Air Conditioner Repair: AC Fan Problems In Homes | Rockwall, TX

Air Conditioner Repair: AC Fan Problems In Homes | Rockwall, TX

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Air conditioners account for about six percent of the total energy produced in the United States, and this can cost homeowners about 29 billion dollars in energy bills annually. A faulty AC with problems, including broken fans, snapped wiring, and iced evaporator coils, can make you incur increased energy bills because it will strain to supply the cool air you need in your home, making it consume more power.

Mentioned are some AC components and the defects they pose on the AC fan’s functionality. Defective fans will always make your AC system operate unsatisfactorily, prompting you to look for a provider of air conditioner repair services in Rockwall, TX.

Dual Shaft Fan Motor

A dual flash fan motor has two fan blades. One fan blade collects air from the outside environment over the condensing coil to eliminate the heat, and the other fan blade controls the air over the evaporator coil. Since the motor has bearings, operation over time can make them loose.

If you’re not certain the bearings are defective; you should jiggle the motor shaft. If it’s loose, it doesn’t turn on at all; hence you may need to seek AC repair services from a credible company to get the fan motor replaced.

Relay Board

A relay board supplies voltage to multiple components of the cooling system in your home, including the fan motor. If the relay board is faulty, it can, in turn, make the fan motor stop running. Some technicians who offer air conditioner repair services can give wrong diagnoses to relay boards and recommend unnecessary replacements.

Skilled AC professionals ensure they look at other AC parts before arriving at the decision the relay board is destroyed. The fan motor or its capacitor could be the defective components that need AC repair solutions. After being sure other AC components are working properly, the professional should replace the relay board.


An electrical lead connects the compressor with the capacitor. When your AC’s capacitor burns out, it may cause the fan motor to fail. If you notice your AC is working defectively, the problem could be a faulty capacitor; you should visit an air conditioner repair company and get a specialist to fix the defective capacitor.

Your trusted AC technician should utilize a multimeter to test for continuity. If the capacitor doesn’t display continuity, it implies you’ll need to invest in a new one.


Thermostats trigger a switch to activate the compressor and fan when they detect a rise in temperature in your home beyond the set point. A faulty thermostat means your AC’s fan won’t start, making you experience discomfort in your home during hot summers in Rockwall, TX.

To test if the thermostat is working effectively, the professional offering you air conditioner repair services should test the thermostat for continuity using a multimeter immediately after setting the AC to cooling mode. If the thermostat indicates negative continuity, it’s time to get a new one from a reliable store and seek top-of-the-line air conditioner repair services.

Temperature Control Thermostat

Temperature control thermostats have electrical contacts that often burn out after working for some time. With faulty electrical connections in your home, the temperature control thermostat will fail to work efficiently. The fan motor or its capacitor must be examined for defects by a skilled technician from a reliable air conditioner repair company if the compressor operates and your fan motor does not show life.

Just like the regular thermostat, the professional should check if the temperature control thermostat displays continuity. The technician offering you repair services should replace it with a new one if the thermostat doesn’t show continuity. It should be done after the fan mortar and compressor fail simultaneously.

Blower Motor

As your AC keeps on supplying you with cool air, its blower motor could become old or burned. One of the signs the blower motor is faulty is fans that struggle to spin. The second reason could be a defective power supply from the AC’s main supply to the blower motor.

If the power flow is perfect and your blower motor still struggles to work, you’ll repair services from a reliable company to get the blower motor replaced. Trying to repair the blower motor will only mean other components within your AC system will become faulty. Replacing it is the best option.


The thermistor is a sensor connected to the control board, and its function is to discern the temperature within the air that enters or exits your AC system. If the thermistor gets damaged, it can make the fan stop running.

The professional you get from your AC repair company should test for continuity of the thermistor. If it doesn’t show any results, you have to invest in a new one for a consistent supply of cool air to your home.

Rotary Switch

The work of a rotary switch is to activate the fan motor. As the AC operates now and then, the switch’s electrical contacts could be dented, hindering them from conducting electricity.

Your trusted air conditioner provider should use a multimeter to test if there’s continuity based on your AC’s wiring diagram. The professional should replace the rotary switch with no continuity with a new one of better quality.

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