Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX : When the temperature rises, call in the experts!

Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX : When the temperature rises, call in the experts!

Just imagine that it is a really hot and sweltering night, right in the middle of summer in Dallas, TX and just as you get ready to go to sleep, it is at this precise moment in time that your Split AC breaks down completely. While you are left to sweat it out, thanks to a non-functional AC, you should consider hiring the services of an outfit well versed in Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.

However, there is no need to panic as such, since ACs are just like all the other types of electrical and mechanical appliances that require both servicing and even maintenance every few months or so, (you can go for seasonal maintenance, if you want your machine to be fully functional at all times). But you have to make sure that you do not carry out any ‘ad hoc’ repairs, per se. This is because Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX is a major undertaking in itself and as such requires a whole lot of hard work as well as expertise. Especially the kind of technical skills and experience that only highly skilled experts in Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX can bring to the table.

This is why, until and unless you are an absolute expert in this field yourself, you should let the professionals who conduct Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX take a look at your malfunctioning machine. After all, these people do this for a living and the odds are that they will be able to see stuff that you might possibly miss.  But when you hire ‘true blue’ specialists in this field, odds are that your Air Conditioner will almost always remain not only fully functional, but will continue to give really exceptional cooling as well, whenever you switch it on, irrespective of how hot the outside temperature may well be.

However, before you decide you need external help, you can quickly go through a series of small steps to make sure that the problem does indeed require specialized help.

Following are certain troubleshooting tips that you can utilize to see if it’s a small localized problem that can safely and efficiently be resolved on its own:

  • Open the indoor unit (in case yours is a split AC) and check to see if the dust filter is clogged or not. If it is too clogged to be cleaned properly then, any outfit that knows Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX will do the needful by replacing your old filter.
  • Switch the AC on and off to see if the machine is receiving electricity. If not, then check the mains to see if the fuse is in the on position or not. If the fuse is on and power is flowing into the machine, then you should steer clear of it and let the experts take a look.
  • Always double check to see if the remote is operational (You may have to put in fresh batteries and then try again. Alternatively, you can remove and subsequently reinsert the same ones according to their designated polarities.)
  • Check to see if the air conditioner’s fan is working or not
  • You should also check and see if the electricity outlets, plugs, breakers etc. are in their proper sockets. Please note that under no circumstances whatsoever, should you try and touch any exposed wires to see if the current is passing though them. The high wattage on which an AC runs, will almost certainly mean instant electrocution, on the spot! Rather if you see any exposed wire, cut off the power supply from the main fuse box immediately and call in the experts at Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.

After going through the whole checklist, if the machine still remains in-operational, then it will prudent to call in the specialists in Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX. Since these professionals, deal with such issues on a daily basis, they will quickly be able to figure out what the issue or problem may be.

Gas top up

The odds are that it could be something as prosaic as some sort of leakage located anywhere in the system. If that is the case then all that your machine requires is a simple ‘top up’ of refrigerant gases in the system. But that certainly does not mean that you should try to do the needful yourself. It is a simple enough procedure yes. But simple from the point of view of the professionals, not the layman, per se. This is because they require highly specialized equipment as well as the experience to detect and plug leaks.

The better outfits who perform Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX will likely purge the system as will, once they find the leak. And they will do this before pumping in fresh gas. With adequate refrigerant pumping through the system, the chances are that your AC issues may have been solved for the foreseeable future.

Taking care of the compressor

The compressor is the beating heart of an AC unit, regardless of the fact that it is a split or a window AC. Once it becomes weak, it will require either fresh oil, or complete replacement altogether. In either case the experts at Air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX will do the job. While replacing an old compressor is an expensive preposition, nevertheless, it should be done if you want your AC to work flawlessly, for extended periods of time.

You can find more information on both duct cleaning and leakage related issues by going to since they are amongst the very best in their line of work and can easily conduct all manners of air conditioning repair in Dallas, TX.