Things You Need to Know Before Calling in a Professional Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Things You Need to Know Before Calling in a Professional Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX

Dallas experiences extreme heat and due to global warming and climate change, it stands a chance of experiencing record heat waves. The only respite for people living in Dallas, Texas are their air conditioning systems, but what happens when you switch on the AC on a sweltering day, and it dies out without any warning. That is when panic sets in, because you face the very real possibility of having to see out the rest of the day, in smoldering heat without any air conditioning.

That is the stuff of nightmares, and that is precisely, why you should call in a professional air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas. It will ensure that you don’t have to experience your air conditioning breaking down in the middle of a heat wave. However, this means investing in a professional air conditioning service, and here is how you should go about acquiring the services of one:

• Ensure that You Trust the Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, Texas

Ask any air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas about the most important thing you can do for your air conditioner, and they will always say that you need to get a proper professional. This way you can be certain that they will install your air conditioning system properly. A poorly installed air conditioning system is going to give you lots of problems, since it will break down frequently. Therefore, it is recommended that you pick a professional air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas that has an excellent track record in the industry.

• Get the Right Size

One common mistake that most of the homeowners make is that they get the wrong size when it comes to choosing an air conditioning unit for their home.  You must make sure that the AC unit is big enough to handle the demands of every room in your home. Otherwise, you will be end up overworking and overusing your air conditioning, and this will lead to a breakdown in extreme heat. The solution is that you get in touch with an air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas and seek their recommendations before you choose an AC unit.

It is important you know that there are a lot of tools that can help you to make an educated guess about your cooling needs. To do that, the first thing that you need to do is know the square footage of your home. Remove the areas that you don’t want to cool such as the garage or the attic. An air conditioner’s output is measured in tons, so for a home that is 1,500-2,000 square feet, you would need a system that will give you an output of 2.5 tons.

You certainly don’t want a system that is too big. Large air conditioners tend to cost more and will also increase your bill. The main purpose of getting an air conditioner is to remove the humidity in the house and to keep it cool. A large AC unit will cool the room but won’t be able to remove the humidity. The best way to do about is to get in touch with an air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas and ask them to do the calculations for you.

• Pay Attention to Your Duct Work

Your air conditioner is made up of several parts that helps you to get the cool air that you love so much. One of the most important parts of the equation is the ductwork. Experts, around half of the cooling is lost because of gaps in the ductwork. Therefore, it is important that you check for leaks. Here are some of the signs that suggest there are leaks in the ductwork:

  • You can see holes in the ductwork.
  • Rooms that are away from the air handler are stuffier than the ones that are near it.
  • The first floor is hotter than the ground floor.

Make sure that the duct work installation is done properly, from the air conditioning service in Dallas, Texas to avoid future problems.

• Always Opt for Energy Efficient Options

It’s never pleasant to receive a huge bill at the end of the month. If your AC is new, there are high chances that the new models will be more energy efficient than the old ones. Energy efficient units use less energy, which obviously means that you will save less money. The U.S. Department of Energy states, that if your AC is more than 10 years old, you will spend up to 40% more compared to a newer model. An air conditioner’s efficiency is measured in what is known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). So, if you are buying an AC, get the one that has a high SEER rating.

• Always Inquire About the Maintenance and Warranty

Your air conditioner can last up to 10 years. When you practice proper maintenance, you can extend its life to more than that. One of the most important things, you should do when you go to buy air conditioner is to ask them about the warranty on specific brands of machines. You should also ask about maintenance packages offered by the company, since some companies offer you the flexibility to prepay for regular service when you buy the air conditioner.

This is done to ensure you don’t have to worry about the cost of maintenance later. Regular maintenance is very important and makes all the difference in the world. If you don’t want your system to break down in the middle of a hot day, regular maintenance is the key to avoid that.

• Get in Touch with the Best Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, Texas

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