Air conditioning maintenance tips for Farmers Branch, TX

Air conditioning maintenance tips for Farmers Branch, TX

Living without air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX during summers is almost impossible.  We all know how high the temperatures can go and how unpleasant it can get to sit in such hot weather without air conditioning.  If you are tired of your air conditioning unit breaking down and want to extend its life as much as you can, then we have some great maintenance tips for you.  These tips will help you avoid some of the most commonly faced problems when it comes to air conditioners.

There is one important distinction we would like to make first.  We are talking about air conditioning maintenance, not air conditioning repair.  If you need air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX you need to call the professionals.  Most places do not allow you to start working on fixing the air conditioning unit without some sort of training or license and there is a good reason behind that.  Someone who does not know how to safely fix an air conditioner can cause a lot of damage, therefore it is better to leave the work to the professionals.

Clean the air filters

If you want your air conditioning unit to work properly, you need to make sure that its filters are clean.  It is the job of the filter to make sure that the air that enters your home is clean.  If the filters are not clean then there will be many problems.  One issue is that clogged filters will not allow air to enter the room at full speed and thus the air conditioner will take a longer time to make your room feel colder.

A much bigger problem is that it is bad for health as well.  When the filters are clogged a lot of bacteria makes its home in the dirt in the filter.  Then when you turn the air conditioning on all this bacteria is airborne and it can affect your health.  If the air in your home feels stuffy and if you feel a bit low energy it might be because the air in your home is not healthy anymore.

The good thing is that it is very easy to clean the air filters.  You do not need to call the air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX just to have the filters cleaned. That is because these air filters are meant to be cleaned by you.  That is why they are so easy to remove and clean.  You will not need any special tools at all to remove the filters from the inner air conditioning unit.  You will also not need any special tools or cleaning liquids to clean the air filters.  You should be able to clean them with a brush of any sort or if there is too much dirt then you can even use running water.  Just make sure the filters are properly dried out before you fit them back into the air conditioner

Keep the outdoor unit clean

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner needs to be kept clean and well maintained.  This is one area where most home owners make mistakes.  People usually do not pay any mind to the outdoor unit unless it stops working.  The outdoor unit houses the cooling coil of the air conditioner which is a very critical component for cooling.  If this coil gets dirty then your conditioner will not work properly.

However, you cannot directly clean the coil yourself. This is because in order to clean the coil you first have to open the outdoor unit and you also have to be careful when cleaning the coil. This is a job that should be left up to the air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX.  While you cannot directly clean the coil, you can make sure that the coil stays clean with proper maintenance.

Most outdoor units have no form of protection.  This means that rain dust and all the other environmental debris ends up directly affecting the outdoor unit. You also cannot completely cover the outdoor unit because you need proper air flow around it.  One thing you should try it is to create some sort of shade for the outdoor unit.  This shade will give you multiple benefits.  Your air conditioner will work much better if it is kept cool in the shade.  The outdoor unit will also be safe from rain and other sorts of environmental problems if you keep it under a shade.  Just make sure that whatever shade or protection you use does not block airflow because this will cause many problems.

Winter storage

Have you ever noticed that air conditioners seem to have problems right before summers? This happens because during the winter the air conditioners are not used.  Any electronic, if you just leave it out there and do not use it, will develop problems. One of the biggest reasons this happens is that there is no longer any circulation happening in the air conditioning unit but air with dust from outside is still entering the system and it gets stored in the system.  Therefore it is recommended that during the winters you completely cover your air conditioning unit so no dust can affect it.

Leave it to the professionals

If you are doing any sort of electrical work and it involves the air conditioner we highly recommend you leave it to the professionals.  The air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX have the right training knowledge, and expertise to solve your problems.  One thing you should never do is mess with an electrical connection, especially if it is going to the air conditioner.  A bad electrical connection can cause short circuits, fire, and many more problems. The reason it is a much bigger problem when it comes to air conditioners is that air conditioner is use a lot of energy so poor electrical connection will not be able to cope with the high power demand at all. Maintain your air conditioner right and you will not need air conditioning repair experts in Farmers Branch, TX for a long time.