How A Professional AC Repair Company Can Help You With HVAC System Maintenance | Dallas, TX

How A Professional AC Repair Company Can Help You With HVAC System Maintenance | Dallas, TX

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Air conditioning system preventive maintenance can help you extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system, as well as prevent malfunctions from occurring. Understanding how your air conditioning system works will help you better maintain your air conditioning system. There are many benefits to professional air conditioning system maintenance. If you are in need of service from a professional AC repair company and live in the Dallas, TX, area, contact the staff at K&S Heating & Air to schedule a consultation.

How Your Air Conditioning System Works

The air conditioning system is complex. It was first invented in 1902 by an engineer by the name of Willis Carrier. The original intention of the invention was to solve a problem that one of Willis Carriers, employers was experiencing. His employer ran a printing press. The print was not printing properly due to the heat and humidity generated by the machines, causing the in to stay wet longer and cause issues with the product. Willis Carrier’s employer tasked him with the responsibility of reducing the humidity in the air and removing the heat as well. Willis Carrier then went on to invent the very first air conditioning system, which was much different than the air conditioning systems we have today but are the same on a fundamental level.

Air conditioning systems do exactly what they were invented to do. These appliances have the ability to remove humidity and subsequently heat from the atmosphere and release it outside. If you have ever stood in the back of an air conditioning system, you may have realized this, due to how much heat is being released. If your air conditioning system is functioning this way, you may need to hire a professional AC repair company for inspection and maintenance services.

Air conditioning systems are able to do this by using a compound known as refrigerant. Refrigerant is used in refrigerators and cars, and basically does the same thing, but for a different purpose. Refrigerant is one of the most important components of the air conditioning appliance. The refrigerant can easily absorb heat, which makes it the perfect catalyst for the job. The boiling point of refrigerant is much lower than water and other liquids as well. The boiling point of refrigerant is between 40° and 50°, whereas water has a boiling point above 200°. This chemical’s ability to remove heat from the air is unmatched. Your air conditioning system should always have an ample supply of refrigerant. If your refrigerant is low then you will need to have a professional from an AC repair company come out to replace and repair it.

The refrigerant is typically in gas or liquid form. The evaporator coils and compressor coils, hold the refrigerant in order to control it in its liquid or gas state. The coils are typically made out of metal, in order to make it easier for it to conduct heat and cold temperatures. Copper is usually the metal of choice because it is able to absorb temperatures extremely well. The compressor is a device within your air conditioning appliance, that is meant to move refrigerant to and from the coils. This process is a major reason, why air conditioning systems are able to cool air so well. If any of these components were to malfunction or fail, it would cause your air conditioning system to struggle, and eventually, stop working. To prevent this from happening, hire a professional AC repair company, such as K&S Heating & Air, in Dallas, TX, to regularly inspect and maintain your HVAC system.

Proper Maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems

Understanding how your air conditioning system is supposed to work and when to contact a professional AC repair company for urgent repair service is half the battle. It would be beneficial to you and your property if you hired an AC repair company to regularly maintain and repair your air conditioning system. Due to all of the moving parts, and components of air conditioning appliances, maintenance, and repair needs are just part of what comes with owning an air conditioning appliance. Experts suggest getting your HVAC system checked twice a year. If your HVAC system is fairly new, you may be able to benefit from a once-a-year visit. However, the better you maintain your air conditioning appliance, the more efficient it will be.

Replace Vents

Air conditioning system maintenance involves a lot of cleaning due to the nature of this appliance. Air is not free of debris. I fact your air could carry many different irritants and microbes, such as pollen, pet dander, dust, bacteria, mold, and more. Yoru air conditioning system can trap this debris with the help of air vents. Air vents must be changed periodically in order to keep up with the amount of debris in the air. Some homes may have more debris than others and may require replacement more often than others as well. The professional AC repair company you hire to maintain your air condition system will need to replace these each visit. If you notice that you or someone in your household is experiencing exasperated symptoms of asthma or allergies, it could be due to a dirty filter, contact your local AC repair company to have your filters replaced right away.

Clean Evaporator Coils

It’s also extremely important to clean out your evaporator coil. The evaporator coil has an essential function to complete inside of your air conditioning system. Its job is to simply hold the refrigerant. The heat that blows over this coil, while the refrigerant is inside, causes it to turn gaseous. This is how refrigerant absorbs heat. If the metal coil is covered with debris and dirt, it will cause some insulation to occur, which weakens the metal’s ability to properly and accurately transfer the heat to the refrigerant. This can cause your air conditioning system to work less efficiently. Contact your local AC repair company for evaporator coil cleaning and other maintenance needs.

Other air conditioning system maintenance procedures involve, the cleaning, and inspection of this appliance to ensure air can flow freely, as well as ensure all components are fully and efficiently operational. Ensuring your air conditioning system runs efficiently at all times, will help you save money on repairs, and energy cost. Proper maintenance of your air conditioning system can also prevent malfunctions from occurring in the future. If you live in or around the Dallas, TX, area, and are in need of regular air conditioning and heating maintenance services, contact the staff at K&S Heating & Air for all of your HVAC service needs.