lastly, the wall on which the indoor unit has been affixed, AC should be strong enough to continuously bear the full weight of the heavy indoor unit. Sometimes simple installation is not enough and the experts at air conditioner installation in Farmers Branch, TX will need to fix a metal frame or wood structure to the wall so that the unit has additional that prevent it from falling from its mountings.

•   Conclusion

If you have any further queries and questions with regard to your split AC unit’s installation, and repairs, then you might consider calling the proven experts at K&S Heating And Air. When it comes to air conditioner Installation in Farmers Branch, TX, you can rest assured that they are one of the very best outfits in the Farmers Branch, TX area.