The Better Air Conditioner Repair Option For Your Home: Repair vs Replacement | Garland, TX

The Better Air Conditioner Repair Option For Your Home: Repair vs Replacement | Garland, TX

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Your HVAC system is crucial to the proper functioning of your space. However, after a while, due to wear and tear, your AC’s performance may decline, necessitating either regular repair or a replacement. It is important to understand the factors that determine whether to replace or repair your unit before making a decision. Atop your health and comfort, there are many other factors that can help guide you into making an informed decision.

In this piece, we differentiate between when to repair and replace your HVAC unit.

  • Age

12 to 15 years is the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit system. This would be the best place to begin when weighing your options. Beyond 15 years of age, your air conditioning unit is likely to be beyond repair. At this age, frequent repair might cost you more in the long run than a new system would.

Air conditioner repair can be expensive as your unit ages, given the vulnerability and weakness of many parts. You could try to fix the malfunctioning parts, but the chances of high efficiency are as low as its life span. An up-front investment in an air conditioning system may save you a lot more if your system is too old.

However, if it is still below ten years old, it still has a useful life that can serve your home. For a system of this age, air conditioner repair may be a better option, yet it doesn’t entirely strike out the fact that your system could fail before it completes its life span.

  • Frequent Repairs

A repair or two for your HVAC unit is completely normal, but constant repairs are a reason for alarm. Frequent AC repair for an aged system is a clear indication that it is time to consider doing away with the old unit and getting a new one. Short-term repairs are great for immediate solutions, but the cost implication may be higher when they are too frequent than when considering a new system.

Frequent repairs result from the misuse of the system, overworking of the system, or advancement in age. An inexperienced technician could damage your system further instead of offering any helpful solutions for your air conditioner repair problems. However, our professional technicians are trained to inspect your system and advise you on the best problem-solving technique.

  • Heightened Energy Bills

Despite the flurry of activities in your home, an increase in your monthly energy bills cannot go unnoticed. It is important to regularly compare and contrast your annual energy bills to identify any significant changes in the efficiency of your system’s operations. Regular maintenance by a qualified AC repair service provider may keep your bills in check while your system is still young.

However, neglect of your HVAC unit may cause inefficiencies and eventually a crash of the entire system. An increased energy bill is just one indicator among many more of the problems within your unit that you should pay attention to. Schedule regular maintenance to ensure there are no leaks, the filters are clean, and the thermostat is functioning optimally.

  • System Efficiency

SEER is the measure for your air conditioner’s efficiency. A fluctuation in temperature is a cause for alarm. While considering your air conditioner repair or replacement options, remember that as technology changes and evolves, AC’s with improved performance and efficiency are being produced. In effect, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio keeps increasing.

A malfunctioning unit is not always a cause for drastic measures such as warranting a new air conditioning system. Sometimes all you need is a repair service that our highly trained Garland, TX technicians are equipped to handle.

  • Regular Maintenance

This is one of the main ways to ensure a long life for your air conditioning system. Regular maintenance is a preventative measure for your air conditioning system that saves you time, energy bills, and headaches that come with air conditioning problems. Part of the task an air conditioner repair company also takes to maintain the system while increasing its functional efficiency include clearing dust, replacing worn-out parts, responding to loud noises, and other servicing jobs. K&S Heating & Air offers annual maintenance to ensure your Ac unit is functioning optimally.

  • Cost Implications

For most homeowners, this is a major determining factor when deciding whether to replace or repair their HVAC units. Cost may vary depending on other factors. Air conditioner repair could cost you more depending on the age and use of the system. Weigh your repair estimate against an air conditioner replacement cost while factoring in the age of the unit to make a conclusive decision.

  • Air Conditioner Repair Expert Advice

If you still cannot come to a decision after considering all the above factors, it is advisable to consult an air conditioner repair expert. A trained and qualified technician will be able to thoroughly inspect your system and advise you accordingly. A trusted HVAC professional who has years of experience can also be helpful when recommending an HVAC unit that suits your home’s size and energy needs.

Making the decision to replace or repair your HVAC unit can be challenging. All the above factors will help you make an informed decision.

At K&S Heating & Air, we are the leading air conditioner repair specialists in Garland, TX. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we are adept at handling any repairs and installation issues you may be facing. We offer a selection of high-quality HVAC units designed to suit your comfort level, lifestyle, and budget. Atop this, we are rated A+ on BBB, assuring our clients of high-quality services from our technicians. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.