Air Conditioner Repair Company: Typical AC Thermostat Defects You May Encounter In Your Home | Sachse, TX

Air Conditioner Repair Company: Typical AC Thermostat Defects You May Encounter In Your Home | Sachse, TX

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More than 75 percent of American homes have different types of air conditioners installed in their homes. These appliances cool the inside of the house as well as improve air quality. Most modern brands of air conditioners in Sachse, TX, homes feature thermostats. A thermostat is essentially the air conditioner’s command and control center.

It has an air temperature sensor that triggers the AC to turn on when the temperature in your home is above the desired level. Some air conditioners have smart thermostats that connect to Wi-Fi, communicating with an app on your phone to set the temperatures for different rooms.

Although thermostats increase the air conditioning convenience of homeowners, they may get defective as time lapses. A faulty thermostat leads to poor quality air in your home and discomfort when the temperature isn’t regulated, especially during the summer when it’s hot and muggy in Sachse, TX.

Keep reading to discover the various faults in your air conditioner’s thermostat that may necessitate the attention of an air conditioner repair company.

Dirty Thermostats

Thermostats are prone to accumulating dirt and grime from the outdoor environment. As the dirt gets into the thermostat, it may destroy its internal components. When this happens, the thermostat struggles to detect the temperature accurately. It can’t turn on the air conditioner when the need arises.

The situation leaves your home uncomfortable due to the extreme heat. Moreover, if the thermostat doesn’t detect when the cooling levels are attained, the air conditioner may continue running, resulting in higher energy consumption which reflects on your monthly energy utility bill.

If you notice that the air is not getting cooled to your desired level, it’s time to notify your reliable air conditioner repair company. Its technicians will inspect the entire air conditioner. Upon establishing if the thermostat is damaged due to grime and dirt, they’ll clean it, restoring it to its optimal condition. The air conditioner repair specialists will also identify preventative techniques to avert any future breakdowns of the thermostat.

Unleveled Thermostat

Any slight movements such as storms and earthquakes can trigger your home to shift or shake. However small the shaking impact, if you have mercury thermostats in your home, the levels could be tampered with. These thermostats work effectively when the levels stick at the recommended levels.

Frequent shifts in the mercury levels will make your thermostat fail to distinguish whenever there are fluctuations in the room temperature. It, in turn, translates to a hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable home.

It’s necessary to schedule frequent appointments with a reliable air conditioner repair professional if you live in an area experiencing storms or earthquakes frequently and have mercury thermostats in your home.

They will inspect the condition of the thermostat and reset the mercury to the required levels. However, to prevent these inconveniences, go digital by asking specialists to replace the mercury thermostats with mercury ones.

Poor Positioning

The thermostat’s location also contributes to how efficiently the air conditioner will work. For instance, installing it in an area exposed to direct sunlight will detect the incorrect temperature. It will translate to the air conditioner cooling the air to an undesired temperature. Additionally, continued exposure to direct sunlight will cause the air conditioner to work non-stop, reflecting negatively on your energy bills at the end of the billing cycle.

Contact a nearby air conditioner repair company to establish a suitable position to ensure the thermostat is working efficiently without interference from outdoor temperatures resulting from direct sunlight, snow, and rainwater. After assessing rooms in your home, the air conditioning specialists will identify a suitable spot to install the AC thermostats.

Old Thermostat

Older thermostats are prone to damage and calibration. Like many other parts of the air conditioner, the thermostat will experience wear and tear as it operates.

With this in mind, whenever your thermostat is beyond its best years and is not performing efficiently, you should notify a trustworthy air conditioner repair professional. Its technicians will assess the thermostat’s condition concerning its age and determine whether you should replace or repair it. The technicians will also provide insights on how to increase the lifespan of your newly installed AC air thermostats.

Programming Defects

Modern thermostats are computerized. They use technology to detect the surrounding temperature and relay it onto the air conditioner for adequate cooling. For instance, smart thermostats rely on WI-Fi to communicate with the air conditioner. However, at times the programming function might be faulty, resulting in a poor cooling experience.

If you experience problems with your air conditioner and you can’t pinpoint its exact source, notify a nearby air conditioner repair company promptly. The problem could be the thermostat’s programming details.

Specialists from the air conditioner repair company will inspect the device to identify any defaults in the programming language or equipment and rectify them. If the damage is beyond repair, the technicians will recommend and initiate the replacement with a newer quality thermostat.

Dilapidated Batteries

Thermostats require batteries to operate. They’re electronic devices that need a source of power to function. Without the batteries or when the batteries have low power, the thermostat won’t detect the surrounding temperature, and, consequently, the air conditioner won’t turn on.

It means the air flowing in your Sachse, TX, home will be of poor quality and still warm, leaving you hot and uncomfortable. If you notice the low power light on your thermostat going off, it is time to schedule an appointment with an air conditioner repair company that you can trust. The technicians will check the condition of the batteries, and if they are low in power, they will replace them promptly. They will also recommend types of batteries that last longer and help them save on replacement costs in the future.

Improper Installation

Errors and defaults can occur in thermostats if the HVAC expert you find does a shoddy job during installation. Quacks might make the wires loose while installing the air conditioner, making it work inefficiently. It might also pose a danger as it may cause electrical faults, including electrocution.

Reach out to a trustworthy air conditioner repair company near you to check whether the thermostat and the entire AC unit are fixed appropriately.

K&S Heating & Air: A Reliable Air Conditioner Repair Company

The above information may come in handy to homeowners to help them understand the defects that may come across while operating their AC thermostats. However, it would be best if you didn’t attempt to initiate the repairs by yourself since you could end up worsening the problem or even voiding your warranty.

Reach out to us, K&S Heating & Air. We are a trustworthy and full-service air conditioner repair company with trained and certified specialists. Our experts will offer you personalized services surrounding installation, maintenance, and repairs for your AC’s components, including thermostats.