Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX : Make sure you only call in the experts

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Plano, TX : Make sure you only call in the experts

There are a few steps in the air conditioner servicing process that if followed correctly, can help make sure that the AC works fine day in day out. Let us go through these steps so that you will know what it is that requires the expertise of an expert in Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX and alternatively what it is that you can do yourself so as to refrain from calling in the experts.

However, here it is pertinent to note that many, if not most different types of problems and issues related to Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX require the attention of an expert in this regard. This is why you should refrain from any DIY attempts lest you make a bad situation even worse, then ever before.

Thanks to advancements in climate control technology, now it is possible to clean and service an HVAC system easily. This is because many modern split AC units are suitably equipped with a heating option as well. This means you can effectively take care of the ‘best of both worlds’ once you decide to have your HVAC system serviced by professional technicians. Some of the steps involved in Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX include the following:

Cleaning the fan

All HVAC’s, without exception, are suitably equipped with a powerful fan. If this fan becomes clogged with either dust and grime, then the odds are that it will not be able to do its job efficiently enough and would therefore require considerably more power. In the long run there is a chance that it might short circuit as well. While it is possible for a layman to open it and clean it up, it will nevertheless not be deemed sufficient enough for the task at hand.

Few individuals, apart from AC technicians, have the capability of cleaning it thoroughly. In this case merely running a dry cloth over the fan is not enough, it has to be properly cleaned with a really high powered blower, then the dust particles should be vacuumed by an equally high powered vacuum cleaner, then cleaned with a wet cloth filled with a mild detergent, then drip dried and finally oiled lightly.

Cleaning or replacing the filters

This is also a very important part of the process of Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX. Basically, the filters are the first line of defense against dust, pollen, dirt and other air borne contaminants that can cause allergies and infections. A clean filter can easily ensure that your home is as free of respiratory illness as any climate control environment should be.  As a matter of fact, some of the more advanced filters also have the capability of preventing bacteria and other germs from gaining ingress into your home.

This is why the filters of your HVAC system are of such importance today. Furthermore, not only can they be a really great defense against allergies and diseases, but they will keep your home free from dust as well. But apart from these benefits, there are other reasons why you should give extraimportance to the filters while conducting Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX. This is because dirty filters clog up the air flow. This in turn makes your machine work harder and the thermostat forces the system to work for longer periods of time. In the long run not only does it strain your HVAC system unduly, but also makes it use more energy, thereby increasing not just your power bill, but your ecological footprint as well.

The importance of clean ducts

In much the same way as filters are important, so too are the various ducts present in the climate control system. When you hire specialists for Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX, you have to make sure that they clean the ducts as well. The more clogged and dirty the ducts are, the harder your system will have to work to maintain the temperature in your room and home or any other enclosed space for that matter. This is because ducts, just like filters help ensure that the circulation of clean and temperature controlled air remains constant throughout the area, covered by the system.

Cleaning the condenser coils

The condenser coils carry the refrigerant gas and are responsible for ensuring that the ambient temperature in the room is mentioned properly They can easily be cleaned with the help of high powered jets of water and then blow dried with powerful blowers. As with the filters and ducts, a dirty set of condenser coils will also clog up the airways and decrease the overall pressure of the airflow in the room. However, all due care has to be taken to ensure that the thin and delicate coils do not get bent out of shape during the cleaning process while conducting Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX.

Straightening any bent or twisted fins

If the fins present on the condenser are actually bent, then it will have a negative impact on the cooling provided by the whole system. However, such fins can also be easily being straightened with a fin comb. Furthermore, a fin comb also helps cleans the fins quite efficiently.

Routine check ups

All-important electronic parts such as the connections, compressor,thermostat, breakers, and fuses should also be checked to ensure they are all working fine. This is also an integral part of Heating and air condition service in Plano, TX.

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